Soviet tourist maps: A short overview

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Byrne, I. 2022. Soviet tourist maps: A short overview. The Cartographic Journal.
AuthorsByrne, I.

In recent years, many maps produced in the former Soviet Union have become available. However, researchers have focused on topographical maps or those of Western cities produced by the General Staff for military use, and less on maps created by GUGK, the state mapping agency, for domestic purposes, including tourism. By contrast, this paper focuses on maps produced for tourists, whether travelling by private car or on an organized rail or bus tour. The 42 maps reviewed take three main forms: those covering a single administrative region, ranging from an oblast to a Soviet republic; those of a specific tourist area or associated with a literary hero; and strip maps connecting major cities. The paper considers the general design and symbology used on these maps, tracing some of the stylistic changes and developments in the quarter-century prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

KeywordsMaps; Soviet Union; Cartography; Tourist maps; GUGK; Strip maps; Travel maps; Symbology
JournalThe Cartographic Journal
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