Positive risk taking: debating the research agenda in the context of adult

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King, E., Davies, K. and Abendstern, M. 2021. Positive risk taking: debating the research agenda in the context of adult. The Journal of Adult Protection. https://doi.org/10.1108/JAP-03-2021-0011
AuthorsKing, E., Davies, K. and Abendstern, M.

The purpose of this paper is to present the case for examining the concept of Positive Risk Taking (PRT) in the context of adult protection. The paper argues there is a need for empirical research to understand the application of and attitudes to PRT to explore whether the concept has moved beyond a principle to make an identifiable difference to service users.

By investigating evidence from policy, literature, and professional opinion, this paper presents the ethical tensions for professional practice in adult protection between respecting a service user’s freedom to make choices to enhance their independence whilst preserving safety for service users and society. This is considered in the context of risk in health and social care and the recent changes in society resulting from Covid-19.

Inherent tensions are apparent in the evidence in health and social care between attitudes propounding safety first and those arguing for the benefits of risk taking. This indicates not only a need for a paradigm shift in attitudes but also a research agenda that promotes empirical studies of the implications of PRT from service user and professional perspectives.
This paper draws attention to the relatively limited research into both professionals' and service user perspectives and experiences of PRT in practice.

KeywordsRisk ; Recovery; Adult protection; Covid-19; Health,; Social care
JournalThe Journal of Adult Protection
PublisherEmerald Insight
Digital Object Identifier (DOI)https://doi.org/10.1108/JAP-03-2021-0011
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Online31 Jul 2021
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Accepted02 Jun 2021
Deposited06 Oct 2021
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