Are Dietary Supplements a Gateway to Doping? A Retrospective Survey of Athletes’ Substance Use

Overview of hepatocellular carcinoma: from molecular aspects to future therapeutic options.

Efficiency of the cerebroplacental ratio in Identifying high-risk late-term pregnancies

Evaluation of SLAM algorithms for Search and Rescue applications


Gen Z, identity politics, and the problem of belonging

Being true to our ‘why’: positioning healthy active lifestyles at the core of physical education

Dirty hands as a ‘weapon of the weak’: ‘Heroism’, ‘aristocratism’, and the ambiguities of everyday resistance

The five yurt festival of thanks

Poetry draws upwards in hope

Secular trends of health care resource utilization and costs between Brugada syndrome and congenital long QT syndrome: A territory-wide study

Clinical and non-clinical cardiovascular disease associated pathologies in Parkinson's disease

Associations between modifiable risk factors and frailty: a Mendelian randomisation study

"It's not just about the numbers": Inside the black box of nurses' professional judgement in nurse staffing systems in England and Wales: Insights from a qualitative cross-case comparative study

Experiences of parenting amongst people with intellectual disabilities in the UK

An investigation into trauma-informed care within mental health inpatient settings

An exploration of nature-based therapy for children with long term health conditions and associated psychological difficulties.

Mechanised orthosis for children with neurological disorders (MOTION) - Normative data collection

Mechanised orthosis for children with neurological disorders (MOTION) - Evaluation of training packages

Mechanised orthosis for children with neurological disorders (MOTION) - Assessment of training needs of professionals and parents in bionic rehabilitation final report on survey and interviews of health care professionals and parents of children with CP

Community areas of sustainable care and dementia excellence in Europe (CASCADE) - Final report: A process and technology evaluation of the CASCADE programme in the United Kingdom implementation sites

Community areas of sustainable care and dementia excellence in Europe (CASCADE) - Final report findings from the evaluation study of the CASCADE model at two implementation sites in Belgium

Community areas of sustainable care and dementia excellence in Europe (CASCADE) - Executive report: A retrospective analysis of the ZorgSaam model of long-term home and residential care for older adults

Care delivery in the current NHS context

Evaluation study of diabetes and wellbeing (DWELL) - Report 4: Workforce training and cost effectiveness

Evaluation study of diabetes and wellbeing (DWELL) - Report 2: Participant outcomes

Evalatuation study of the diabetes and welbeing (DWELL) - Report 1: Evaluation methodology

Exploring women's experiences of seeking help for mental health difficulties in the perinatal period

A national anti-doping education programme reduces doping susceptibility in British athletes.

Examining levels of processing using verbal and pictorial stimuli with the complex trial protocol in a mock theft scenario

Angiogenic markers and maternal echocardiographic indices in women with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy

Why do things matter? Kurdish material culture and identity

Immunotherapy for advanced urothelial carcinoma (UC): rational and current evidence

Clinical challenges in the management of malignant ovarian germ cell tumours

Impact of COVID-19 on cancer services and patients' outcomes: a retrospective single-center study

Traditional healers working with primary care and mental health for early intervention in psychosis in young persons: protocol for the feasibility cluster randomised controlled trial

Did the evidence-based intervention (EBI) programme reduce inappropriate procedures, lessen unwarranted variation or lead to spill-over effects in the National Health Service?

Maya women in power: Virtual dialogues

Dysglycemia and arrhythmias

Betts, D. and Huet, V. (eds): Bridging the Creative Arts Therapies and Arts in Health, Jessica Kingsley (2021) ISBN: 9781787757226

Research prioritisation on prevention and management of preterm birth in low and middle-income countries (LMICs) with a special focus on Bangladesh using the Child Health and Nutrition Research Initiative (CHNRI) method

Borders and the Norman world

Collaborating to improve teaching and learning about sustainability within an international learning community

Sessional academics' work engagement sustainability: What can HEIs do?

Understanding professionals' experiences of endings

“You can’t put the genie back in the bottle”: psychologists’ decisions around sharing lived experience of mental health difficulties at work

The importance of commuter students in our future-focused transport strategy. 

Sweet to bitter: Dissonance of scuba diving experience

Increasing the employability of politics and international relations students: Adapting teaching methods to develop ‘industry-ready social scientists’

Exploring narratives of young LGBTQ+ people in physical health services

Enhancing the student experience while addressing the climate emergency

From widening participation to facilitating access to learning: reconceptualising the right to HE in response to the rise of the commuter student

Embedding the social sciences in engineering education: collaboration with a Politics degree.

From widening participation to facilitating access to learning: responding to the rise of the ‘commuter student’

Exploring the link between trauma and psychosis from a power, threat, meaning framework perspective

Depression and atrial fibrillation in a reciprocal liaison: a neuro-cardiac link

The effects of rhythm on building openings and fenestrations on airflow pattern in tropical low-rise residential buildings

Black ethnographic activists: Exploring Robert Park, scientific racism, The Chicago School, and FBI files through the Black sociological experience of Charles S. Johnson and E. Franklin Frazier

Recommending swimming to people with low back pain: a scoping review

SROI in the art gallery: valuing social impact

The alarms should no longer be ignored: survey of the demand, capacity and provision of adult community eating disorder services in England and Scotland before COVID-19.

Safeguarding community-centred global health research during crises

The intensification of parenting and generational fracturing of spontaneous physical activity from childhood play in the United Kingdom.

Working together: reflections on a non-hierarchical approach to collaborative writing

Development of a radiographic technique for porcine head ballistic research

Pre processing of social media remarks for forensics

Alignment-based conformance checking if hierarchical process models

Gender inequalities in Korean family business: contradictions between show and tell

A warrant for violence? An analysis of Donald Trump's speech before the US Capitol attack

Structure and organization of sport for people with intellectual disabilities across Europe

Ultra-high resolution X-ray structure of orthorhombic bovine pancreatic Ribonuclease A at 100K

Strategic orientation, strategic renewal, and the international performance of born global firms

The impact of interdisciplinary approaches to disability studies and theatre: learning the notes and the tune

The implementation of a home-based isometric wall squat intervention using ratings of perceived exertion to select and control exercise intensity: a pilot study in normotensive and pre-hypertensive adults.

Association of Life’s Essential 8 with incident atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease in cancer patients: the Kailuan prospective cohort study

A risk model for assessing exposure factors influence oil price fluctuations

‘Reflecting on the collaborative practice and socially engaged principles underpinning the making of Vincent Dance Theatre’s Art of Attachment.’

Breaking the silence about institutional child abuse in Sri Lanka

Goal events in football: an investigation into how football performance is impacted in a given time-period preceding a goal event

De novo stone formation in ureteric stump post-nephrectomy

Collision metastasis from prostate adenocarcinoma and pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma to a lung nodule

The availability, cost, limitations, learning curve and future of robotic systems in urology and prostate cancer surgery

Comparison of outcomes of active surveillance in intermediate-risk versus low-risk localised prostate cancer patients: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Venous thromboembolism (VTE) in post-prostatectomy patients

Urinary bladder melanosis with complete resolution case report

Investigating the value of urban dance ciphering in support of 21st century cyclic learning: enhancing ownership and leadership of the learner

What is new in the management of high-risk localized prostate cancer?

Evaluating outcome quality in digital workplace learning: The knowledge types perspective

Placebo effects in sport and exercise

Exploring why people decline cancer treatment: perspectives from patients and psychologists

Exploring the impact of the education led professionalisation agenda in policing: professional identity and engagement with continuing professional development (CPD)

Adolescent wellbeing and social media use

Investigating the adjacent patient radiation dose received during a simulated ward chest X-ray examination

'Traces of the ordinary: The Guthrie Brothers and the voices of Victorian “nobodies”'

Association between serum uric acid and prostate cancer mortality in androgen deprivation therapy: A population‐based cohort study

Direct and indirect influence of national culture on foreign direct investment

Advances in adoptive T-cell therapy for metastatic melanoma

Transformative forms of simulation in health care – the seven simulation-based ‘I’s: a concept taxonomy review of the literature

An exploration of experiences of self-compassion in autistic women

Impresarios of identity: How the leaders of Czechoslovakia's ‘Candlelight Demonstration’ enabled effective collective action in a context of repression

Exploring the relationships between self-criticism and perfectionism with diabetes-related distress and management in a type 1 diabetes population

The Implementation in CONtext (ICON) framework: A meta-framework of context domains, attributes, and features in healthcare

Exploring teachers’ capacity to engage with remote English language teaching environments: The interface between theory and practice

Routine first-trimester pre-eclampsia screening and maternal left ventricular geometry.

Exercise training and resting blood pressure: a large-scale pairwise and network meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials

Virtual reality (VR) in education: unveiling the impact on student motivation and experience

YouTube digital spaces: a form of contemporary global agora? A case study of the documentary Greece: the hidden war

Multisensory processing, affect and multimodal manipulation: A cognitive-semiotic empirical study of travel documentaries

Feminism, women and sport for development programs towards female participation in sport culture in rural areas in Malaysia

Field efficacy of aqueous extracts of Artemisia annua, Commelina benghalensis and Euphorbia hirta on rice growth, yield and brown spot disease incidence

Experimental investigation of engine valve train friction considering effects of operating conditions and WPC surface treatment

Corrosion mechanisms of 304L NAG in boiling 9M HNO3 containing Cr (VI) ions

A life ‘in and with’ nature in the period of earliest childhood'

Truth unseen

'Beautiful Noise' evaluation report

Dementia carers’ experience of long-term care during the COVID-19 pandemic: an international grounded theory study

Innovations in collaborative family research methods: exploring meaningful family and family-nurse interactions to inform nursing actions

Federalism in the Covid 19 period and beyond

Inclusive education theory and practice: moving from special educational needs to equity

How inclusive is VR to support EDI engineering curriculum learning?

Association between psychological distress and cardiovascular health amongst cancer survivors in the United States: findings from nationally representative data

Temporal trends in cardiovascular burden among patients with prostate cancer receiving androgen deprivation therapy: a population-based cohort study

Writing haunted landscapes

Commentary on diversity and inclusion policies in publicly traded New Zealand companies: inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities

Design and control of a single-leg exoskeleton with gravity compensation for children with unilateral cerebral palsy

We need to talk about Albert: sustainability is employability

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Defying grand narratives of ‘being an international student’: finding ‘home’ in the Other

Paradox and the incarnation: Why it isn’t simply a matter of logical contradiction

The Science and Religion Forum discuss information and reality: Questions for religions and science

You can't eat salad with a spoon. What social workers say they need: Co-design of an intervention to support self reported social worker wellbeing

Creating spaces called hope: the critical leadership role of owner/managers in developing outdoor pedagogies for infants and toddlers

Neighbourhood policing in the Metropolitan Police Service – 8 April 2022

Virtual medical research mentoring

Generational tensions in higher education

Predictors of ventricular arrhythmias in patients with mitral valve prolapse: A meta-analysis

Shame and taboo in obsessive-compulsive disorder: implications for the cognitive-behavioural therapies

Incidence and causes of perinatal death in prenataly diagnosed Vasa Previa: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Queer women and minority stress

Barriers and shortcomings in access to cardiovascular management and prevention for familial hypercholesterolemia during the COVID-19 pandemic

Responding to mental health incidents - Is policing about to abandon its social responsibility?

Prostate cancer - what about oligometastatic disease and stereotactic ablative radiotherapy? - a narrative review

Risk stratification of sudden cardiac death in asymptomatic female Brugada syndrome patients: A literature review

Emerging sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 inhibitor therapies for managing heart failure in patients with chronic kidney disease

Metformin use and hospital attendance-related resources utilization among diabetic patients with prostate cancer on androgen deprivation therapy: A population-based cohort study

HPV and cervical cancer: A review of epidemiology and screening uptake in the UK

This is not a drill: scoping police and partnership preparedness for the consequences of climate change

The National Teaching Repository − Sharing effective interventions: Learning from each other so that we can continue to enhance and improve what we do

Reverse atrial remodeling in heart failure with recovered ejection fraction

Care experienced social workers as relational activists in the UK

Examining relational practice through the unique experiences of care experienced social workers and students

University chaplaincy as relational presence: Navigating understandings of good and effective chaplaincy in UK universities

Assistive telehealth systems for neurorehabilitation

The security threat from returning foreign fighters: A human rights challenge of our own making

Gender and migration discourse in British newspapers

Gender and migration discourse in British newspapers

Hybrid finite element–smoothed particle hydrodynamics modelling for optimizing cutting parameters in CFRP composites

‘Holding onto trauma?’ The prevalence and predictors of PTSD, anxiety, and depression in police officers working with victims of child abuse, rape, and sexual exploitation

Embedding physical activity guidance during pregnancy and in postpartum care: ‘This Mum Moves’ enhances professional practice of midwives and health visitors

Sports classification and athletes with intellectual disabilities: Measuring health status using a questionnaire based on the international classification of functioning, disability and health

Embracing sustainable farming: Unleashing the circular economy potential of second-life EV batteries in agricultural applications

Ecotoxicological impacts associated with the interplay between micro(nano)plastics and pesticides in aquatic and terrestrial environments

What’s wrong with us? A patchwork ethnography study of the lived experiences of the clients of a surplus food project in London

Working therapeutically by video call with couples, families and groups: a different world

The association between neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio and variability with new-onset dementia: A population-based cohort study

The Green Children of Woolpit: a weird allegory of isolation, otherness and belonging

‘Poor old horse’: responding creatively to place and custom

The power of the multimodal data collection methods in researching marginalised voices

Virtual reality exercise platforms and the possibility for novel, engaging research in sport, exercise and health

Entrained defects and mechanical properties of aluminium castings

Authentic allyship for gender minorities

An annotated water-filled, and dry potholes dataset for deep learning applications

Cognition, relevance and ideology formation through travel documentaries: A longitudinal approach to audiences

Clinical psychology: training and development

Positive pedagogy across the primary curriculum

The integration of refugees into the education system in rural Ireland an analysis of policy and practice in relation to the lived experience of refugees in one county


Long-term prognostic impact of cardiovascular comorbidities in patients with prostate cancer receiving androgen deprivation therapy: A population-based competing risk analysis.

Combination of SVI/S′ and diagnostic scores for heart failure with preserved ejection fraction

Legal and human rights issues in the use of electronic monitoring (using GPS 'tracking' technology) in forensic mental health settings in the UK.

Social and environmental justice for a sustainable future

The experiences and perceptions of healthcare professionals regarding assistive technology training: A systematic review

Real world hospital costs following stress echocardiography in the UK: a costing study from the EVAREST/BSE-NSTEP multi-entre study.

Re-centring the social work curriculum: reflections on a decolonizing framework

'We do not rush to the hospital for ordinary wounds (suḷu tuvāla)': A qualitative study on the early clinical manifestations of cutaneous leishmaniasis and associated health behaviours in rural Sri Lanka.

Recreating the ‘natural world’: The Medieval oyster and her pearl

Entanglements - ‘Story telling for earthly survival’

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Nurturing epistemic agency through interdisciplinary enquiry

Semiosis, hybridity, and the mediated mind

The role of identity negotiation in the process of ‘Becoming’: The Kurdish case

Lower risks of new-onset acute pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer in sodium glucose cotransporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitors compared to dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP4) inhibitors: A propensity score-matched study with competing risk analysis

Review on engineering of bone scaffolds using conventional and additive manufacturing technologies

Prevalence of glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis among rheumatology patients in Africa: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Sodium‐glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitors versus dipeptidyl peptidase 4 inhibitors on new‐onset overall cancer in Type 2 diabetes mellitus: A population‐based study

The role of electrophysiological study in the risk stratification of Brugada Syndrome

Chemical composition, antifungal properties and seed treatment potential of essential oil fractions of Callistemon citrinus against two seed-borne fungi of rice: Alternaria padwickii and Bipolaris oryzae

Are dietary supplement users more likely to dope than non-users?: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Metformin use and mortality in Asian, diabetic patients with prostate cancer on androgen deprivation therapy: A population-based study

Predictive value of neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio for atrial fibrillation and stroke in type 2 diabetes mellitus: The Hong Kong Diabetes Study

Folkestone Free Library: Beginnings

Gravesend in the twentieth century


Gravesend in the nineteenth century

Socioeconomic deprivation and prognostic outcomes in acute coronary syndrome: A meta-analysis using multidimensional socioeconomic status indices.

Nursing associates 6 years on: A review of the literature

Folkestone Free Library

Price [married name James], Florence Alice [pseud. Florence Warden]

Tuttiett, Mary Gleed [pseud. Maxwell Gray] (1846–1923), novelist

Co-creation of learning resources that cross disciplinary boundaries within an international learning community

Power of Light – collaborative co-creation of innovative resources for primary science education.

High intensity interval training and cardiometabolic health in the general population: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials

The effect of isometric exercise training on arterial stiffness: a randomised crossover controlled study

Editorial: Human dimensions of animal translocations

Barriers to breast and cervical cancer screening uptake among Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic women in the United Kingdom: evidence from a mixed-methods systematic review.

The impact of system transparency on analytical reasoning

Preparation of polylactic acid/calcium peroxide compo-site filaments for fused deposition modelling

Non-destructive disassembly of interference fit under wear conditions for sustainable remanufacturing

The Baedeker Raid on Canterbury

Narrative in the study of Kurdish migrants: a methodological reflection

The three ‘Cs’ of digital local journalism: Community, commitment and continuity

Three walks without maps

Fabrication and characterization of oxygen-generating polylactic acid/calcium peroxide composite filaments for bone scaffolds

Reframing social justice through indigenous know-how: Implications for social development, policy and practice

Using second-life batteries and solar power to help farms become energy efficient.

Constraints using the liquid fraction from roadside grass as a bio-based fertilizer

Teaching sustainability and stewardship workshop 1: Collaborative approach to developing engagement with science and religion: Exploring sustainability in an international learning community

The impact of system transparency on analytical reasoning

‘This is the end of the road for science’: The mad doctor in Cold War horror comics

Long-term cardiovascular risks of Gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists and antagonists: A population-based cohort study

A digital approach to health and safety management on-site: A silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic

A global examination of nurse practices to engage families in the intensive care unit

Family experiences and trajectory of care received during and after a relative’s admission to ICU: A scoping review

Factors affecting critical care nurses engagement with families

Association between sick sinus syndrome and atrial fibrillation: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

EMPOWERCARE: EMPOWERing individuals & communities to manage their own CARE

Under pressure: inspection regimes and the institutionalisation of failure

Optimal locations and computational frameworks of FSR and IMU sensors for measuring gait abnormalities

Conceptualising religion and worldviews for the school: Opportunities, challenges and complexities of a transition from religious education in England and beyond

Do loneliness and social exclusion breed paranoia? An experience sampling investigation across the psychosis continuum.

Comparing sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitors and dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors on new-onset depression: a propensity score-matched study in Hong Kong.

Three policy problems: Biocreep and the extension of biopolitical administration

The calculated management of life and all that jazz: gaming quality assurance practices in English further education

UK–EU law enforcement cooperation post-Brexit: A UK law enforcement practitioner perspective

Chip formation and orthogonal cutting optimisation of unidirectional carbon fibre composites

Mediating worlds: the role of nurses as ritual specialists in caring for the dead and dying

A construction cost estimation framework using DNN and validation unit

Resveratrol activation of SIRT1/MFN2 can improve mitochondria function, alleviating doxorubicin‐induced myocardial injury

Exploring cognitive processes used by mediums during alleged communication with the deceased

Infection prevention and control: A social science perspective

CSR and firm performance nexus in a highly unstable political context: institutional influence and community cohesion

Leading learning and teaching transformation across the ITE EI consortium –impact across the partner institutions

Delivering clinical studies of exercise in the COVID-19 pandemic: challenges and adaptations using a feasibility trial of isometric exercise to treat hypertension as an exemplar.

Do multiple bonds to the boron atom exist?

Bridging technology and educational psychology: an exploration of individual differences in technology-assisted language learning within an Algerian EFL setting

Science religion encounters toolkit 12: science and religion in the classroom

Science religion encounters toolkit 13: Research summaries from the project

Postpartum cardiovascular function in patients with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy: A longitudinal study

Epistemic vigilance in travel documentaries: investigating top-down and bottom-up processes in multimodal manipulation

Revisiting the production of Watership Down through the Arthur Humberstone Animation Archive

Long-term atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease risk in patients with cancer: a population-based study.

Research ethics applications: Back to basics: What you ought to know about research ethics applications

The use of nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery in non-small cell lung cancer.

An evidence-based guide to the efficacy and safety of isometric resistance training in hypertension and clinical implications.

How can I use questioning to explore the unexpected without losing control?

A global citizen ITE module and science ite: supporting confidence and competence of beginning teachers

An integrated philosophy of knowledge in the school curriculum vision: how schools of a Christian character might respond

Getting to the point? Rethinking arrows on maps

Management actions to address the climate emergency: Motivations and barriers for SMEs and other societal micro/meso-level groups

Understanding self-criticism from personal and professional perspectives

Clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of supported mindfulness-based cognitive therapy self-help compared with supported cognitive behavioral therapy self-help for adults experiencing depression: The low-intensity guided help through mindfulness (LIGHTMind) randomized clinical trial

A qualitative exploration of the parenting experiences of ex-military fathers diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Videoconference-based creativity workshops for mental health staff during the COVID-19 pandemic

Retailers, don’t ignore me on social media! The importance of consumer-brand interactions in raising purchase intention - Privacy the Achilles heel

Paediatric gastroesophageal reflux disease and parental mental health: Prevalence and predictors

Autologous collagen-induced chondrogenesis: From bench to clinical development


Myomodulation using botulinum toxin in septorhinoplasty for crooked noses: Introducing the concept and application of Nasal Muscle Imbalance Theory (NMIT)

Experiences of refugees and asylum seekers towards access and utilisation of sexual health services: A systematic review

Finite element model to simulate impact on a soft tissue simulant

Editorial, special issue: dancing, parenting and professional challenges

Arrhythmias beyond atrial fibrillation detection using smartwatches: A systematic review

Community coping strategies for COVID-19 in Bangladesh: A nationwide cross-sectional survey

How the Great War changed Kent - Charing & District Local History Society

Application of artificial intelligence in the diagnosis of sleep apnea

Abstracts of presentations to the working session on improving predictive modeling of Mycotoxin risk for Africa Held at the 3rd ASM2022 on 7 September 2022, in Stellenbosch, South Africa

Placebo and nocebo effects in sport

An investigation into the clinical scope of practice of MRI reporting radiographers within the United Kingdom

Seeing is believing: an interpretative phenomenological analysis of the experiences of the ‘spiritual but not religious’ in Britain

Association between immune checkpoint inhibitors and myocardial infarction in Asians: A population‐based self‐controlled case series

Concordance between a gastrointestinal consultant radiologist, a consultant radiologist and qualified reporting radiographers interpreting abdominal radiographs

Always the desert: creating affective landscapes in Breaking Bad

The functions of self‐harm in young people and their perspectives about future general practitioner‐led care: A qualitative study

Effet de la sieste sur les temps de réponses et la somnolence perçue lors de l’Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc®, étude pilote observationnelle

Randomised pragmatic waitlist trial with process evaluation investigating the effectiveness of peer support after brain injury: protocol.

Automatic detection of cognitive impairment with virtual reality

Book Review: Julius Fein, Hitler’s Refugees and the French Response, 1933-1938

Physical play - How do we inspire and motivate young children to be physically active through play? An international analysis of twelve countries’ national early years curriculum policies and practices for physical activity and physical play

Early childhood educator training: The value of educating educators on movement, play and physical literacy development - A three country case study.

Wheels up: Spiral progression pedagogy towards creative movers using wheels

Physical education in early childhood education: Gueseditorial

The value of cardiopulmonary exercise testing and stress echocardiography in the prediction of all-cause mortality in adults with end stage renal disease

Artificial intelligence education for radiographers, an evaluation of a UK postgraduate educational intervention using participatory action research: a pilot study.

Paying attention to the spiritual flourishing of young children in church toddler groups: a scoping study evaluating the feasibility of a research study in this context

The value of case reports in diagnostic radiography

Influenza and pneumococcal vaccine prescription for adults during COVID-19 first wave in three regions of Argentina.

Radiotherapy-induced malfunctions of cardiac implantable electronic devices: a meta-analysis

Lower risks of incident colorectal cancer in SGLT2i users compared to DPP4i users: A propensity score-matched study with competing risk analysis.

Back in time with immersive heritage tourism experience: A study of virtual reality in archaeological sites

How can an interdisciplinary ITE day support student teachers of RE?

How can I foster collaboration between the RE and science departments in my school?

What role can different disciplinary knowledges play in shaping RE?

How can I teach about truth in a complex world?

Sharing the purpose of secondary RE in the school

What is the purpose of RE on the school curriculum?

What are science/religion encounters and how can I prepare for them?

‘ … vayan a San Miguel de Allende, además lleven su visa y su diccionario los que no sepan hablar inglés pues ya se han apropiado de todo los gringos.’ The discursive struggle for interculturality in a gentrified hybrid Mexican city

A pilot study to assess radiographer preliminary clinical evaluation (PCE) introduced for emergency department adult appendicular X-ray examinations: Comparison of trained and untrained radiographers.

Co‐creating system‐wide improvement for people with traumatic brain injury across one integrated care system in the United Kingdom to initiate a transformation journey through co‐production

Shifts in age pattern, timing of childbearing and trend in fertility level across six regions of Nigeria: Nigeria Demographic and Health Surveys from 2003-2018.

PGR Conference - 'Finding Your Voice': The Neolib-rebellion: my journey to criticality

Textbooks, students and teachers talk around gender: A new materialist approach to children's agency

Beyond language: multimodal literacy and ELT. Opportunities and challenges

Essential Dispute Resolution for SQE1

Effectiveness and safety of transcatheter aortic valve replacement in elderly people with severe aortic stenosis with different types of heart failure.

#DistanceDrift: a case study in method

Modern Gnosticism: F.W.J. Schelling's philosophy as an expression of Valentinian theology

FinTech in Islamic financial institutions: scope, challenges, and implications in Islamic finance

Risk of diabetes mellitus among users of immune checkpoint inhibitors: A population‐based cohort study

Sport and crime: Towards a critical criminology of sport

Prediction of the presence of ventricular fibrillation from a Brugada electrocardiogram using artificial intelligence

‘A lot of the time it’s dealing with victims who don’t want to know, it’s all made up, or they’ve got mental health’: Rape myths in a large English police force

Association of proteinuria and risk of incident atrial fibrillation in the general population: A prospective study of Kailuan study participants

Introduction to ‘The Tarn’ by Hugh Walpole

A glimpse of the long view: Human attitudes to an established population of Eurasian beaver ( castor fiber ) in the lowlands of south-east England

The construction of legitimacy: a critical discourse analysis of the rhetoric of educational technology in post-pandemic higher education

How effective are current joint working practices between children and family social workers and mental health care coordinators in supporting families in which there is a primary care-giver with a diagnosis of emotionally unstable personality disorder?

Fossil deep

Enlightenment Services, Inc.

Beeseching day

Fragmented skeletonised remains: Paget’s disease as a method of biological profiling using radiography

How to be a social researcher: Key sociological studies

Review: Sarah Bartels, The Devil and the Victorians: Supernatural Evil in Nineteenth-Century English Culture

Artificial intelligence based left ventricular ejection fraction and global longitudinal strain in cardiac amyloidosis

“‘Ah bitter love!’ she sung”: music and unobtainable erotic desires in Theophilus Marzials’s Love’s Masquerades

Professional contemporary dancers becoming mothers: navigating disrupted habitus and identity loss/evolution in a UK context

Spying on kids’ smart devices: Beware of security vulnerabilities!

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930)


Intellectual disability nursing throughout the lifespan

Proteinuria, body mass index, and the risk of new-onset heart failure: a prospective cohort study in Northern China

An intelligent routing approach for multimedia traffic transmission over SDN

Neuroimaging glutamatergic mechanisms differentiating antipsychotic treatment-response

What you see is not what you get: Articulating annual reports with Barthesian analysis

An Anglican common good?


Kinship practices in Early Iron Age southeast Europe: genetic and isotopic analysis of burials from the Dolge njive barrow cemetery, Dolenjska, Slovenia

Autoethnography of a new breastfeeding mum: motherhood, feminism and the right to choose

Gaza 2021: newsworthiness and context in the Spanish news coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Exercise Mode in Heart Failure: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

Allah has told us everything: An interpretative phenomenological analysis exploring the lived experiences of British Muslims

Connecting through movement: Children’s Mental Health Week

Poor old horse

Jessie Challacombe (1864-1925)

The value of cardiopulmonary exercise testing and stress echocardiography in the prediction of all-cause mortality in adults with end-stage renal disease

Francis Hobart Hemery (1847-1879)

Alfred Moberly (1835-1912)

Pupil-centred spiritual leadership: an empirical study of thirteen church primary school headteachers in England

Becoming physical education: the ontological shift to complexity

Charles Shadwell (1672-5? – 1726)

Using Kent Maps Online to surface stories in the archives

Podcast episode: The collaborative writing group: creating a writing community

Seaside vernacular

Jane Welsh Carlyle (1801–1866) and Geraldine Jewsbury (1812-1880)

The table of conciousness

Arcade carpets

The design and validation of a low-cost trans perineal (TP) prostate biopsy simulator for training: improving trainees' confidence and cognitive targeting skills.

What is the future of knowledge?

The need for robust critique of arts and health research: Dance‐movement therapy, girls, and depression

Effect of Gait Speed on Trajectory Prediction Using Deep Learning Models for Exoskeleton Applications

Examining the effects of animal assisted activities against standard treatment in a university setting

A three-dimensional level set method for droplet sorting using a non-uniform electric field

Sodium Bicarbonate and Time-to-Exhaustion Cycling Performance: A Retrospective Analysis Exploring the Mediating Role of Expectation.

Theatrical entertainment in Canterbury

William Pett Ridge (1859-1930)

D.H. Lawrence (1885-1930)

Project framework and review: Study of the conception, history and creation of silicon-based painting

Embedding epistemic insight (EI) in teacher training programmes in English universities: barriers and how to overcome them