What is person-centred care?

Psychological issues involved in infection control

Segmental testicular infarction: conservative management is feasible and safe

Post-modern heritage, chivalry, park and ride: Le Tour comes to Canterbury.

Your rights as a person

"Mythology revisited": introduction

The Austin Friars in late medieval Canterbury: negotiating spaces

Organisational issues

Measuring cardiac output using the PiCCO system

AQA religious studies AS ethics: student's book

Humour experience in schizophrenia: relationship with executive dysfunction and psychosocial impairment

The investigation of Chinese learners’ identities and their English language learning journeys in Britain

The influence of walking on risk factors associated with metabolic syndrome

Carers perspectives on the activity patterns of people with dementia

'I'm keeping those there, are you?' The role of a new user interface paradigm 'Separate Control of Shared Space (SCOSS)' in the collaborative decision-making process

So what comes next? Constructing career through the life course

Nursing the highly dependent child or infant: a manual of care

School leadership, Every Child Matters and school standards: a study for the National College for School Leadership

The concept of advanced radiographic practice: An international perspective

Environmental ethics

The use of learning objects to support students' graduate skills: a case study

Teaching science in the primary classroom

Assessment in FE: a practical guide for lecturers

Developing a high dependency unit from a ward

Applying interprofessional learning to a pre-registration health professions programme: the challenges for adult nursing

Exploring caring practice within the technological setting of a critical care unit

Narrative career counselling

Career guidance for 'at risk' young people: contructing a way forward

Interagency policing

Communism in Rural France: French Agricultural Workers and the Popular Front

Electroencephalographic biofeedback as a mechanism to alter mood, creativity and artistic performance

Preparation for practice: examining the evidence, constructing the experience: the UK Perspective

Digital storytelling in a science classroom: reflective self learning (RSL) in action

Childhood in Edwardian fiction: worlds enough and time

Measuring success of electronic trading in the insurance industry: operationalising the disconfirmation of expectations paradigm

A UK perspective on developing an evidence base for social work practice: some gaps and some opportunities

Gender and sports

'Reading the word and the world' - how mind and culture are mediated through the use of dual-language storybooks

Using a high-flow respiratory system (Vapotherm) within a high dependency setting

Introducing AccessOnto: ontology for accessibility requirements specification

Effects of arms-only swimming training on performance, movement economy, and aerobic power

Modelling species distributions using regression quantiles

The structure, development, and politics of the Kent grain trade, 1552-1647

Metabolic equivalents during the 10-m shuttle walking test for post-myocardial infarction patients

A potential method for the interpretive synthesis of qualitative research: issues in the development of 'meta-interpretation'

Skills for caring: valuing knowledge of applied science in nursing

Nutrition and eating difficulties in hospitalised older adults

The evaluation of a short group programme to reduce self-stigma in people with serious and enduring mental health problems

Pharmacological and psychological effects of caffeine ingestion in 40-km cycling performance

Baby on the move: issues in neonatal transport

Playing in the mud: Health psychology, the arts and creative approaches to health care

Experiences of parents of young people with diabetes using insulin pump therapy

Education: get with the programme

Clinical judgement and decision-making in nursing: nine modes of practice in a revised cognitive continuum

Forced medication: the unreason of psychiatry

From expert to novice: An exploration of the experiences of new academic staff to a department of adult nursing studies

Evaluation of perceived usefulness of activity scheduling in an inpatient depression group

On positive psychological outcomes: what helps groups with a history of conflict to forgive and reconcile with each other?

Optimal positions for the release of primitive neonatal reflexes stimulating breastfeeding

Shared education for professionals in child care

Precursors and mediators of intergroup reconciliation in Northern Ireland: A new model

Morphological variation in the oral disc of the scleractinian coral Favia speciosa (Dana) at Indonesia

Hidden demons: a personal account of hearing voices and the alternative of the Hearing Voices Movement

Action research: part 1. Achieving meaningful reflection.

Bringing nature to the fore

Validity and reliability of the Ergomopro Powermeter

Action research: part 2. Testing the new teaching method.

Involving parents as service users in an interprofessional research project

The preoperative experience of patients undergoing surgery for colorectal cancer: a phenomenological study

Tritrophic effects on survival and development in a Coccidophagous coccinellid

The use of defence mechanisms as precursors to coming out in post-apartheid South Africa: a gay and lesbian youth perspective

Advanced nursing practice and Newton's three laws of motion

Measuring compassion in nursing

Informed consent and the birth plan

Professional knowledge and interprofessional practice

The incidence, management and consequence of tinnitus in older adults

Jouissance, generation and the coming of God

Teaching grammar as a liberating force

Race relations legislation, ethnicity and disproportionality in school exclusions in England

Understanding playful pedagogies, play narratives and play spaces

Unethical practice in business: the development of a framework for thematic analysis

These are the times that try men's souls

Kings, lords, charters and the political culture of 12th century Wales

Kent and the English Civil Wars, 1640-1649

Standards of English and politics of inclusion

MRI reporting by radiographers: The construction of an objective structured examination

Religious education in England

Feel good, learn well

Regulation and systematic risk: the case of the water industry in England and Wales

The Ethnographer and the Jewish Body: Johann Jacob Schudt on the civilisation process of the Jews of Frankfurt

Increasing diversity within clinical psychology: the London initiative

Supportive adult relationships and the academic engagement of Latin American immigrant youth

The impact of neuropsychological assessments on the care programmes of people who use adult mental health services

A family-centred approach to dementia care

Relationship between adherence, symptoms, treatment attitudes, satisfaction, and side effects in prisoners taking antipsychotic medication

Perceptions of heatwave risks to health: interview-based study of older people in London and Norwich, UK

Collaboration in foundation degree provision: a case study in Kent

Ethics and qualitative research: issues for midwifery researchers

Pinards: out of use and out of date?

Midwives: all things to all women?

Assessment of the neonate: involving the mother

Supervision of midwives in neonatal environments – ‘The mists of uncertainty'

The student's role in midwifery-led care

Old technology learns new tricks

Photography simplifies small-scale measurements

A simple temperature probe

A novel experiment to investigate the attenuation of alpha particles in air

Automatically wrapping legacy software into services: a grid case study

Tracking online trails

When rewards and sanctions fail: a case study of a primary school rule-breaker

Response to Rollock

“I like to see my worst people get voted off” Big Brother viewing among British primary school children

Acculturation, well-being and classroom behaviour among white British and British Asian primary-school children in the south-east of England: validating a child-friendly measure of acculturation attitudes

GMOs and the developing world: a precautionary interpretation of biotechnology

The World Trade Organization's report on the EU's moratorium on biotech products: the wisdom of the US challenge to the EU in the WTO

Evaluation of a novel technique for assessing speech discrimination in children

Letter-writing as an appraisal tool

The Doncaster model: a new ways of working for applied psychologists perspective

Client discontinuation of NHS psychological therapy revisited

Reflections on involving service users and carers in clinical psychology training

Choral singing, wellbeing and health: findings from a cross-national survey

Singing and health: a systematic mapping and review of non-clinical research

Theological foundations of action research for learning and teaching

Holy community of life and property amongst the poor: A response to Steve Walton

Tarzan vs. IBM: humans and computers in Jean-Luc Godard's Alphaville

Political influences on the use of research evidence in sport & tourism

Exploring the sport spectator experience: virtual football spectatorship in the pub

Reconsidering feminisms and the work of Norbert Elias for understanding gender, sport and sport-related activities

Identification of placebo responsive participants in 40km laboratory cycling performance

An evidence base for mental health promotion through supported education: a practical application of Antonovsky's salutogenic model of health

Olympic sponsorship: evolution, challenges and impact on the Olympic Movement

Ecotourism as life politics

The MusicStart Project: an evaluation of the impact of a training programme to enhance the role of music and singing in educational settings for children aged three to five years

‘Ethical’ travel and well-being: reposing the issue

Night-time economy: cooperation between formal and informal social control (case study of Margate)

The Silver Song Club Project: A formative evaluation

Australian data from the "cross-national research on the effects of choral singing" project

Sport & tourism: a reader

Emerging corporate governance trends: a comparative UK-India perspective

The relationship between sport and tourism

Web 2.0: Unlearned lessons from previous virtual learning environments

Cracks in the machine: two tales of anxiety

'Back to school' - piloting an occupational therapy service in mainstream schools in the UK

'And that's my story': writing with the voice

Explaining high attainment in faith schools: the impact of Religious Education and other examinations on pupils' GCSE points scores

Children's early numeracy in England, Finland and People's Republic of China

Music and well-being

Developing a characterisation of citizenship education: issues arising from work undertaken in a higher education network

The Chicago Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s

Vietnam and the anti war movement, part 2

Policies and play: the impact of national policies on children's opportunities for play

Olympic tourism

The outdoor environment as a context for play and learning in the Foundation Phase for Wales

Exploring Reggio outside: children playing and learning in the outdoor environment

The value of play in England's national policies

Reading teachers and children: stories from TARS II

The TRACK project in Kent: evaluation report

Funding possibilities for childcare

Summary of key childcare (birth to 16) policies, strategies and regulations

Survey of staff and students: views on childcare

Policies and play: the impact of national policies on children's opportunities for play

Building communities of readers

We all do good things

A passage to interprofessional learning: the benefits of an educational visit to India

Communities of physical education practice in schools: Placing gendered limits upon lifelong sporting participation

Target as a barrier to meaningful evaluation

Aimhigher: Is it actually achieving its goals?

Antisocial data? Problems with the use of police and criminal justice data in educational contexts

Limits of the widening participation agenda within post compulsory education and its significance for 'under-represented groups'

Innovation in interprofessional education: an evaluation of a module in a pre-registration programme

Developing sports tourism: a developing country perspective

Ninth International Symposium for Olympic Research

Competing women: towards an understanding of Olympic/Paralympic media representations of femininity and national identity

Fit, fat and feminine? The stigmatization of fat women in fitness gyms

Fitness cultures and environmental (in)justice?

Every child should have one: what it means to be a learning guide

Educative partnerships in out-of-school-time activities: Implications for sustainable learning.

Creative partnerships for school improvement

How to personalise learning: the importance of relationships

Women with intellectual disabilities: understanding same-sex relationships

Birds of a feather flock together? Attitudes towards women and partner choice

Reducing ambivalent sexism through intergroup contact

Learning to weave an argument using Blackboard threads

Beyond words: becoming critically sensitive to emotional dialogue

Outpatient, day surgery and ambulatory care

Extending the research agenda on diffusion: the case of public program interventions for the adoption of e-business systems in SMEs

A specialist systematic review workshop

Joining up for evidence informed practice

Using the Olympic Games to leverage sport, physical activity participation and health: a worldwide systematic review

Evidence, involvement and accountability: Exploring service user participation in systematic review

A systematic review of the evidence base for developing a physical activity, sport and health legacy from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games: report to funders

Joining up for evidence informed practice - a role for social work education? A Discussion Paper

Involving parents in a research study about the care that children with a physical disability receive in primary school settings

Back to school

Postural management for children with physical disabilities in mainstream primary schools - a pilot study of the views of teachers and teaching assistants

OT into Schools

Work-based masters modules - reviewing the OT service in a special school

Integration of high definition surveying and geographical information systems - an innovative technique for the spatio-temporal analysis of coastal terrain

Cultural imperialism and the diffusion of Olympic sport in Africa: a comparison of pre- and post-Second World War contexts

Faith and secularisation in religious colleges and universities

Steps towards joined-up management

Engaging bioscience students with chemistry using VLEs

Information systems, software engineering, and systems thinking: challenges and opportunities

Clinical psychology: workforce development group (London)

Antipsychotic medications in prisons: satisfaction and adherence to treatment

The good, the bad and the wiki: evaluating student-generated content for collaborative learning

Painting time with light

Reading and trust in managed learning systems

Speaking as a miraculé: the search for a framework within which to provide an autobiographical account of resilient adult learning as a doctoral student

University-aided transition from schools to the public sector professions

Centralised researcher training

New contractual relationships in the agency worker market: The case of the UK's National Health Service

The evolution of national identity among Ulster Protestants in the twentieth century

Gender, non-standard work and development regimes: a comparison of the USA and Indonesia

Worlds enough and time: the cult of childhood in Edwardian fiction

Intangible children: longing, loss and the Edwardian dream child in J.M. Barrie's 'The Little White Bird' and Rudyard Kipling's ''They''

Multinationals and unionism in Indonesia: case studies of two multinationals in Indonesia

Auto plant closures, policy responses and labour market outcomes: a comparison of MG Rover in the UK and Mitsubishi in Australia

Reynolds’s Miscellany, 1846-1849: advertising networks and politics

The clew of her story: female myth-making in Margaret Mahy’s The Tricksters

Tod, Schlafes Bruder: Intertextuelle Streifzuge und Fallstudien

Agency working and the degradation of public service employment: the case of nurses and social workers

History of social work in the United Kingdom

Peri-operative care in day surgery

Pre-operative assessment in day surgery

Minor injury and minor illness management

Endoscopy nursing

Radiology nursing

Outpatient nursing

Renal nursing

Communication and advocacy

Your rights as a person

Care of a child with a hepatic or metabolic disease

Physiological monitoring


Care for the carers: who is in the centre?

Person-centred care with dignity and respect

Gendered space: men, families and learning

Using role-play to stimulate and develop learners’ understanding of scientific concepts

A conversation about creative teaching and learning

Traditional approaches to character education in Britain and America

Christianity, citizenship and democracy

Wages and low pay


An introduction to Skalkottas’s twelve-note compositional processes


Allegiance and intelligence in King Stephen’s Reign

Tracking online trails

Plastic card crime

Identity and identity theft

Digitalisation and crime


IPR and technological protection measures

Countering cybercrime

Internet grooming and paedophile crimes

Neurofeedback: using computer technology to alter brain functioning

Prospects for intergroup reconciliation: social psychological predictors of intergroup forgiveness and reparation in Northern Ireland and Chile

Working with personality disorders in an acute psychiatric ward

What is clinical psychology? Training and practice

Problems associated with the use of the concept 'mental illness'

Psychological approaches to mental health

Acupuncture in the treatment of schizophrenia: a case study

The development of outpatient and day services in primary care

Live entertainment at the seaside - how far a part of the cultural offer?

Who is a person? Self awareness - the key to person-centred care?

Trainspotting: leadership at a critical junction

The future of forensic computing: challenges, techniques and tools

Mental health in primary care

What is person-centred care?

Transportation of the acutely ill child

The three spatialities of Los Angeles Latino/a cinema

Sports tourism and the development of sports events

Anxiety in sport: should we be worried or excited?

Beliefs versus reality, or beliefs as reality? The placebo effect in sport and exercise

The myth of agency through community participation in ecotourism

Developing cybercrime forensics: the growing pains of a new discipline


Looking for charters that aren't there: lost Anglo-Saxon charters and archival footprints

The Three Spatialities of Latino/a Cinema

Robert Altman’s Kansas City (1996) and the spaces of jazz

Implementing national Romani policy at the local level: Experiences of the preparatory class programme in two Czech cities

Remembering 1948 and 1968: Reflections on two pivotal years in Czech and Slovak History

Developing an effective Romani integration strategy: Experiences of ethnoculturally neutral and specific policies in the Czech Republic

Put your own house in order first: local perceptions of EU influence on Romani integration policies in the Czech Republic

Blair and Howard: Predominant Prime Ministers Compared

The nature of the Cold War

America in Britain's place: a polemic on not being Anglo-Saxon


Multicultural citizenship



Forced marriages

Honour killings

Countering corruption and malpractice

Corruption in the police: the reality of the ‘dark side’

A comparative review of the socio-legal implications of burden of proof and presumptions to deal with factual uncertainty

Filter feeding crustaceans in the Stour Estuary, Kent, UK

Effects of isometric exercise training intensity upon reductions in resting systolic blood pressure

The precision with which isometric exercise training can be performed according to a given heart rate

British Asians and football: Culture, identity, exclusion

Pierre de Coubertin's ideology of beauty from the perspective of the history of ideas

Olympism, governmentality and technologies of power

Polycentric puzzles - emerging mega-city regions seen through the lens of advanced producer services

Revisiting the 'informational city': space of flows, polycentricity and the geography of knowledge-intensive business services in the emerging global city-region of Dublin

Cartographic blandscapes and the new noise: finding the good view in a topographical mashup

Embedding interprofessional learning in pre-registration education in health and social care: evidence of cultural lag

Factors affecting self-care in heart failure: a literature review

Ambulatory cancer care

Still not getting it right from the start?

OCR A2 psychology student book

OCR AS psychology student book

Where differences matter: a cross-cultural analysis of family voice in special education

Le frontispice de la pompe funebre de Charles III, duc de Lorraine: le mausolee d'un prince de paix

Mens emblematica et humanisme juridique

The shaping of discourse positions in the development of support and supervision for personal advisors in England - implications beyond the UK

Developing narrative approaches for career guidance practice: taking an ethical and moral approach to enhance meaning making career decisions

Guide on the accreditation of careers guidance - practitioners: putting the EAS into practice

Placing self in research activity: in praise of 'fuzziness'

Talking with a shared purpose: applying constructivist and auto/biographical approaches to practice

Putting the service user voice at the centre of learning

Formative evaluation of the Silver Song Club project

Benefits/challenges of simulation in pre-registration children's nursing

Benefits/challenges of simulation in pre-registration children's nursing

Quantitative genetic analysis of life-history traits of Caenorhabditis elegans in stressful environments

Providing service user centred care

Differing autonomic responses to dobutamine stress in the presence and absence of myocardial ischaemia

Dobutamine stress echocardiography accurately detects significant coronary artery disease in Indian Asians living in the United Kingdom

TRANSFORM: state of the art review, synthesis and case studies (D1.5: WP1 Synthesis Report)

TRANSFORM: policy recommendations derived from the project's research findings

TRANSFORM: summary findings and policy recommendations

Separated lives and discordant homes: the otherness of childhood in D.H. Lawrence's Edwardian fiction

Defining the specialist teacher of primary physical education

The problem with primary physical education

Maps, politics and religion

Meta-review of interventions to support children and their families in the aftermath of sexual abuse

Management of the patient health/illness status

Adapting professional education: reflections on the help age international northern Iraq programme

The challenge of person-centred care: an interprofessional perspective

Citizenship education

As grandes religiões: temas centrais comparados


Mythos Helena: texte von Homer bis Luciano de Crescenzo

Ghosts and grotesques

Titan at the foreign office: Gladwyn Jebb and the shaping of the modern world

King Stephen's reign (1135-1154)

Re-embroidering the robe: faith, myth and literary creation since 1850

Investigating digital crime

Blackstone's student police officer handbook 2009

The special educator's tool kit

Formalised peer mentoring pilot evaluation

Thinking and learning through drawing: in primary classrooms

Blackstone's student police officer handbook

An unofficial companion to the novels of Terry Pratchett

Quality is not enough: the contribution of inclusive values to the development of Education for All

From clicks to bricks: the delivery of learning objects to users

DEBUT (Digital Experience Building for University Teaching)

The value of supervision in guidance practice

Hakuna matata: don't worry, be happy in your professional life

The Generation Game: Exploding the myth behind the Net and Google Generations

'In the shade of a ghost gum’: Bruce Chatwin and the rhetoric of the desert

Appreciating cultural description as political cultural acts

Victorian women writing: the Black Beauty circle

Movement in ELT: Laban and Stanislavski – an actor’s approach

Bau Wow! A model for creative practice, thinking, learning, research and innovation in the 21st century

Using computer aided assessment for summative assessment: Engaging non-science students with chemistry

Mind the Gap - Bridging the digital divide

Deleuze and Bacon's Triptychs

Adult-child verbal interactions in foundation phase settings

Exploring Reggio outside: implications for teaching and learning in the foundation phase

Exploring Reggio outside: children playing and learning in the outdoor environment

Tudor and Stuart Rye, 1500-1700

The context and content of Czech-language liturgical music in the 17th century: some questions

Patterns of provincial piety in Bohemia: the domestication of liturgy and its effect on music

Charles Gounod's Ave Maria: textual versus performance analyses

Mechanisms linking active participation in choral singing with benefits for wellbeing and health

Making tracks: promoting and enabling progression in higher education music

Queer magical realism in the novels of Paul Magrs

Romancing the 'electronic brain'

Transartists and cistartists

My experience of writing in two languages

Chinese whispers

Presentation of drawing machine

The character of "Ouida": signature, oeuvre; periodical, text

Art, artists and artistry in Ouida’s Italy, 1873-1877

Defiance and persistence: Ouida’s radical conservatism

Film and pedagogy: learning about teaching at the movies

Noise, memory, monotony and drones: the sound of film technology

Historians and the assassination of John F. Kennedy

The other Roosevelt Corollary: FDR’s Queen’s University speech, August 1938, and the US relationship with Canada in the era of Munich

Franklin Roosevelt and Arthur Murray: a sidelight on the origins of the Anglo-American special relationship, 1917-1945

Investigating physical education teachers' implicit theories of learning in descriptions of exemplary lessons: a case study in a specialist sports college

An investigation into PhD supervisors' perceptions of their roles

Mentors: a practice developed in community

Positive pedagogy in cross disciplinary practice

An emotional roller coaster: the transformational impact of overseas study visits on UK initial teacher education students

Outlining the case for positive pedagogy

Laicity, tradition and modernity in the Diamond Way: contemporary convert Buddhism in transition

Nur wer die Leier schon hob auch unter Schatten: Orpheus’ Vermächtnis im Dialog der Religionen

Transgendering Asian religious discourses

Practice makes perfect: using the curriculum to foster critical thinking

On the future consolation of history: notes on the Risale and Cape Town’s District 6

Controversies of the Sharia law

Self-awareness: The key to person-centred care

In conversation with George Ritzer

The therapeutic cycle in post-compulsory education

Going beyond global mcuniversity: is mcthinking replacing critical thought?

Adult learners and entry to higher education: motivation, prior experience and entry requirements

Mature students in England, Greece and Portugal: a new landscape in higher education

Mature student experiences in higher education: widening participation in Greece and England

Late starters? Mature entry teacher perspectives on their early professional development

Teachers as artists, authors and agents of learning

If nobody speaks of remarkable people

Swale Gypsy/Traveller Survey

Serial micropositivism in sequential mixed methods research

Phenomenography in contested contexts

Are targets detrimental to evaluation?

Institutional(ised) racism: why ontology does (not) matter

Auto/biography, learning and education: the critical and reflexive imperative

Auto/biography, learning and education: the critical and reflexive imperative

Every Child Matters: Change for Children... change for schools

A question of impact

A question of impact

Professional interaction with student teachers’ autobiographical writing in their learning journals on an Initial Teacher Education course in England: attending to the effect?

Year 2 ITE students’ confidence in teaching primary mathematics


Here to stay

14-19 Diplomas: how can we prepare learners for progression? Setting the context

Boys, bodies and ballet: negotiating an identity in dance

The community full service extended school: a global concept locally made

"Burning eyebrows" – mediating culture and language through the use of dual-language storybooks

Values and citizenship: children’s (10-12 year olds) views and school influences

Evaluating a formalised peer mentoring programme: student voice and impact audit

Barriers and drivers to enhancing research informed teaching at a new UK university

Emancipation or instrumentality? Cultural effects on students' reflective, inquiry-based learning in written learning journals on an English Initial Teacher Education programme

Emancipation or instrumentality? The effects of professionals’ engagement with students’ reflective, enquiry-based learning in written learning journals on an Initial Teacher Education programme

Enhancing the teaching-research nexus

Extending the remit of technology education: opportunities for designerly activity across the primary school curriculum

Using sports events to raise participation in physical activity and sport: The demonstration effect and the festival effect

Extending the remit of technology education: opportunities for designerly activity across the primary school curriculum

Beyond knowing how to make it work: the conceptual foundations of designing

Beyond knowing how to make it work: the conceptual foundations of designing

Playing with designing: the impact of young children's play opportunities and choices on their responses to creative design situations

Normal birth, magical birth: the philosophy of caseload midwifery practice

Optimal positions for the release of primitive neonatal reflexes simulating breastfeeding

Is breastfeeding a learnt skill?

Don’t wake the baby!

Success in breastfeeding

Biological nurturing, breastfeeding and self-attachment

Biological nurturing

Current research on singing and health within the Sidney De Haan Research Centre for arts and health, UK

Participating in the arts: a prescription for health improvement?

Health, risk and divergence: lay and institutional strategies for preventing and managing disease

Identifying and managing risk: the influence of male relatives’ experiences of coronary heart disease on women’s risk management strategies

Life after traumatic brain injury; family's experiences

Factors influencing the development and implementation of advanced and consultant radiographer practice – a review of the literature

Development of the collaborative practitioner: introduction of relational practice into IPE curricula

Learning and teaching for collaborative practice: evaluation of a novel learning and teaching strategy

Raising the game: primary school mentors' changing expectations of student teachers' progression in English subject knowledge

Biographical perspectives on adult learning

Play and happy childhood: the value of play in the Eastern European migrant parents' narratives

Mainstreaming the European dimension into teacher education in England – enabling and disabling factors

Content, process or product – setting the standards. Critical global perspectives on the Early Years Foundation Stage in England

The opportunities and challenges of internationalisation

The world at our fingertips

Health, happiness and the global dimension

Undergraduate students’ perceptions of their ability to teach in the primary school

The effect of the rotor crank system on time-trial cycling performance

Policing without principles: reflections on the teaching of police discretion to initial police trainees

Intergenerational equity and ecological justice: Can’t live with them, can’t live without them

Confessions of a back seat detective: an ethnography of detective training and practice

In need of professionalisation: the case for pre-employment training and education for police officers in the UK

Developments in initial police training: a university perspective

Theorising CSR as an essentially contested concept

Corporate social responsibility as a law job

Thin blue lies? Making sense of police narratives

Shifting cultures: managerialism and the rise of performance

Toward a theory of intelligence

‘Kosovo/Kosova: geopolitics, identity and the mediascape

Molecular systematics of the Oswaldoi Complex (Anopheles: Nyssorhynchus) in South America

Complexities surrounding the Culex pipiens group in the UK

Using e-learning to support the development of an undergraduate research culture in sciences

What can a computer forensics examiner learn from an ethical hacker?

Why should we be teaching Linux forensics?

An analysis of the accuracy and usefulness of Vinetto, Pasco and Mork.pl

Group-based assignments in computing courses

A usability analysis of autopsy forensic browser

Fast implementation of cel-based animation

A case-based reasoning model for digital intrusion forensics

Cybercrime legislation in China

Drupal and Joomla security

Dealing with contract cheating: policies and procedures

Brute force equals ignorance: a first responder's more vital role in decryption

If you change your religion you can’t be English: Children's views on ethnic constancy are dependent on subject of question and type of transformation

The effects of distinct training schedules on participants’ ability to alter alpha activity via neurofeedback: a preliminary study

What helps groups to forgive and reconcile with each other?

Whose bread I eat, his song I sing: high identifiers and those exposed to intergroup situations see themselves closer to the national prototype

Acculturation processes and social relations in young children: why 'integration' is (mostly) good for you

Gramsci: realist or post-Marxist?

Once more on Laclau and Mouffe

Should there be greater access to psychological therapies in acute psychiatric care?

The role of 'meaning' in African immigrants' adaptation to HIV

Cultural reuse as a healthcare practice: the psychosocial-ecology of using found and second-hand objects

Women with intellectual difficulties: their place in history

Safeguarding the reproductive rights of women with intellectual disabilities

Women with intellectual disabilities: understanding same-sex relationships

Palliative care

Abuse of people with learning disabilities

Human rights and the work of the council of Europe

Safeguarding issues in the context of self-directed services

Implications for policy development

Capturing the student voice

First do no harm: reflections on setting up a fitness to practice panel at Canterbury Christ Church University

Becoming a learning community: a transformative journey towards a sustainable model to support student learning in practice

The road less travelled: preparing research supervisors in an interprofessional context

Leadership in unchartered waters

An HE work-based learning project – diagnosing, supporting and validating learning in the workplace – adult care

Engaging students in higher level learning

The Canterbury experience of simulation in children’s nursing

Healthy young men

Elizabeth Gaskell, "The Life of Charlotte Brontë"

Supporting Christians in education

Pupil learning

Go and make disciples: education as a Christian mission

Setting the vision: the calling of the Christian teacher in the twenty-first century world

Response to the Bercow Report: Can the next generation of teachers harness the potential of assistive and enabling technologies?

“ain’t goin’ to have any beastly Erickin'”: the problem of male friendship in Stalky & Co

The nondual imagination: bi-logic and the art of analytic conversation

Mindfulness and therapeutic presence

Assessing corporate environmental reporting motivations: differences between ‘close-to-market’ and ‘business-to-business’ companies

MRI reporting by radiographers: findings of an accredited postgraduate programme

Using Jenny’s Story: e-safety in Initial Teacher Education

Your professional development

Physical education and education through sport in Malta

SEC 32 physical education syllabi 2001-2008

New ways of working for applied psychologists - an overview

East’s best

Spiritual development in public and religious schools: a case study

Higher education institutions and school support staff training and development

Strengthening the specialist SEN expertise of serving teachers

Special needs and inclusion: reflection and renewal

Learning the lesson: a briefing paper for educational developers on the effectiveness of a range of different staff development strategies used within a digital literacy development programme

Tools of the trade: A briefing paper for educational developers providing responses to a variety of digital tools explored and evaluated by a group of HE staff on a digital literacy development programme

The DEBUT project: Pathfinder final report

The DEBUT project: Pathfinder journey report

Mind the gap: bridging the digital divide: an evaluation of a staff development programme focusing on digital literacy

Olympic tourism: understanding flows and developing strategies

Meaningful involvement: carers as students

Using action research to develop health visiting practice

Learning and teaching for collaborative practice: evaluation of a novel learning, teaching and assessment strategy in a final year module of a pre-registration interprofessional learning (IPL) programme

The 'lecturer' practitioner: case studies of principles purpose and professional knowledge

Elvington health needs assessment. Report presented to East Coast Kent NHS Public Engagement Directorate

Health visiting and public health: using action research to develop practice: report presented to West Kent PCT

Competing women: media representations of femininity and national identification at the Olympic Games in Athens 2004

Deleuze on Bacon’s triptychs

The symbiotic self: the identity roles of learner and teacher in Willy Russell’s 'Educating Rita' and David Mamet’s 'Oleanna'

The socially responsible UK university: an autobiographical account of the development of a project in which community based knowledge transfer is used to support neighbourhood-university approaches to sustainable development in a declining coastal town

The problem with stereotypes

Avoiding prejudice in dealing with cultural difference: a critical cosmopolitan approach

Mahajánová filozofia a mahámudra

Crisis for cutting-edge professional development: a case study in forensic computing

“Breathed on by the rural Pan”: the atmosphere of Arcadia in Giono’s Regain

Bau-wow! A model for creative practice, thinking, learning, research and innovation in the 21st century

After dinner speech

Coubertin’s political manoeuvres in 1896 Athens Games

Myth and faith in fictions of childhood and adolescence

Paul Ferroll: a tale by Caroline Clive

Mindfulness with children and adolescents: effective clinical application

(310) Cognitive behavioral components of mindfulness in patients with chronic pain

From factorial ecology to ecological sensing

Demanding freedom

Demon iz Debar Maala

Miscarriages of justice: the media and their investigations.

Buddhism through the ages

Ethnographic studies and the issue of speaking for disenfranchised young people?

Eleanor de Montfort and the Barons’ War

Eleanor de Montfort and the Barons’ War

National political culture and provincial preaching as a point of contact in early modern England

Thomas Traherne and royalism: influences and networks

Thomas Wilson and parliament

Masters level credits and the Graduate Teacher Programme

Walking the e-walk: lifelong learning for all

Using technology to teach flexibility through peer discussion

The influence of context-specific and dispositional achievement goals on children’s paired collaborative interaction

The social effects of spam

Building the infrastructure to support HE computer forensics

17th century Canterbury travellers and collectors: the context of the Bargrave Collection

Diagnosing, supporting and validating learning in the work-place: the associate practitioner in adult health care

Investigating physical education teachers' implicit theories of learning: a case study set in a specialist sports college

A genome-wide functional investigation into the roles of receptor-like proteins in Arabidopsis

Basal defence in Arabidopsis against Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseiolicola: beyond FLS2?

So what is university life like and is it really for me? An evaluation of an Aimhigher summer school for young people from ethnic minorities

Take me out of my comfort zone: an accredited CPD programme for qualified and experienced Personal Advisers

Trends and imperatives in mental health service provision: a workforce learning and development needs analysis. Mersey Care NHS Trust & 5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Trust.

The triumph of strategy over ideology? – Euroscepticism in the Irish party system

Two drawings from the series ‘What Can A Body Be?’

Not just Europeanization, not necessarily populism: potential factors underlying the mobilisation of populism in Ireland and Poland

It’s the end of the EU as we know it and Ireland feels fine: Ireland and the Lisbon treaty vote

Ireland’s first referendum on Europe

Knots, nuts and new space: three theological models underpinning Christian mission with children and young people

Euroscepticism in Estonia

Process consent and research with older persons living with dementia

Conducting research: from design to execution to publication

Mentoring: a practice developed in community?

Recent changes in glacier extent and links to 20th Century climatic variability on Novaya Zemlya, Russian Arctic

Recent changes in glacier extent and links to 20th century climatic variability on Novaya Zemlya, Russian Arctic

Initial teacher education in the South East. Opportunities and challenges for enhancing public health content

Teachers' understanding of spiritual development in America

Monologues and dialogues in the language classroom: a study of students' experience in trying to learn English as a compulsory component at a Mexican university

Good to be God

Prediction, control and the challenge to complexity

Notes from a CHOGM novice

EU-Russia energy relations: aggregation and aggravation

A parallel made with the Jewish Sanhedrin: tolerating Jews and Jewish precedents in the early modern church and state

Language learning at key stage 2: a longitudinal study - interim findings from the first year

Language learning provision at key stage 2: implications for training teachers

Is facial emotion recognition impairment in schizophrenia identical for different emotions? A signal detection analysis

Head and shoulders pattern recognition in stochastic processes

Engaging with the natural environment: the role of affective connection and identity


The Grand Tour as a secular pilgrimage

Criticality dispersion in swarms to optimize n-tuples

Particle swarm intelligence to optimize the learning of n-tuples

Cultural capital during migration: findings from narrative interviews with academically and vocationally skilled adults with immigrant background in the UK - final report

Cultural capital of second generation migrant women in the UK: reconstructing gendered experiences through biographical narratives

Reconstructing sport history

Sport, athletics, and virtue theory

Bridging the dialectic between ethics and economics in sport management

Deconstructing human rights in sport

'In the book students get to find out what sort of interesting people each other are': coursebook constructions of identity in the age of celebrity

The local and the global: challenges for the English language textbook in the 21st century

The addiction Stroop task: examining the fast and slow effects of smoking and marijuana-related cues

Exercise, energy balance and the shift worker

Psychosocial and environmental determinants to adolescents' participation in physical activity settings

Family structure and children's participation in physical activity

Exploring adolescents' discourses on participation in physical activity and leisure settings

Contemporary predicaments on gender and sexuality issues. Title of keynote: body, identity and culture; adolescents' discourses on physical activity participation

A qualitative follow-up evaluation of a pedometer based intervention for 9-13 year old children: the schools on the move project

Improving participation of Muslim girls in physical education and school sport: shared practical guidance from Birmingham schools 2008.

Showing off in humans: male generosity as a mating signal

Mapping the view: exploring the aesthetics of map‐making

Implementing GIS in pre‐tsunami Sri Lanka: topology or topography?

Supranational styles in European state 1:50 000 topographic maps

Understanding aesthetics for good map design

A methodology to classify and visualize stylistic evolution in topographic maps

SPARKLE report - supporting pre-school groups in Mid Kent