Assessing the consequences of Brexit on UK police cooperation with the EU

Masters Thesis

Shellaker, M. 2021. Assessing the consequences of Brexit on UK police cooperation with the EU. Masters Thesis Canterbury Christ Church University School of Law, Policing and Social Sciences
AuthorsShellaker, M.
TypeMasters Thesis
Qualification nameMSC by Research

The full impact of Brexit on international police cooperation has yet to be understood. This thesis analyses the operational experiences of police officers in the UK in the post-Brexit environment. The loss of access to many of the European Union’s policing tools will impact police cooperation in the UK and this research will explore the extent of this and examine how the UK is reacting.

This study highlights the loss of cooperation across the ‘Formal’, ‘formal’ and ‘informal’ routes as described by (Sheptycki, 2002a.), and explores whether the introduction of a new model of police cooperation is developing, called ‘International Nodal Police Cooperation’, with a specific reference to the International Crime Coordination Centre. The concept of this model is contemporary, and its application may create a greater structural balance between the UK and EU-wide police forces, where multiple agencies can share information more quickly and work more closely across Benyon’s micro and meso levels (Benyon et al.,1994). This could generate greater reciprocity and trust, and in turn help ensure effective and efficient police cooperation.

The research was conducted by interviewing a range of UK based police officers in various roles in international policing with specific focus on Anglo-Dutch police cooperation. It was hoped to include police participants from The Netherlands. However, this could not be arranged, and the thesis focuses on UK police officers and academics referencing cooperation with The Netherlands where appropriate. Although a comparison of perspectives may have further developed the analysis of post-Brexit police cooperation, the research has provided the groundwork for further research to be conducted.

The conclusion of the research reflects upon the interview analysis and discussion chapters. It highlights two theoretical options for the UK: the systematic development of international nodal police cooperation or the UK needing to rejoin some EU policing mechanisms to tackle operational difficulties which are already being identified. Currently, it is too early to state which avenue the UK will take, as further issues may arise and some of the operational problems explored throughout this thesis are addressed.

KeywordsBrexit; UK police cooperation with the EU; Consequences
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Deposited13 Dec 2021
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