Decolonising gospel music: the Jamaican bible remix

The cutting movement assessment score (CMAS) qualitative screening tool: application to mitigate anterior cruciate ligament injury risk during cutting

Children's perceived and actual physical activity levels within the elementary school setting

ICU nurse-family engagement from a global perspective: A qualitative multi-site exploration

Digital mammographic interpretation by UK radiographer mammographers: A JAFROC analysis of observer performance

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Decision making and your mental Hhgiene

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Security vulnerabilities of popular smart home appliances

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Jack Ellitt as director: Documentary films of the 1940s

Pool closures during the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact on low back pain management

Effect of liquid break-up model selection on simulated diesel spray and combustion characteristics

The effect of droplet temperature model choice on gasoline droplet and spray simulation

Investigation of fuel volatility on the heat transfer dynamics on piston surface due to the pulsed spray impingement

‘We are still here’: The impacts of street music and street art during the 2020 London lockdowns

"Ready for to go to the sea": maintaining fishing families in Late Medieval Hythe

Preliminary face validation of the pictorial scale of perceived aquatic competence

Signal crayfish burrowing, bank retreat and sediment supply to rivers: A biophysical sediment budget

3DP printing of oral solid formulations: a systematic review

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Finding the spiritual in the secular: a meta-analysis of changes in spirituality following secular mindfulness-based programs

A student, a practitioner or a researcher? An attempt to reconcile the three roles through an undergraduate action research module

Occupational apartheid in Palestine, global racism, and transnational solidarity: Update on Simaan (2017)

Goats show higher behavioural flexibility than sheep in a spatial detour task

The impact of COVID-19 on BAME populations: a systematic review of experiences and perspectives

Group and common factors in mindfulness-based programs: a selective review and implications for teachers.

Theory and practical guidance for effective de-implementation of practices across health and care services: a realist synthesis

Dental therapists compared with general dental practitioners for undertaking check-ups in low-risk patients: pilot RCT with realist evaluation

Impact of COVID-19 on health services utilization in Province-2 of Nepal: A qualitative study among community members and stakeholders

Start here: Sounding the materiality of the compact audio cassette

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Mentoring for mathematics

The teaching and learning of primary mathematics

Preservice teachers’ expressed awarenesses: emerging threads of retro-spection of learning and pro-spection of teaching.

Adaptive and flexible online learning during Covid19 lockdown

Preparation of undergraduate health and care students from the United Kingdom in an international learning experience in Japan: A phenomenological study

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Temporalities of the smellscape: Creative mapping as visual representation

Health inequalities and ethnic vulnerabilities during COVID-19 in the UK: A reflection on the PHE reports

A consociational compromise? constitutional evolution in Spain and Catalonia

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Powerful proteins from polyp possessing predators

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Sustainability in the workplace and the theory of planned behaviour: Norms and identity predict environmentally friendly intentions

Crime and climate change

The impact of cognitive functions and intellectual impairment on pacing and performance in sports

Developing additional competition classes for athletes with intellectual impairments: Conceptual approach and efficacy of an ICF derived measure

walk write (repeat)

Heavy time

The Acta of William the Conqueror, Domesday Book, the Oath of Salisbury, and the legitimacy and stability of the Norman regime in England

Micro-fabrication of ceramics: additive manufacturing and conventional technologies

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Hillforts and Power in the British Post-Roman West: A GIS Analysis of Dinas Powys

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