Reclaiming the narrative: exploring personal recovery in psychosis

DClinPsych Thesis

Yeboah, K. 2020. Reclaiming the narrative: exploring personal recovery in psychosis. DClinPsych Thesis Canterbury Christ Chruch University Salomons Institute for Applied Psychology
AuthorsYeboah, K.
TypeDClinPsych Thesis
Qualification nameDoctor of Clinical Psychology

Section A:
Presented here, is a systematic literature review of the application of narrative interventions in psychosis. Using a meta-ethnographic approach, the qualitative elements of the 9 included studies were synthesized. Nine core themes emerged, relating to therapeutic processes found across narrative approaches in psychosis. These are; equal stories, equal humanity; making meaning; doing it together; alternative narratives; openness; family members as equal partners; strengthening personal narratives; positive impact on social networks and quality of life. A critical appraisal of the included studies is discussed and the implications for clinical practice and research are considered.

Section B:
Presented here, is an empirical paper outlining the development of a grounded theory of personal recovery as it pertains to Black individuals with psychosis. The model presents 8 key experiences that were found to facilitate the development of a sense of personal recovery. These are: engaging and re-engaging in strategies to maintain wellbeing; risk and reward of reintegration, finding safe spaces, power experienced as safe, an empowered sense of self; joining with others & making change; stabilising and deepening relationships and in pursuit of a better life. Six themes emerged that were found to serve as disempowering experiences. These are: overwhelming circumstances; being criminalised; mental health wards; the wider mental health system; power experienced as abusive; the hidden self. The model is summarised by 3 overarching themes. These are: recovery as delicate, effortful and long. The theoretical, policy and clinical implications are discussed.

KeywordsPsychosis; Narrative interventions
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