Referencing within code in software engineering education

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Turner, S. and Hill, G 2021. Referencing within code in software engineering education. National Repository of Teaching and Learning.
AuthorsTurner, S. and Hill, G
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To address a need in referencing on how to reference code within other code and in reports. This adds a conference paper from 2014 to the repository.


Traditionally, computer sciences courses will assess software code. It is common and accepted good practice (as in written reports) to reference other sources of appropriate material. However there appears to be no explicit method, recommendation or advice available to computer science tutors and students on a referencing approach! This paper aims to stimulate discussion from peers involved in software engineering education. By discussing the apparent lack of ‘referencing within code’ advice to students and proposing suggestions for appropriate solutions. This will be based on the authors’ experience of assessing code and the current advice given to their students.

KeywordsSoftware engineering education; Referencing; Harvard referencing system; Computer code
PublisherNational Repository of Teaching and Learning
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Online05 Jul 2021
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