Experiences of parenting amongst people with intellectual disabilities in the UK

DClinPsych Thesis

Davies, S. 2023. Experiences of parenting amongst people with intellectual disabilities in the UK. DClinPsych Thesis Canterbury Christ Church University Salomons Institute of Applied Psychology
AuthorsDavies, S.
TypeDClinPsych Thesis
Qualification nameDoctor of Clinical Psychology

Introduction: The ideas of normalisation and social role valorisation became powerful aspirations for PwID following the introduction of community care. Parenting is one such
valued social role for PwID. However, challenges such as discrimination, social isolation, and a lack of support have denied PwID the opportunities to parent and develop parenting
skills. It is important to explore the challenges that parents have faced prior to any future attempt to redress these obstacles.

Aim: To evaluate qualitative studies that explored the challenges faced by parents with intellectual disabilities living in the UK.

Method: A systematic literature search was carried out, including searches from five different databases. Eleven studies were identified. The studies were critically reviewed, and thematic analysis was employed to synthesise the findings.

Findings: Synthesis of the findings resulted in the generation of five analytical themes: “an absence of support for parents”, “inaccessible support”, “discrimination and negative assumptions about parents with intellectual disabilities”, “positions of powerlessness”, and “partners in conflict with one another and the impact of this on parenting ability”. The review concluded by suggesting areas that require further research, for example, experiences of

KeywordsParent; Intellectual disabilities; Qualitative; UK
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Deposited20 Sep 2023
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