Why CES 2022 is more than about colour changing cars and wi-fi charging remotes.

Breast cancer survivors’ lived experience of adjuvant hormone therapy: a thematic analysis of medication side effects and their impact on adherence

Exploring voices and relationships in anorexia nervosa

Re-composition: a poetry walk

A remote mentorship model for empowering students to undertake electrocardiology research: Effects on gender equity.

Book review: Jacques the Frenchman: Memories of the Gulag

Women’s empowerment as an outcome of NGO projects: Is the current approach sustainable?

Has the way society constructed their view of autism developed or changed since the 19th century?

The role of computer-assisted radiographer reporting in lung cancer screening programmes

Editorial: Risk stratification strategies for cardiac rhythm abnormalities

Driver drowsiness detection using Gray Wolf Optimizer based on face and eye tracking

The role of cognitive control in the positive symptoms of psychosis

Joint British Societies' guideline on management of cardiac arrest in the cardiac catheter laboratory

Radical citizenship education

Investigating the criminal thinking styles of mentally disordered offenders within the UK

Getting busy teachers to do a card sort: Using Q Methodology online to research teacher viewpoints

Vampirism as literary piracy in Paul Féval’s Vampire City (1875)

C-reactive protein and atrial fibrillation: Insights from epidemiological and Mendelian randomization studies.

Experiences of intimate continence care and the impact on the family dyad relationship for people living at home with dementia and their co-resident family members

Women in a man’s world: Coaching women in elite sport

Semi-synthetic analogues of Cryptolepine as a potential source of sustainable drugs for the treatment of malaria, human African trypanosomiasis, and cancer

Exploring online social support groups, part 2

Pathogenesis and management of Brugada Syndrome: Recent advances and protocol for umbrella reviews of meta-analyses in major arrhythmic events risk stratification

Fabrication and optimisation of Ti-6Al-4V lattice-structured total shoulder implants using laser additive manufacturing

The etrog in early modern Christian eyes

“I’m Here”: Isolation and presence in the short stories of Tobias Wolff

New directions in radical cartography: Why the map is never the territory edited by Phil Cohen and Mike Duggan, Landham, Maryland, US, Rowman & Littlefield, 2021, 392 pp., USD 130 (hardback), ISBN 9781538147191

A chorus of voices: social singing and health promotion

Use of injectable acellular dermal matrix combined with negative pressure wound therapy in open diabetic foot amputation

Making spaces in exclusionary places: the spatial tactics/stories of disabled people and their families in Hong Kong

The common good and the metaphysics of citizenship

Phytomedicinal therapeutics for male infertility: critical insights and scientific updates.

Direct eye gaze enhances the ventriloquism effect

An initial evaluation of narrative exposure therapy as a treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder amongst Sudanese refugees in Cairo, delivered by lay counselors

A case report of radiopharmaceutical needlestick injury with scintigraphic imaging and dose quantification.

Comparisons of the risk of myopericarditis between COVID-19 patients and individuals receiving COVID-19 vaccines: a population-based study.

Liver immune-related adverse effects of programmed cell death 1 (PD-1) and programmed cell death ligand 1 (PD-L1) inhibitors: A propensity score matched study with competing risk analyses

EPR22-112: Risk of prostate cancer for Metformin versus Sulphonylurea monotherapy in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A propensity score-matched retrospective cohort study

Soviet City Plans and OpenStreetMap: a comparative analysis

Effects of combined abiotic stresses on nutrient content of European wheat and implications for nutritional security under climate change


Review: Thou Art the Man: The Masculinity of David in the Christian and Jewish Middle Ages, by Ruth Mazo Karras

Skateboarding: From urban spaces to subcultural Olympians


Supporting Early Literacies Through Play

Primary pre-service teachers back in the physical education bubble

The call to make PE core within Initial Teacher Education. A response to the House of Lords Committee report

Chapter 13 - Placing an importance on health and physical activity

‘”Why were you silent when I spoke tonight?”: coming to terms in Tennyson’s “Sea Dreams” and Swinburne’s A Midsummer Holiday and Other Poems.’

Alternative dispute resolution and civil justice: A relationship resolved?

Predictive risk models for forecasting arrhythmic outcomes in Brugada syndrome: A focused review

Is it really "panic buying"? Public perceptions and experiences of extra buying at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is there a role for stem cell therapy in erectile dysfunction secondary to cavernous nerve injury? Network meta-analysis from animal studies and human trials

Proposing a justice approach to ethics of care in art psychotherapy

Community engagement in Cutaneous Leishmaniasis research in Brazil, Ethiopia, and Sri Lanka: A decolonial approach for global health.

Book Review: Gargi Bhattacharya, Adam Elliot-Cooper, Sita Balani, Kerem Nişancıoğlu, Kojo Koram, Dalia Gebrial, Nadine El-Enany and Luke de Noronha Empire’s Endgame: Racism and the British State

A qualitative study of older adults’ experiences of transitioning from secure forensic services – The TOPS Study

Patients who stay “very long” (10+ years) - An evaluation of patients discharged from low and medium secure forensic services (Oxleas) in the last 15 years

Multipoint forming using hole-type rubber punch

New Woman 'Who's Who': Mary Cholmondeley.

Right ventricular outflow tract endocardial unipolar substrate mapping: implications in risk stratification of Brugada syndrome

Searching for a third-space methodology to contest essentialist large-culture blocks

Mitigating the risk of contract cheating in UK higher education: A multi-level solution

Effects of constructive politics and market turbulence on entrepreneurial Orientation–Performance relationship: A moderated mediation model

The need for robust critique of arts and health research: young people, art therapy and mental health

A meta approach to texts in Religious Education: Researching teachers’ engagement with sacred text scholarship in English secondary schools

TNA creative methodologies workshop

Clinicians' experiences of using the MCA (2005) with people with intellectual disabilities

Disunity in society, fractures at home: family relating in the context of divisive socio-political issues

Singing and COPD: development, implementation and evaluation of a resource to support home practice and disease self-management

Singing and COPD: exploring the experiences of people attending a group activity

Singing and COPD: a pilot randomized controlled trial of wellbeing and respiratory outcomes

Deep learning approach for real-time video streaming traffic classification

Twitter posts on English language learning in Japan: Attitudes towards 'Neitibu'(‘native speakers’

Guidelines to facilitate human-wildlife interactions in conservation translocations

A novel three-dimensional and tissue Doppler echocardiographic index for diagnosing and prognosticating heart failure with preserved ejection fraction

Supporting the needs of people with developmental disabilities one year into the COVID-19 pandemic: An international, mixed methods study of nurses’ perspectives

A grounded theory study exploring change processes following cognitive behavioural therapy for distressing voices

Tele-tDCS: A Novel Tele-neuromodulation Framework using Internet of Medical Things

What does "good" community and public engagement look like? Developing relationships with community members in global health research

Type 2 innate immunity drives distinct neonatal immune profile conducive for heart regeneration.

Effectiveness of sacubitril-valsartan in patients with cancer therapy-related cardiac dysfunction (CTRCD): a systematic review of clinical and preclinical studies

Automatic identification of non-biting midges (Chironomidae) using object detection and deep learning techniques

Conservation agriculture affects grain and nutrient yields of Maize (Zea Mays L.) and can impact food and nutrition security in Sub-Saharan Africa

Effect of aqueous extract of clove basil (Ocimum gratissimum L.) and soil amendment with cassava peels compost on nutrients, pesticide residues, yield and antioxidant properties of sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)

Multiday load carriage decreases ability to mitigate ground reaction force through reduction of ankle torque production

Gert Biesta and Patricia Hannam (Eds.), Religion and Education: The Forgotten Dimensions of Religious Education? (Brill/Sense, 2021)

Radical reform in RE – a response to Mark Chater

Metformin versus sulphonylureas for new onset atrial fibrillation and stroke in type 2 diabetes mellitus: a population-based study.

Writing for publication: responding to peer review feedback.

A longitudinal study of theory of mind and listening comprehension: Is preschool theory of mind important?

"It's more than milk, it's mental health": a case of online human milk sharing

Glass children: The lived experiences of siblings of people with a disability or chronic illness

The value of IGF-1 and IGFBP-1 in patients with heart failure with reduced, mid-range, and preserved ejection fraction

A reflective evaluation of a feeding clinic intervention—Parents as a reflecting team

Managing group work: the impact of peer assessment on student engagement

Creative postgraduate pedagogy for personal and professional learning: Risks and rewards

Development of low-cost colourimetric and pH sensors based on PMMA@Cyanine polymers

Identifying the mechanisms of poetry therapy and perceived effects on participants: A synthesised replication case study

"Thanking God for the humiliation": Henry Scott Holland, British idealism, and the penitential self

The Association of Care Experienced Social Care Workers

Therapist and client experiences of art therapy in relation to psychosis: a thematic analysis

The effect of an abdominopelvic exercise program alone VS in addition to postural instructions on pelvic floor muscle function in climacteric women with stress urinary incontinence. A randomized controlled trial

Evaluating an online self-help intervention for parents of children with food allergies

The perceptions of general practice among Central and Eastern Europeans in the United Kingdom: A systematic scoping review

Starting a new life as artisans and traders in Ricardian and Henrician Canterbury (c.1400 and c.1500)

Accuracy of radiographer preliminary clinical evaluation of skeletal trauma radiographs, in clinical practice at a district general hospital

Future stories: co-designing virtual reality (VR) experiences with young people with a serious illness in hospital

Nexus Teachers' Action Pack

Agreement in the reporting of General Practitioner requested musculoskeletal radiographs: Reporting radiographers and consultant radiologists compared with an index radiologist

The importance of direct and indirect trophic interactions in determining the presence of a locally rare day-flying moth.

Repressive moralism: World making and petty fascism in transgender politics

‘Painted scenes’ or ‘empty pageants’? Superficiality and depth in (realist) political thought

Maternal echocardiographic changes in twin pregnancies with and without pre‐eclampsia

Signs from the Pictish underground: Early medieval cave ritual in Scotland

Responding to research evidence in Parliament: a case study on selective education policy

Investigation of the effect of equal and unequal feeding time intervals on process stability and methane yield during anaerobic digestion grass silage

K-pop and K-car: The underpinnings of 21st century Korean cultural/industrial successes

Exiles on mission: How Christians can thrive in a post-Christian world

Undiagnosed chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is highly prevalent in patients referred for dobutamine stress echocardiography with shortness of breath

Influence of bifilm defects generated during mould filling on the tensile properties of Al–Si–Mg cast alloys

Deviation detection in clinical pathways based on business alignment

Managing public debt in the UK

Teaching paleoradiography theory using e-learning – a participatory action research study with undergraduate archaeology students

Myocardial work and left ventricular mechanical adaptations following isometric exercise training in hypertensive patients

The shortfalls of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Act 2010 in achieving sustainable development

Bad girls. dirty bodies: sex, performance and safe femininity

Blood pressure and cardiac autonomic adaptations to isometric exercise training: A randomized sham-controlled study

Valvular heart disease in patients with chronic kidney disease

A smart and secure IoMT tele-neurorehabilitation framework for post-stroke patients

Maths, history, God, knitting and me: A reflexive bricolage of identity

A life ‘in and with nature?’ Developing nature engaging and nature enhancing pedagogies for babies and toddlers

Fonmon Castle Landscape Project: Geophysical survey on land west of Fonmon Castle

Dance as holistic physical education

Peripartum echocardiographic changes in women with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy

The impact of intellectual disability and sport expertise on cognitive and executive functions.

Faith in the nexus

Down from London: Seaside Reading in the Railway Age

A-not-B error

Lead-rubber shielding effect on radiation dose to the gonads from a bilateral hand X-ray examination

Grieving while researching grief: Using collage-making as a creative method to document my reflexivity

Moral values and moral identity moderate the indirect relationship between sport supplement use and doping use via sport supplement beliefs

From Human Remains to Powerful Objects: Ancestor Research from a Deep-Time Perspective

Positive risk taking: debating the research agenda in the context of adult protection and COVID

Character Strength-Focused Positive Psychotherapy on Acute Psychiatric Wards: A Feasibility and Acceptability Study.

Stochastic Variation in DNA Methylation Modulates Nucleosome Occupancy and Alternative Splicing in Arabidopsis thaliana

The reproducibility of 20-min time-trial performance on a virtual cycling platform.