Kentish book culture:writers, archives, libraries and sociability 1400-1660


Bartram, C. (ed.) 2020. Kentish book culture:writers, archives, libraries and sociability 1400-1660. Oxford Peter Lang Publishing.
EditorsBartram, C.

This volume explores the writing practices and book collections of a range of individuals in early modern Kent, including monks, a mariner and an apothecary as well as members of the gentry and clergy and urban administrators. In a county with ready access to metropolitan, courtly and continental influences, a vibrant provincial book culture flourished, in which literacy was prized and book ownership widespread. Reinforcing the important social role played by the literate and revealing something of their creative potential, the essays gathered here also uncover an appetite for debate, reflected in the books owned, lent, written and published by the Kentish in the period covered. Underpinning all of this is an enduring culture of sociability, centred around the book as an object to be shared.

KeywordsKent; Book culture; Books; Reading; Libraries; Writing; Social history; Medieval history; Early modern history
PublisherPeter Lang Publishing
Publication dates
Print28 Jan 2020
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Deposited13 Feb 2020
Place of publicationOxford
SeriesEnglish Literature and Culture
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