Awareness and perception of phishing variants from Policing, Computing and Criminology students in Canterbury Christ Church University

Masters Thesis

Movassagh, N. 2021. Awareness and perception of phishing variants from Policing, Computing and Criminology students in Canterbury Christ Church University. Masters Thesis Canterbury Christ Church University School of Law. Policing and Social Sciences
AuthorsMovassagh, N.
TypeMasters Thesis
Qualification nameMasters by Research

This study focuses on gauging awareness of different phishing communication students in the School of Law, Policing and Social Sciences and the School of Engineering, Technology and Design in Canterbury Christ Church University and their perception of different phishing variants. There is an exploration of the underlying factors in which students fall victim to different types of phishing attacks from questionnaires and a focus group. The students’ perception of different types of phishing variants was varied from the focus group and anonymised questionnaires. A total of 177 respondents participated in anonymised questionnaires in the study. Students were asked a mixture of scenario-based questions on different phishing attacks, their awareness levels of security tools that can be used against some phishing variants, and if they received any phishing emails in the past. Additionally, 6 computing students in a focus group discussed different types of phishing attacks and recommended potential security countermeasures against them. The vulnerabilities and issues of anti-phishing software, firewalls, and internet browsers that have security toolbars are explained in the study against different types of phishing attacks.

The focus group was with computing students and their knowledge about certain phishing variants was limited. The discussion within the focus group was gauging the computing students' understanding and awareness of phishing variants. The questionnaire data collection sample was with first year criminology and final year policing students which may have influenced the results of the questionnaire in terms of their understanding, security countermeasures, and how they identify certain phishing variants. The anonymised questionnaire awareness levels on different types of phishing fluctuated in terms of lack of awareness on certain phishing variants. Some criminology and policing students either did not know about phishing variants or had limited knowledge about different types of phishing communication, security countermeasures, the identifying features of a phishing message, and the precautions they should take against phishing variants from fraudsters.

KeywordsPhishing variants; Awareness ; Perception; Policing, Computing and Criminology Canterbury Christ Church University students
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Deposited13 Sep 2021
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