How is carer strain related to the recovery of stroke survivors with right hemisphere dysfunction? Implications for practice

The ‘cost’ of caring in policing: From burnout to PTSD in police officers in England and Wales

Getting the father back: the orphan's oath in Florence Marryat's Her Father's Name and R. D. Blackmore's Erema

Culture, communication, context and power

'Function first—be active, stay independent’—Promoting physical activity and physical function in people with long-term conditions by primary care: a protocol for a realist synthesis with embedded co-production and co-design

Can I follow you? social media surveillance and policing dilemmas

Physical fitness and activity levels among Chinese people with schizophrenia: A cross-sectional study with matched case-control comparison

A Practice-Based Study into the Composition and Performance of Polytemporal Music

X-ray structure at 150 K of the Polar Alkyl Mesogenic Compound 7CBB:4-Cyanobiphenyl-4′-heptylbiphenyl Carboxylate

Can taste be ergogenic?

Dual career: balancing success in sport and life

Primary-school-based art therapy: A mixed methods comparison study on children’s classroom learning

Value of routine ultrasound examination at 35-37 weeks' gestation in diagnosis of fetal abnormalities

Value of routine ultrasound examination at 35-37 weeks' gestation in diagnosis of non-cephalic presentation

Comparison of different methods of measuring angle of progression in prediction of labor outcome

Diagnosis of fetal defects in twin pregnancies at routine 11-13-week ultrasound examination

Low-intensity guided help through mindfulness (LIGHTMIND): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial comparing supported mindfulness-based cognitive therapy self-help to supported cognitive behavioural therapy self-help for adults experiencing depression

Metformin use in obese mothers is associated with improved cardiovascular profile in the offspring

ISUOG Consensus Statement on organization of routine and specialist obstetric ultrasound services in the context of COVID-19

Worldview in religious education: autobiographical reflections on the commission on religious education in England final report

Women police leaders in Europe: a tale of prejudice and patronage

Differentiation between athlete’s heart and dilated cardiomyopathy in athletic individuals

The use of product scarcity in marketing

No differences between beetroot juice and placebo on competitive 5-km running performance: A double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

Facility dogs as a tool for building rapport and credibility with child witnesses

Human rights and taxation in Nigeria: a case for tax justice and accountability

Development of African Union Law: tax harmonisation and regional integration towards achieving social structures in West Africa

Typical hierarchical processing in autistic adults

‘My journey through the system’: a grounded theory of service user-perceived experiences of recovery in forensic mental health services

Routledge companion to local media and journalism

Hybrid intrusion detection system for smart home applications

Interventions for caregivers of children with food allergy: a systematic review

Pictorial scale of perceived water competence (PSPWC) testing manual

The relationship between doses of mindfulness-based programs and depression, anxiety, stress, and mindfulness: a dose-response meta-regression of randomized controlled trials

Transformative landscapes: liminality and visitors’ emotional experiences at German memorial sites

Scotland, the UK and Brexit - at a constitutional crossroads: what next for Scotland?

2019 Women in Sport and Exercise Conference abstracts: Introducing This Mum Moves: an educational campaign to support pregnant women and new mothers in enjoying and benefiting from an active lifestyle

Infographic. Guidance for medical, health and fitness professionals to support women in returning to running postnatally

COVID-19: A case series to support radiographer preliminary clinical evaluation

The impact of demographic, anthropometric and athletic characteristics on left atrial size in athletes.

Empowerment in children with cystic fibrosis

Change amidst continuity? Assessing the 2018 regional elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Flow, liminality, and eudaimonia: Pagan ritual practice as a gateway to a life with meaning

A posture and mobility training package for care home staff: results of a cluster randomised controlled feasibility trial (the PATCH trial)

Dance, professional practice and the workplace: challenges and opportunities for dance professionals, students and educators

The Sound of Feedback

“An important part of who I am”: The predictors of dietary adherence among weight-loss, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, and gluten-free dietary groups

2019 Women in Sport and Exercise Conference abstracts: Exercise professionals’ confidence in engaging women to be physically active during pregnancy

Getting the GIST – flexible learning and the co-production of knowledge: a journey from theory to implementation

Psychoanalysis, fundamentalism, critical theory and the unconscious: adult education Islamic fundamentalism and the subjectivity of omnipotence

Democratic and intercultural dialogue across universities, communities and movements

Converting nascent technologies into mainstream sports

Applications and strategies in nanodiagnosis and nanotherapy in lung cancer

Rebuilding Babel: an examination into the applicability of the ICC interpretation of articles 67(1)(a) and 67(1)(f) to to other courts and tribunals dealing with similar issues

State responsibility for the support of armed groups in the Commission of International Crimes

How valuable is an international cultural exchange?

Richborough: the secret port

The Household Roll of Eleanor de Montfort, Countess of Leicester and Pembroke, 1265, British Library Additional MS 8877

Who responds to a placebo? Factors associated with response to placebo during a double-blind randomised controlled trial

Emailed - Are Nike's Vaporfly trainers the emperor's new shoes?

Healthy families: the present and future role of the supermarket

Cultural threads in primary schools

Outsiders as insiders: the benefits of developing a long-term field work relationship with the Maltese islands

Constructing mass tourism

Towards Ethical Policing

Researching retired ex-servicemen: reflections on ethnographic encounters

Group singing improves quality of life for people with Parkinson’s: an international study


Debbie tucker green and Alice Birch: 'Angry feminists' on the European stage

Conceptualising slow tourism: a perspective from Latvia

Biological flora of the British Isles: Crassula helmsii

Speckle tracking echocardiography: new ways of translational approaches in preeclampsia to detect cardiovascular dysfunction

Conflict, collaboration and counterpoint: analysing iterative research techniques within the research development narrative.

Narrative of, about, and for troubled times: struggles for the good and beautiful and Pier Paulo Pasolini’s Salò

Conclusion: Stepping into sustainable futures: actions, developments and networks

Education for sustainability in early childhood education: sustainability transformation through collaboration

Comparing undergraduate student nurses understanding of sustainability in two countries: a mixed method study

Kentish book culture:writers, archives, libraries and sociability 1400-1660

“Helicopter parents”, higher education, and ambivalent adulthood

Post-Brexit Boomer blaming: The contradictions of generational grievance

Helping children find their inner brave!

Shades of federalism: volume 4

Testing the pagan prescription: using a randomised controlled trial to investigate pagan spell casting as a form of noncontact healing

The construction and shaping of protesters' perceptions of police legitimacy: a thematic approach to police information and intelligence gathering

The art world’s response to the challenge of inequality

Perceptions and experiences of health and social care utilisation of the UK-Nepali population

A randomized controlled trial of an online, compassion-based intervention for maternal psychological well-being in the first year postpartum

Endurance or decline of emergent groups following a flood disaster: implications for community resilience

Community care: civic charitable institutions in the Kentish Cinque Ports, c.1300-c.1500

Medical Pluralism, mainstream marginality or subaltern therapeutics? Globalisation and the integration of ‘Asian’ medicines and biomedicine in the UK

Phylogeographic structure of the pygmy shrew: revisiting the roles of southern and northern refugia in Europe

Mandatory police training: the epitome of dissatisfaction and demotivation?

Predictors and mediators of European student teacher attitudes toward autism spectrum disorder

An evaluation of UK Athletics’ Clean Sport Programme in preventing doping in junior elite athletes

Making sense of the intercultural: finding deCentred threads

The participation of people with intellectual disability in Parasports

Embodying precarity, pain and perfection: young dancers’ commitment to the ballet body as aesthetic project

The social production of psychocentric knowledge in suicidology

Finnaun y Doudec Seint: A Holy Spring in Early Medieval Brycheiniog, Wales

The past that will not die: trauma, race and zombie empire in horror comics of the 1950s

‘Stond Hore Son and Yeld Thy Knyff’: urban politics, language and litigation in late medieval Canterbury

Religious experience in Buddhism


British women’s writing from Brontë to Bloomsbury, 1840-1940. Volume 2: 1860s and 1870s

Royal daughters and diplomacy at the court of Edward I

Of mathematics, marrow-bones and marriage: eighteenth-century convivial song

Mound [and other objects]

Schion's Room

Exploring virtue ethical stewardship and transformative learning in a university's business leadership programmes

Exploring virtue ethical stewardship for transformative learning in a university’s business leadership programmes

Movement 4 Lydia's project

Lydia: drums movement

Tripple Trapple: A Danish Folk Tale