Fertile ground of negative spaces: Material methodologies for (education) leadership

EdD Thesis

Townshend, J. 2022. Fertile ground of negative spaces: Material methodologies for (education) leadership. EdD Thesis Canterbury Christ Church University School of Humanities and Education Studies
AuthorsTownshend, J.
TypeEdD Thesis
Qualification nameDoctor of Education

This thesis critically explores leadership during the Covid-19 pandemic, to challenge conventions of theorising the managerial and leadership structures of education and set methodological possibilities in motion. In seeking to contribute to new ways of rethinking and re-making leadership and the very real problems of imagining affirmative, equitable futures, I propose a practice research approach to methodologically conceive the visual-material as spatial and becoming. The necessary architecture is constructed through a Deleuzian-informed assemblage (Deleuze & Guattari, 1994) presenting heterogeneous possibilities for the synchronous and asynchronous leadership practice of now. The purpose of this is threefold: in the first instance, through an interdisciplinary, practice research with Deleuze and abstract expressionism, emergent material methodologies will de-centre the canon for agential and spatial education becoming.

Secondly, in doing so, I intend to show that by disrupting linguistic paradigms through a visio-tacit lens, leadership practice can be liberated and affirmatively re-made as an immaterial becoming. Lastly, I aim to evidence that if schools are to educate for unimaginable futures, matters of practice are fertile ground for re-making equitable, post
-pandemic education.

KeywordsEducation leadership; Methodologies; COVID-19; Pandemic; Delueze; Education
Publication process dates
Deposited23 May 2023
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