Design optimisation of additively manufactured titanium lattice structures for biomedical implants

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El-Sayed, M.A., Essa, K., Ghazy, M. and Hassanin, H. 2020. Design optimisation of additively manufactured titanium lattice structures for biomedical implants. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology.
AuthorsEl-Sayed, M.A., Essa, K., Ghazy, M. and Hassanin, H.

A key advantage of additive manufacturing (AM) is that it allows the fabrication of lattice structures for customised biomedical implants with high performance. This paper presents the use of statistical approaches in design optimisation of additively manufactured titanium lattice structures for biomedical implants. Design of experiments using response surface and analysis of variance were carried out to study the effect design parameters on the properties of the AM lattice structures such as ultimate compression strength, specific compressive strength, elastic modulus, and porosity. In addition, the lattice dimensions were optimized to fabricate a diamond cellular structure with properties that match human bones. The study found that the length of a diamond-shaped unit cell strut is the most significant design parameter. In particular, the porosity of the unit cell increases as the strut length increases, while it had a significant reverse effect on the specific compressive strength, elastic modulus and ultimate compression strength. On the other hands, increasing the orientation angle was found to reduce both the specific compressive strength and modulus of elasticity of the lattice structure. An optimised lattice structure with strut diameter of 0.84 mm, length of 3.29 mm and orientation angle of 47° was shown to have specific compressive strength, elastic modulus, ultimate compression strength and porosity of 37.8 kN.m/kg, 1 GPa, 49.5 MPa and 85.7%, respectively. A cellular structure with the obtained properties could be effectively applied for trabecular bones replacement surgeries.

KeywordsAdditive Manufacturing; Implants; Porosity; Powder Bed Fusion; Lattices
JournalThe International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology
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Online27 Aug 2020
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Accepted20 Aug 2020
Deposited26 Aug 2020
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