Nurse‐led one stop hematuria clinic: outcomes from 2,714 patients

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Madaan, Anika, Kuusk, Teele, Hamdoon, Musaab, Elliott, Angela, Pearce, Dianne and Madaan, Sanjeev 2021. Nurse‐led one stop hematuria clinic: outcomes from 2,714 patients. BJUI Compass.
AuthorsMadaan, Anika, Kuusk, Teele, Hamdoon, Musaab, Elliott, Angela, Pearce, Dianne and Madaan, Sanjeev

Objective of this study is to report the results of nurse led hematuria clinic service outcome of 2,714 patients.

Subjects and methods
We conducted a retrospective, single center review of 2714 patients with visible and nonvisible hematuria managed by a well-trained nurse specialist in a rapid access clinic (RAC) between 2014 and 2020. All patients received a full review, flexible cystoscopy performed by a nurse, and ultrasound of urinary tracts. After investigations, patients were reassured and discharged or referred for rigid cystoscopy, TURBT, and CT urography.

In total, 2714 patients attended the RAC between October 2014 and March 2020. Of these, 1684 (62%) were males and 1030 (38%) females. The median age of patients was 68.3 (IQR 58-79). Of the 1030 females, 500 (48.5%) presented with nonvisible hematuria (NVH), and 530 (51.5%) presented with visible hematuria (VH). The median age was 66 (IQR 56-76). The number of females diagnosed with any form of malignancy was 72 (7% of all females). Of the 1684 males, 288 (17.1%) presented with NVH, and 1396 (82.9%) presented with VH. The median age was 72 (IQR 59-81). The number of males diagnosed with some form of malignancy was 258 (15.3% of all males). Overall, 1926 patients presented with VH and 788 patients presented with NVH. After investigations, 290 patients (15.1%) with VH and 40 (5.1%) patients with NVH had some form of malignancy. The highest number of malignancies found in VH was bladder cancer (n = 222, 11.5%), followed by prostate (n = 28, 1%), renal (n = 23, 0.8%), UT urothelial (n = 17, 0.6%), gynaecological (n = 7, 0.3%), and gastrointestinal (n = 5, 0.2%) cancer. The highest number of pathologies found in NVH was infection (n = 44, 5.6%). Cancer detection rate for symptomatic NVH was more than double that of asymptomatic NVH, 6.5% versus 3.1%, respectively.

Overall, 15.1% with VH and 5.1% with NVH present with malignancy. Nurse-led rapid access hematuria clinic and flexible cystoscopy investigation by trained nurse is safe and feasible.

KeywordsHematuria; Urology; Nurse-led clinics
JournalBJUI Compass
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