Decolonising gospel music: the Jamaican bible remix

Perinatal outcome of pregnancies with prenatal diagnosis of vasa previa: systematic review and meta‐analysis

Complications after radical nephrectomy according to age: analysis from the British Association of Urological Surgeons Nephrectomy Audit

Clinical impact of the Predict Prostate risk communication tool in men newly diagnosed with non-metastatic prostate cancer: a multi-centre randomised controlled trial

Elusive tensions in everyday relationship-based social work practice: exploring the challenges for social work education at the interface between religion and sexuality

Dialogical approaches to helping people who hear distressing voices: what are they and how do they work?

Clinical psychologist responsible clinicians: exploring experiences and factors influencing uptake of the role

Understanding the lived experience of maladaptive daydreaming

Seeking the unusual but sustainable: scuba diving experience

Clinical supervision in CBT training: what do participants view as effective?

An analysis of the global symbology of Soviet military city plans

Framing the visitor experience in sacred places

Real-time monitoring of healthy omega-3 production in micro-algae: A viability study

Viability study on real-time monitoring of healthy omega-3 production in micro-algae

Chinese international students’ cross-cultural adaptation, mental health and related coping strategies and help-seeking behaviours in the UK

Factors that impact on the risk of experiencing postnatal mental health difficulties for women who had an unplanned pregnancy: A review of the literature

The relationship between foster carers and looked after children: implications for mental health

Investigating the processes involved in caring for looked after children

De-fusing and re-fusing face-to-face encounters involving autistic persons in Hong Kong

Disturbing geographies and in/stability in and around a supermarket with a middle-aged man with learning impairments

Temporalities, a disability chronotope, and empathetic horizons in Still Human

The coproduction illusion: considering the relative success rates and efficiency rates of securing an Education, Health and Care plan when requested by families or education professionals

Designing a tourist experience for numen seekers

Promoting physical activity and physical function in people with long-term conditions in primary care: the Function First realist synthesis with co-design

Listening to the voices of care experienced individuals and communities – the disconcerting values of the Government Children’s Social Care Review

Illusions of consent – Police and Crown Prosecution Service responses to victims of professional sexual abuse in mental health services

Legal protection of title - how far should this extend?

Positive risk taking: debating the research agenda in the context of adult

Restructuring, political gimmicks and elite manipulation in Nigeria

COVID-19: A literature review of the impact on diagnostic radiography students

Measuring user preferences and behaviour in a topographic immersive virtual environment (TopoIVE) of 2D and 3D urban topographic data

“Coach, slap me please.” A tale of negotiated constructs and safeguarding in sport revealed in Tokyo Olympics

Tokyo Olympics: when athletes are faced with the impossible

How mentally fatiguing are consecutive world padel tour matches?

Sports equity: a new BJSM e-Edition brings the fundamentals back into focus.

Mirroring and compassion in early motherhood

Is there space on the podium for us all?


Investigation into alternatives to psychiatric disorders

The legacy of Verena Holmes: inspiring next generation of engineers

A national survey of UK healthcare professionals regarding their knowledge, experiences and training needs of assistive technology (AT)​

Online training in ‘assistive technology for posture and mobility’ for healthcare professionals​

The epistemic insight digest: Issue 3: Autumn 2021

A systematic review of physical-digital play technology and developmentally relevant child behaviour

The role of cognitive executive functions in individuals with mediumistic abilities

Outdoor provision for babies and toddlers: Exploring the practice/policy/research nexus in English ECEC settings

Health promotion in emergency care: rationale, strategies and activities.

Identity, gender and history in Wace's Roman de Rou and Roman de Brut

Krytyczki as activists: On theatre criticism, affect, objectivism and #MeToo in Polish drama schools: Interview with Monika Kwaśniewska

Pedagogy Analysis Framework: a video-based tool for combining teacher, pupil & researcher perspectives

The impact of research evidence on education policy: how MPs respond to evidence in relation to secondary selective education.

Deceptively difficult education: a case for a lifetime of Impact

Health and well-being

Engagement, disengagement and non-engagement with sustainable healthcare: an exploratory sequential design

Policing the Police: an analysis of practitioner views of the IOPC’s Learning the Lessons Magazine

Awareness and perception of phishing variants from Policing, Computing and Criminology students in Canterbury Christ Church University

Animation: critical and primary sources

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: New perspectives in production, reception, legacy

Journeys in the age of smart cities: some fresh perspectives

More continuity than change: Kent's Tudor almshouses

The role of apoptosis in cryopreserved animal oocytes and embryos

Why do chronic illness patients decide to use complementary and alternative medicine? A qualitative study

Temporalities, ritual, and drinking in Mass Observation's Worktown.

How to study comics & graphic novels: A graphic introduction to comics studies

Multicenter cohort study, with a nested randomized comparison, to examine the cardiovascular impact of preterm preeclampsia

Micro-additive manufacturing technologies of three-dimensional MEMS

The Commission on Religious Education – A response to L. Philip Barnes

What have we learned about COVID-19 volunteering in the UK? A rapid review of the literature.

Atrial cardiomyopathy: An emerging cause of the embolic stroke of undetermined source

Consumption of New Zealand blackcurrant extract improves recovery from exercise-induced muscle damage in non-resistance trained men and women: A double-blind randomised trial

Food insecurity during COVID-19 pandemic: A genuine concern for people from disadvantaged community and low-income families in Province 2 of Nepal.

Invertebrate zoogeomorphology: A review and conceptual framework for rivers

Extracellular vesicles, stem cells and the role of miRNAs in neurodegeneration

Epigenetic differences in an identical genetic background modulate alternative splicing in A. thaliana

What COVID-19 has taught us about social inequities and the urgent need for systemic change

Heart failure with midrange ejection fraction: Prior left ventricular ejection fraction and prognosis

The secrets of partnership working for mentors

Mentoring for mathematics

Improved healing of rabbit patellar tendon defects after an atelocollagen injection

Improving body image in an idealised media culture: community solutions and positive body image interventions

When topology trumped topography: Celebrating 90 years of Beck’s Underground map

Growing up In lockdown

How do children understand prayer in a church school? A video-based, constructivist grounded theory study using a godly play approach

Second trimester contingent screening for small for gestational age neonates.

Cell‐free DNA testing of maternal blood in screening for trisomies in twin pregnancy: updated cohort study at 10–14 weeks and updated meta‐analysis

Fetal loss after chorionic villus sampling in twin pregnancies

Energy cost and knee extensor strength changes following multiple day military load carriage.

Clinicians' and nurses' documentation practices in palliative and hospice care.

Perceived importance of public health risks in Greece: A nationwide survey of the adult population

The subcultural imagination: critically negotiating the co-production of ‘subcultural subjects’ through the lens of C. Wright Mills

Recent advances in smellscape research for the built environment.

The role of local radio in promoting creative engagement for healthy ageing


COVID-19 infection: A neuropsychiatric perspective

‘Function First’: how to promote physical activity and physical function in people with long-term conditions managed in primary care? A study combining realist and co-design methods

Perceptions of influence by social actors on professional doctoral students: a nested case study’s methodological use of sociograms

‘Getting on with the job’: A systematised literature review of secondary trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in policing within the United Kingdom (UK)

Necropolitical constructions of happy-ness, COVID-19 and higher education

Integrated dementia care: A qualitative evidence synthesis of the experiences of people living with dementia, informal carers and healthcare professionals.

Diagnostic radiographer advanced clinical practice in the United Kingdom – A national cross-sectional survey

Artificial Intelligence in radiography: Where are we now and what does the future hold?

Artificial Intelligence: Guidance for clinical imaging and therapeutic radiography professionals, a summary by the Society of Radiographers AI working group

Online arts-based educational resources for children in hospital: the Rocket-Arts project in response to COVID-19

Exploring the cytotoxic mechanisms of Pediocin PA-1 towards HeLa and HT29 cells by comparison to known bacteriocins

Strategies to stay alive: Adaptive toolboxes for living well with suicidal behavior

Developing and evaluating mental health lived experience practitioner (LXP) roles in an NHS trust.

The undiscovered potential of essential oils for treating SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)

Balancing neurotrophin pathway and sortilin function: its role in human disease

Targeting DNA methyltransferases in non-small-cell lung cancer

Therapeutic potential of natural compounds in lung cancer

No place like home: recreating and negotiating home and sense of belonging within the Kurdish diasporic community

(Re)negotiating Identity through the use of material culture

The cardiovascular benefits of caffeinated beverages: Real or surreal? /"Metron Ariston - All in Moderation".

Referencing within code in software engineering education

Green is the colour

Community nurses’ support for patients with fibromyalgia who use cannabis to manage pain

The importance of an organic process in ethnographic research: Working with children in a physical activity setting

Science fiction, innovation and entrepreneurship

The impact of intellectual disability and sport expertise on cognitive and executive functions

The epistemic insight digest: Issue 2: Summer 2021

Machine learning applied to the design and inspection of reinforced concrete bridges: Resilient methods and emerging applications

“It’s all about knowing the young person”: Best practice in coaching autistic athletes

A grounded theory analysis of the experience of therapy in the context of negative change

Utilisation of compounds from venoms in drug discovery.

Identifying the mechanisms of poetry therapy and associated effects on participants: A synthesised review of empirical literature

Accuracy of self-evaluation in a peer-learning environment: An analysis of a group learning model

Language teaching after COVID: real world priorities

Faith-talk and reflection spaces: an empirical study of Catholic primary school pupil accounts of the exploration of faith at home

Researching spiritual capital in Catholic education: on the need for theoretical frameworks and more empirical work

Porosity, cracks, and mechanical properties of additively manufactured tooling alloys: A review

Free augmented reality

Multidimensional competence and the space between faith formation and scripture study

Fungal solubilisation and subsequent microbial methanation of coal processing wastes

Highlights from the 16th International Society for Computational Biology Student Council Symposium 2020.

Ventricular tachyarrhythmia risk in paediatric/young vs. adult Brugada Syndrome patients: A territory-wide study

Vagrant Figures: Law, Literature, and the Origins of the Police. By SalNicolazzo. New Haven: Yale. 2021. 320p. £50 (hb). ISBN 9780300241310

Towards decentralised job shop scheduling as a web service

Theatre in paediatrics: can participatory performance mitigate educational, emotional and social consequences of missing out school during hospitalisation?

Men of perfect holiness: Essene religious virtuosity in Jerusalem and the crowd converted at Pentecost (Acts 2)

A qualitative exploration of the experiences of palliative care staff when working with death and dying

Evaluation of the RCOG guideline in the prediction of small for gestational age neonates and comparison with the competing risks model.

Parish Clergy Wives in Elizabethan England, by Anne Thompson

The PhD and me: A liminal space

Research health & safety - risk assessment

Faith in the Nexus: pupil spiritual leadership In school

Private tuition and the 11-plus: an autobiographical extended literature with UK and global perspectives

Differences between young children's actual, self-perceived and parent-perceived aquatic skills

The clue is in the title: ownership, fashion and society reflected in a Kent private library

Faith in the Nexus and the domestic Church

Faith in the Nexus: Let’s talk about death (School and Church)

Let’s talk about death (Home)

Faith in the Nexus and Sacraments (Parish Catechists)

Extended internal orientation and its effect on employees behaviour: migrant workers in Chinese manufacturing industry

Local news deserts

The need for robust critique of research on social and health impacts of the arts

Aducanumab for Alzheimer’s disease: the never‐ending story that nurses should know

Nurse‐led one stop hematuria clinic: outcomes from 2,714 patients

Pro-judge study: Nurses’ professional judgement in nurse staffing systems

‘Fat persons bathing whose appearance was most disgusting’: Entertaining Thanet in the Age of Steam

Students as partners in learning and teaching: Assessing the effectiveness of student evaluation of teaching

Measuring research excellence amongst economics lecturers in the UK

Biopolitics and lifelong learning: the vitalistic turn in English further education discourse

First review report

A qualitative study exploring barriers to adequate uptake of antenatal care in pre-conflict Syria: low cost interventions are needed to address disparities in antenatal care.

Innovating Christian education research: Multidisciplinary perspectives edited by Johannes M. Luetz and Beth Green, Singapore, Springer, 2021, 468 pp., £109.99 (hardcover), ISBN: 978-981-15-8855-6, £87.50 (eBook), ISBN: 978-981-15-8856-3

Exploring faith in the Nexus: resource to use with the parent's animation

Faith in the Nexus: A sense of belonging

Faith in the Nexus: spiritual wellbeing and the implications for spiritual leadership

Faith in the Nexus: children's conversations about faith and spirituality (school and church)

Faith in the Nexus: How are we providing reflection time and space

Faith in the Nexus: children's encounters with the Bible

Children’s conversations about faith and spirituality (family)

0 Sapere Aude

Sapere Aude: Enlightenment ideas, values and slogans and academic cancel culture

Knowing narratives: challenging the spectacle of racist discrimination

Social Solidarity Economy and village-centric development in North-West Cameroon

Linguaculture, cultural travel, native-speakerism and small culture formation on the go: working up from instances

Recovering unrecognised deCentred experience

Older lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex peoples’ experiences and perceptions of receiving home care services in the community: A systematic review

An exploration of personal benefits reported by students of a health and wellness coach training programme

‘Place feeling’ in the Fiction of E.M. Forster and Elizabeth Bowen

Uptake of, attitudes to and experiences of robotic assistive technology in health professionals, parents and carers of children and young adults with neurodisabilities: a protocol for a systematic review

A key? Conflict, and the struggle for an ecology of dialogue, learning and peace among Israeli Jewish and Palestinian educators

Debating tourism degrowth post COVID-19

Babies and toddlers outdoors: a narrative review of the literature on provision for under twos in ECEC settings

Traumatic rotator cuff tears - Current concepts in diagnosis and management.

“My voices are just part of me, they don’t own me”: a qualitative investigation of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy groups for people experiencing psychosis

Kielland’s rotational forceps delivery: comparison of maternal and neonatal outcomes with pregnancies delivering by non-rotational forceps

Christian theology and school Religious Education: Exploring the relationship

Life to the full: the changing landscape of contemporary spirituality: implications for Catholic school religious education by Graham Rossiter, Professor of Moral and Religious Education, NSW, Australia, ASMRE 2018, 140pp, (PDF) ISBN 978-0-9808681-5-9. Free download available from https://asmre.org/book.html

Is there a potential dual effect of denosumab for treatment of osteoporosis and sarcopenia?

Contemporary Challenges of Nursing CPD: Time to change the model to meet citizens’ needs

The association of sleep problem, dietary habits and physical activity with weight status of adolescents in Nepal.

Career development of English and Italian high school students in uncertain times: a narrative approach

The Playful Writing Project: Exploring the synergy between play and writing with Reception class teachers

Auricular reconstruction: where are we now? A critical literature review

A thermodynamic framework to predict thermophysical properties that control pMDI aerosol generation

Resistance and the paradox of legal entitlement – A theoretical analysis of migrant women’s responses to domestic abuse in the host country

Laying the foundation for Pregnancy Physical Activity Profiling: a framework for providing tailored physical activity advice and guidance to pregnant women

Deglaciation and neotectonics in South East Raasay, Scottish Inner Hebrides

The impacts of working with victims of sexual violence: A rapid evidence assessment

The country house library as a changing concept between the seventeenth and the twentieth centuries

Practical and clinical approaches using pacing to improve selfregulation in special populations such as children and people with mental health or learning disabilities

The association between blood pressure variability and hip or vertebral fracture risk: A population-based study

What role do vaccines play in primary cardiovascular disease prevention?

The Early Social Cognition Inventory (ESCI): An examination of its psychometric properties from birth to 47 months.

Intellectual labour and its exploitation

Exploring the relationship between clinical supervision and client outcomes

The whirl of the red, green, and blue: Christopher Anstey and the particoloured poem

Reference ranges for the pulsed wave doppler of the fetal cardiac inflow and outflow tracts from 13 to 36 weeks gestation: Short title: Zidere, Fetal inflow and outflow tract, Pulsed wave Doppler, z scores.

Part 1: exploring views from fathers and perinatal practitioners on the inclusion of fathers by perinatal services

Training of professionals in assistive technologies: pedagogic issues and strategies (Formation des professionnels aux technologies d’assistance: Enjeux et stratégies pédagogiques)

Implementing the PIE (Person, Interaction and Environment) programme to improve person-centred care for people with dementia admitted to hospital wards: a qualitative evaluation

'Future governance of the UK' - evidence submitted to the House of Lords Constitution Committee

Retrieving and repurposing: A grounded approach to hyperlocal working practices through a subcultural lens

Validity and reliability of RPE as a measure of intensity during isometric wall squat exercise

Validity and reliability of the ‘Isometric Exercise Scale’ (IES) for measuring ratings of perceived exertion during continuous isometric exercise

Comparative characterization of mesenchymal progenitor cells from osteoarthritic and rheumatoid arthritic human articular cartilage

Developing an embedded nursing service within a homeless shelter: Client's perspectives

Maximising the use of existing knowledge and evidence: showcasing systematic reviews in sports tourism

Transitioning into care: moving into a care home


Negotiating learner autonomy in a native-speakerized nation

Comparing the social networks of service users with long term mental health needs living in community with those in a general adult in-patient unit

Creative-reflective inquiries and wellbeing in organizations

The things we think and do not say - the future of physical education and sport

Part 2: exploring views from fathers and perinatal practitioners on the inclusion of fathers by perinatal services

Independant Sexual Violence Advisers (ISVA's) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland: A study of impacts, effects, coping mechanisms and effective support systems for people working as ISVAs and ISVA managers

Endorsement of the OMERACT core domain set for shared decision making interventions in rheumatology trials: Results from a multi-stepped consensus-building approach.

Review 1 outline

Knowledge profit and knowledge loss in an enlightened house: the library collection of the Hammonds of St Alban’s Court, Kent

Knowledge profit and knowledge loss in an enlightened house: the library collection of the Hammonds of St Alban’s Court, Kent

Introduction: knowledge profit and knowledge loss in an enlightened House: the library collection of the Hammonds of St Alban’s Court, Kent

More than meets the eye: How black and minority ethnic care-leavers construct and make sense of their identity

Socioemotional wealth and the innovativeness of family SMEs in the United Arab Emirates

Seeing the invisible: Brand authenticity and the cultural production of queer imagination

A systematic literature review of the impact of art therapy upon post-traumatic stress disorder

Secondary school students' reasoning about science and personhood

The thermoregulatory and thermal responses of individuals with a spinal cord injury during exercise, acclimation and by using cooling strategies-A systematic review

Map as biography: maps, memory, and landscape – thoughts on Ordnance Survey map, Sheet TR04, 1:25,000 Provisional Edition, Ashford

A study of user experiences and network analysis on anonymity and traceability of bitcoin transactions

Evidence by Roderick Munday, Oxford University Press, 2019, 10th edition, 542 pp., £34.99 (paperback), ISBN 13: 978-0198832461

BCI controlled robotic arm as assistance to the rehabilitation of neurologically disabled patients

A rapid review of communication strategies for physical activity guidelines and physical activity promotion: A review of worldwide strategies

Real-world performance and accuracy of stress echocardiography: The EVAREST observational multi-centre study

Fiscal space and the procyclicality of fiscal policy: the case for making hay while the sun shines

Laser powder bed fusion of Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-6Mo alloy and properties prediction using deep learning approaches

The Soviet military 1:10,000 City Plan of Dover, UK (1974)

Mediation today: The art of founding a mediation clinic

The significance of digital media in local public space crisis management: The case of Poland, the United Kingdom and Italy

Living in a world with God: An interpretative phenomenological exploration of the religious experiences of five Baptists in Britain

Talking about generations: 5 questions to ask yourself

Parenting the crisis: The cultural politics of parent‐blame Tracey Jensen Bristol: Policy Press, March 2018, ISBN:978‐1447325062, 216 pages, £20.79 pbk

Adolescent social media use and well-being: a systematic review and thematic meta-synthesis.

Diversity of Chironomidae (Diptera) breeding in the Great Stour, Kent: baseline results from the Westgate Parks non-biting midge project

The delf

The Stonemason


Sport and physical activity during the first 10 years of life in Ireland and the UK

Universal approaches to support children’s physical and cognitive development in the early years

Is the employment of pastoral support staff (PSS) working with students with social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs changing the role and responsibilities of teachers in London and South East England?

The cutting movement assessment score (CMAS) qualitative screening tool: application to mitigate anterior cruciate ligament injury risk during cutting

Population genetics and geometric morphometrics of freshwater snail Segmentina nitida reveal cryptic sympatric species of conservation value in Europe

Using technology to improve assessment facilitation on a policing apprenticeship programme: from Covid-19 contingency to best practice

Children's perceived and actual physical activity levels within the elementary school setting

ICU nurse-family engagement from a global perspective: A qualitative multi-site exploration

Digital mammographic interpretation by UK radiographer mammographers: A JAFROC analysis of observer performance

Explaining employees’ entrepreneurial intentions: The roles of societal norms, work-related creativity and personal resources

Hegemonic conceptualizations of empowerment in entrepreneurship and their suitability for collective contexts

Paradigm shift or shuffling the content?

Social polarization and ghettoization: social and policy-driven causes

Decision making and your mental hygiene

Arts-based interventions for people living with dementia: Measuring ‘in the moment’ wellbeing with the Canterbury Wellbeing Scales

Security vulnerabilities of popular smart home appliances

Attentional shifting differences in autism: Domain general, domain specific, or both?

Levels of cognitive understanding: reflective and impulsive cognition in alcohol use and misuse

Factors influencing patient loyalty to outpatient medical services: an empirical analysis of the UAE’s government healthcare system

Jack Ellitt as director: Documentary films of the 1940s

Pool closures during the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact on low back pain management

Effect of liquid break-up model selection on simulated diesel spray and combustion characteristics

The effect of droplet temperature model choice on gasoline droplet and spray simulation

Investigation of fuel volatility on the heat transfer dynamics on piston surface due to the pulsed spray impingement

‘We are still here’: The impacts of street music and street art during the 2020 London lockdowns

"Ready for to go to the sea": maintaining fishing families in Late Medieval Hythe

Preliminary face validation of the pictorial scale of perceived aquatic competence

Signal crayfish burrowing, bank retreat and sediment supply to rivers: A biophysical sediment budget

3DP printing of oral solid formulations: a systematic review

Rewilding higher education: learning to live together apart

Update on the role of emerging stem cell technology in head and neck medicine

Thriving alongside cystic fibrosis: Developing a grounded theory of empowerment in children and young people with cystic fibrosis during key life transitions

Zoom fatigue: online communication platforms and technologies of the self

Powder-based laser hybrid additive manufacturing of metals: A review

Finding the spiritual in the secular: a meta-analysis of changes in spirituality following secular mindfulness-based programs

A student, a practitioner or a researcher? An attempt to reconcile the three roles through an undergraduate action research module

Occupational apartheid in Palestine, global racism, and transnational solidarity: Update on Simaan (2017)

Goats show higher behavioural flexibility than sheep in a spatial detour task

The impact of COVID-19 on BAME populations: a systematic review of experiences and perspectives

Group and common factors in mindfulness-based programs: a selective review and implications for teachers.

Theory and practical guidance for effective de-implementation of practices across health and care services: a realist synthesis

Dental therapists compared with general dental practitioners for undertaking check-ups in low-risk patients: pilot RCT with realist evaluation

Impact of COVID-19 on health services utilization in Province-2 of Nepal: A qualitative study among community members and stakeholders

Start here: Sounding the materiality of the compact audio cassette

"It’s like very white-winged”: students’ perceptions of the image and reality of Internationalisation in UK Higher Education

Art therapy with people diagnosed with psychosis: therapists’ experiences of their work and the journey to their current practice

Using photovoice in Participatory educational research

Inclusion and exclusion of elite athletes with disabilities

Conceptual model of sport-specific classification for para-athletes with intellectual impairment

Enablers and barriers in adopting a reablement model of domiciliary care

Language learning in crisis: A dangerous question?

Ethics in critical care research: scratching the surface

The neurological symptoms of COVID-19: A systematic overview of systematic reviews, comparison with other neurological conditions and implications for healthcare services

Mentoring for mathematics

The teaching and learning of primary mathematics

Preservice teachers’ expressed awarenesses: emerging threads of retro-spection of learning and pro-spection of teaching.

Adaptive and flexible online learning during Covid19 lockdown

Preparation of undergraduate health and care students from the United Kingdom in an international learning experience in Japan: A phenomenological study

Reconceptualising teacher identity

Not on our own: peer coaching our way through COVID:19

Temporalities of the smellscape: Creative mapping as visual representation

Health inequalities and ethnic vulnerabilities during COVID-19 in the UK: A reflection on the PHE reports

A consociational compromise? constitutional evolution in Spain and Catalonia

Dramaturgy of form performing verse in contemporary theatre

Health education, what does it mean?

Impacts of participating in a choir on health and wellbeing of adults with intellectual disabilities

Evaluating confidence in information literacy: a red/amber/green tool

A trip to the movies: Homo parasiticus and the question of sustainability

Reduction and mitigation strategy of carbon dioxide emissions from internal combustion engine: An engine development initiative for sustainable environment

What does a clinical psychologist do?

Powerful proteins from polyp possessing predators

Beauty from the deep: cnidarians in cosmetics

Doing participatory research within diverse locations: conducting collaborative enquiry into complex environments using digital technology

Exploring music within cross-curricular learning

Intimations of Utopia: sustaining environments and the flourishing of children and teachers

Printing terror: American horror comics as cold war commentary and critique

Sustainability in the workplace and the theory of planned behaviour: Norms and identity predict environmentally friendly intentions

Crime, harm, and climate change nexus

The impact of cognitive functions and intellectual impairment on pacing and performance in sports

walk write (repeat)

Heavy time

The Acta of William the Conqueror, Domesday Book, the Oath of Salisbury, and the legitimacy and stability of the Norman regime in England

Micro-fabrication of ceramics: additive manufacturing and conventional technologies

Scenario-based interviews: developing studies of policy and practice

The implicit knowledge structure preferred by questions in English Religious Studies public exams

Hillforts and Power in the British Post-Roman West: A GIS Analysis of Dinas Powys

‘“Feeling feminism”: politics of mischief in contemporary women’s theatre’

Country-specific drivers of the value relevance of goodwill impairment losses

The complexities of emergent leadership using a whole school autonomy development physical education approach

Experts warn continued pool closures are building up health problems for the future

Developing additional competition classes for athletes with intellectual impairments: Conceptual approach and efficacy of an ICF derived measure

Reflections on international research collaborations: decolonising our research approach

Plan for dissertation on the additional use of sensory elements within traditional Anglican worship

Vessel IV

Exploring faith in the nexus

Laying the Foundation for Pregnancy Physical Activity Profiling: A Framework for Providing Tailored Physical Activity Advice and Guidance to Pregnant Women.

Risk of atrial fibrillation in athletes: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Cardiac abnormalities after induction of endoplasmic reticulum stress are associated with mitochondrial dysfunction and connexin43 expression

Peripartum echocardiographic changes in women with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.

Enhancing hands-on skills under capstone CDIO project using blended learning approach

Representing suicide: Giving voice to a desire to die?

The Northern Line extension: A challenge for mapmakers and for social equality