Utilizing the second-meal effect in type 2 diabetes: practical use of a soya-yogurt snack

The development of a screening tool to evaluate infants who are HIV positive

Paediatric HIV encephalopathy in sub-Saharan Africa

String matching enhancement for snort IDS

Nitrous oxide makes me sick: or does it? Nitrous oxide and post operative nausea and vomiting

Infection prevention: stepping up to a biopsychosocial approach

Infection prevention and control non-compliance: psychosocial reasons and solutions

Submucosal ureteric calculus mimicking transitional cell carcinoma

Writing routes: a resource handbook of therapeutic writing

Joe Hughes (2008) Deleuze and the Genesis of Representation, New York: Continuum.

Power can increase stereotyping: Evidence from managers and subordinates in the hotel industry

A research informed teaching mediation clinic

Kentish hospitals during the late Middle Ages

Kentish towns: urban culture and the parish in later medieval Kent

Modelling scalable grid information services with colored Petri nets

Views of the world: media mapping

British foreign policy, national identity, and neoclassical realism

What drives stock prices? Fundamentals, bubbles and investor behaviour

"As Warriouris in Ane Camp": the image of King James VI as a Crusader

Study support essentials: guidance for school governors

Sonatas from the court of Salzburg: Leopold Mozart and his contemporaries


Drawing the line: setting professional boundaries

Being reflective

New woman fiction 1881-1899: Pt.2: 4-6

Succeeding on your primary PGCE

A systematic review of evidence for the potential of live sites to generate community and public health outcomes

The magnetic field inside a long solenoid - a new approach

Withholding or withdrawing nutrition at the end of life

Nitrous oxide makes me sick: or does it? (Nitrous oxide and postoperative nausea and vomiting)

The complex architecture of critical care practice

Undertaking a Glasgow Coma Score properly

Meeting nutritional requirements (MUST)

Interpretation of blood gases

Neurogenic shock

Altered level of consciousness and confusion

Compartment syndrome

Acute abdomen

Chest pain


An overview of the national challenges of embedding an assistant practitioner workforce in health and social care

Are we promoting the health of people with physical mobility impairments? A literature review

Positive relationships: baby room - who cares?

Called to teach: teaching as a mission vocation

Learning and teaching at M-level: a guide for student teachers

Being positive

Making the most of your time before the course begins

So you want to be a primary teacher?

The effects of isometric exercise training on resting blood pressure with specific reference to selected cardiovascular, neuromuscular, and metabolic variables

Facilitating successful transition: pre-registration adult nursing programmes


Is the Bard barred?

Imaginary monsters: Game 3.0 and the rise of the transgressive player

Premedication for anxiety in adult day surgery patients

Parent training support for intellectually disabled parents

Shall we dance? An exploration of the perceived benefits of dancing on well-being

The arts and global health inequities

Through a different lens: exploring Reggio Emilia in a Welsh context

Ward-based critical care: a guide for health professionals

Toward a theology of boundary

A digital atlas to link ontogenic shifts in fish spatial distribution to the environment of the eastern English Channel. Dab, Limanda limanda as a case-study

Extensive coronary calcification: a clinically unrecognised condition

Reflective practice groups in clinical psychology training: a phenomenological study of the facilitator experience

Supporting the competence of practitioners: back to the future?

Liberating new talents: an innovative pre-registration community-focused adult nursing programme

Minding the gap: spatial perseveration error in dogs

Information skills for nursing students

Reflective practice in nursing

Evidence-based practice in nursing

Understanding research for nursing students

Clinical Judgement and Decision-Making in Nursing and Interprofessional Healthcare

Therapeutic radiography at the crossroads

Choral singing and psychological wellbeing: quantitative and qualitative findings from English choirs in a cross-national survey

Supported further education provision for people with long-term mental health needs: Findings from a survey of further education colleges and primary care trusts across the south east of England

Young children's relationships in the UK

Can government measure family wellbeing?

The development of a tool to measure service user satisfaction with in-patient forensic services: The Forensic Satisfaction Scale

Fostering clinical engagement and medical leadership and aligning cultural values: an evaluation of a general practice specialty trainee integrated training placement in a primary care trust

Cultural descriptions as political cultural acts: an exploration

Complexity in cultural identity

What's so interesting outside? A study of child-initiated interaction with teachers in the natural outdoor environment

Intercultural communication: an advanced resource book for students

Siyabonana: building better childhoods in South Africa

Positive economic freedom: an enabling role for international labor standards in developing countries?

Supplier behaviour and public contracting in the English agency nursing market

Sport, gender and embodied reflexive pleasures

Information needs of the ‘frontline’ public health workforce

Financial crisis in Central and Eastern Europe: from similarity to diversity

Body learning: examining the processes of skill learning in dance

Understanding the role of electronic trading and inter-organisational cooperation and coordination: a conceptual matrix framework

Marking time and sounding difference: Brubeck, temporality and modernity

Effect of isometric exercise on resting blood pressure: a meta analysis

Youth subcultures, normalisation and drug prohibition: The politics of contemporary crisis and change?

Alvarado in the Seventies

Emotional labour, gender and professional stereotypes of emotional and physical contact, and personal perspectives on the emotional labour of nursing

Reproducibility of limb power outputs and cardiopulmonary responses to exercise using a novel swimming training machine

The dynamics of early childhood spaces: opportunities for outdoor play?

From trashed to treasured: a grounded theory analysis of the found object

Play in the early years: the influence of cultural difference

The use of singing-in-a-group as a response to adverse life events

Therapeutic effects of music and singing for older people

The significance of choral singing for sustaining psychological wellbeing: findings from a survey of choristers in England, Australia and Germany

Singing for health: a musical remedy

Let the music play

The Silver Song Club Project: A sense of well-being through participatory singing

Arts on prescription: A review of practice in the UK

The Silver Song Club Project: singing to promote the health of older people.

Exploring the personal and professional impact of reflective practice groups: a survey of 18 cohorts from a UK clinical psychology training course

Optimizing peer selection in BitTorrent networks with genetic algorithms

Meeting changing service need through role development: a case study for band 4 assistant practitioners

A quality debate on grounded theory in sport and exercise psychology? A commentary on potential areas for future debate

The Foundation Phase

Service users’ experiences of obtaining and giving information about disorders of sex development

The effects of performing isometric training at two exercise intensities in healthy young males

Child sacrifice and the crisis of gender in Mary Cholmondeley's major fiction

Foot pain in rheumatoid arthritis prevalence, risk factors and management: an epidemiological study

Transforming higher education and the professional preparation of nurses

The effect of training volume and intensity on competitive cyclists’ efficiency

Qualitative health needs assessment of a former mining community

A critique of the concept of accuracy in social information processing models of children's peer relations

Religious education, conflict and diversity: an exploration of young children's perceptions of Islam

Normal birth, magical birth: the role of the 36-week birth talk in caseload midwifery practice

Community nurses' perceptions of a good death: a qualitative exploratory study

Coeliac disease: symptoms, complications and patient support.

Housed gypsy travellers, social segregation and the reconstruction of communities

How will we know if the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics benefit health?

Do we need to be hearing this?

When is an information infrastructure? Investigating the emergence of public sector information infrastructures

Attitudes, norms, identity and environmental behaviour: using an expanded theory of planned behaviour to predict participation in a kerbside recycling programme

The validity of goal achievement as an outcome measure in physical rehabilitation day hospitals for older people

Hide and seek: values in early childhood education and care

Information systems in the public sector: the e-Government enactment framework

Urinary catheters

Soft benefits for hard nuts: the impact of community building interventions on 'anti-social youth'

Interprofessional working through the eating abroad together project

Reductions in resting blood pressure after 4 weeks of isometric exercise training

Responding agitation in people with dementia

An investigation into the relationship between attachment, gender and recovery from psychosis in a stable community-based sample

Antithrombotic treatment for the primary prevention of stroke in patients with non valvular atrial fibrillation: A reappraisal of the evidence and network meta analysis

An exploration of the relationship between self-esteem, health knowledge, chronic dieting and body shape accuracy

Implementation and sustainability of the nursing and midwifery standards for mentoring in the UK

Importance of nutrition in palliative care of patients with chronic disease

'Have a nice day': consumerism, compassion and health care

Transition into further education in Kent and Medway: an exploration into the experiences of care leavers

Student perceptions of Aimhigher learning mentors and post 16 pastoral support

Soft benefits for hard nuts: the impact of community-building interventions on 'anti-social youth'

Wellbeing, health and leisure

Paralympic potential: opportunities and risks

Fitness, environmentalism and sustainability: eco-exercise and the moralization of green lifestyles

Sports history and sociology of sport

Educational relationships in out-of-school-time activities: are children in poverty missing out again?

Action for children: child outcomes-focused evaluation - final data collection report

Developing compelling spaces of learning in Nurse Education

Developing compelling spaces in learning.

Re-visioning an academic development course through blended learning

The contribution of social work and social care to the reduction of health inequalities: four case studies

New views of the world: maps in the United Kingdom 'quality' press in 1999 and 2009

Submission, emergence and personal knowledge: new takes, and principles for validity in decentred qualitative research

Analysing qualitative data

Universalities in cultural travel

A narrative of unexpected cultural contribution

Researching gendered identities in the British media representation and audience consumption of Athens 2004 Olympic Games

Promoting short sea shipping as part of the logistics chain

Non-biological lesbian mother’s experiences of maternity health care, whose partners conceived through sperm donation

Naive empiricism and the treatment of evidence: epistemological conflict in grounded theory

Global restructuring and the auto industry

Changing lanes or stuck in the slow lane? Employment precariousness and labour market status of MG Rover workers four years after closure

Private equity and the flight of the Phoenix Four: the collapse of MG Rover in the UK

Innovation in venture capital backed clean-technology firms in the UK

Citizenship: making links with history

The European secularisation of citizenship

Using group-work assessment to encourage peer learning on a postgraduate programme

In border country: connecting self, the other and spirit in transformative learning

Lifelong learning and the family: an auto/biographical imagination

Miscarriages of justice: what can we learn?

Acupuncture in the treatment of psychosis: could it work?

Constructing at home: understanding the experience of the amateur maker

Queering the system: Baltimore, dissent, abnormality and subversion in The Wire

An ancient mother in our Israel: Mary, Lady Vere

Angels and demons in a border landscape

In praise of the inauthentic: the cinematic landscape of The Fighting Prince of Donegal (O'Herlihy, 1966)

Curing diseases of belief and desire: Buddhist philosophical therapy

A Buddhist perspective

Introduction: queering paradigms

Crime, foreigners and hard news: a cross-national comparison of reporting and public perception

Cross-national versus individual-level differences in political information: a media systems perspective

Nothing about us without us: combining professional knowledge with service user experience in training about mental health and learning disabilities

Perceived improvements in service user involvement in two clinical psychology training courses

Individually elicited versus modal normative beliefs in predicting attendance at breast screening: examining the role of belief salience in the theory of planned behaviour

Travellers, housing and the (re)construction of communities

Intersubjectivity and misunderstanding in adult–child learning conversations

Towards a criminological appreciation of police oral histories

Recognition of same-sex marriages overseas: a matter of equality and sound statutory interpretation

Preliminary results on the analysis of volatile and non-volatile pheromones in Chilocorus nigritus by GC/MS

Dublin as a polycentric city region?

Acute heart failure: patient assessment and management

Partnership working and the assistant practitioner

Facing the challenge: the development of assistant practitioners

Developing foundation degrees in adult health services

Prioritizing decisions during the patient journey

Research round up

Research round up

Research round up

Research round up

Creative thinking for whole systems working

Leadership and management skills in health care

Identifying and influencing cultures of care in the renal unit

Back to basics: the principles and process of haemodialysis

How accurate are single sample iohexol techniques?

Looking at different team cultures within renal units

Celebrating the achievements of renal managers and their teams

How to learn to delegate effectively in the renal unit

Reflexive-pragmatism: logic, practicality, rigour and relevance

Cognitive continuum theory - nine modes of practice

Lifelong learning in judgement and decision-making

Perceptions of clinical decision-making: a matrix model

Clinical decision making in evidence-based nursing

Beyond the Gernsback/Campbell continuum: rereading and rewriting Wells for the 1970s

Journeys beyond being: the cyberpunk-flavored novels of Jeff Noon

Listening to the student voice

Monitoring and evaluating provision: a strategic whole school approach

Developing a joined-up approach to strategic whole school processes

The notebooks and diaries of Maurice Thorez: a new source for the history of French communism

Understanding and tackling underachievement: whole-school strategies to meet the needs of vulnerable children in primary schools

Interprofessional practice

Whatever happened to the literacy hour?

‘Seat of your pants’: towards a reflexive theoretical model of fieldwork relations in ethnographic studies on young people

Drug war politics: governing culture through prohibition, intoxicants as customary practice and the challenge of drug normalisation

Rituals of intoxication: young people, drugs, risk and leisure

‘The ethnographic mosaic’ of the Chicago School: critically locating Vivien Palmer, Clifford Shaw and Frederic Thrasher’s research methods in contemporary reflexive sociological interpretation

Young people, class and place

Cinesonica: sounding film and video

Narrative experience and ethical decision-making in Piers Plowman

Criticality, clinicality and connectivity in education

Enabling culturally sensitive career counselling through reflective practice: a study of the use of reflective diaries in the development of trainee counsellors

Creativity in the curriculum

Mid-career teacher educators: comparing professional learning and academic context in England and Greece

Teacher educators: transition into higher education and developing research identities

Developing a research profile: mentoring and support for teacher educators

Languages, diversity and communities: language learning policies and primary practice in England

Developing a research profile: mentoring and support for teacher educators

The value of an alternative placement experience for primary initial teacher training students

Masters of the game: teacher educators and the M level PGCE

Research informed teaching: exploring the concept

Building confidence with digital technology: an action research project

The baby room: who cares?

The baby room

Play and prescription: the impact of national developments in England

Permission to play

Towards excellence in early years education: exploring narratives of experience

"That remarkable and eminently disagreeable fiction": Caroline Clive's Paul Ferroll

Women's crime writing at the fin de siècle: C. L. Pirkis's 'The experiences of Loveday Brooke, lady detective'

Feminist crime fiction and female sleuths

Teaching information technology 14+

Equity in inclusive education in South Africa

Issues of indigenous education in a South African university: a case study of a faculty of education

Using research to design policy in the development of inclusive education in South Africa

Resilience in schools: challenges in the development of inclusive school communities in South Africa.

Educator rights and duties in special education: a comparative study between the United States and South Africa

Providing for inclusion

Doing God in education

The oil of badness: symbols, politics and current Christian fundamentalist demonisation of Islam

The good life? The cosiness of survivors

The Crips gang in the USA

The Supreme Court and Civil Rights since 1960

The teaching and learning programme in Wales: the Foundation Phase

Letting go: child-led learning in the outdoor environment

What makes a 'good' project? Exploring different constructions of project work in the early years

A proposed model for the conceptualisation of affordances for interaction in early years spaces: a discussion paper

Hearing and seeing the voice of the child in the outdoor environment: a route to developing enquiry-based early years curriculum experiences

'And when I let the children take the lead, they weren't as bad as I thought they were': the perceived impact of child-led learning outdoors

Response to SRAFTE report

eAssessment and eFeedback: an evidence-based practice in the UK sector

The miraculous opening of the angelic?


Exploring resilience

The (f)utility of focus days in developing citizenship education

The use of drama as a RIT strategy

Developing active participation in citizenship


Experience and identity: the ethnographer as a practicing artist

Lulu and the Copula: Angels and Demons

To the bitter end: Ouida's massarenes and the problem of history

Fiction or audience? The Family Herald Supplements

Competing Americas: the rise of the tea party

"This is not your country anymore.” Columbus Day parades and contested notions of American identity

Talking to terrorists

The troubles: who started them? Ireland in the 1960s and 1970s

The troubles: who started them? Ireland in the 1960s and 1970s

Advertising agents as formal drivers: the 1870s

Arbres de parenté et stemmata juris dans le commentaire au de gradibus affinitatis de Pierre Loriot, Lyon, Gryphe, 1542

Ouida, Pascarèl and the Aesthetics of the Risorgimento

“Killing Time” or Mrs. Braby’s Peppermints: The double economy of the ''Family Herald'' and the ''Family Herald Supplements''

The Illustrated London News and Advertising

Some thoughts on the antiquarianism of 100 objects

Is complexity theory useful in describing classroom learning?

Through glass darkly: seeing film in theological perspective

Theology, asthetics and culture: conversations with the work of David Brown

Theodrama: portrait of an analogy in search of a praxis, an actor in search of a stage

Improving the quality of schools for all: researching the impact of the Lao PDR inclusive education project 1993-2008

Supervision to enhance educational and vocational guidance practice: a review

German moon, Czech fire: a meeting point of national perceptions in eighteenth-century music

Stylo bohemo: Czechness in music c. 1600-1750

Das Lied von der Erde - a song cycle or a symphony?

The Italian-style concerto in the Czech lands in the early eighteenth century: some overlooked sources and implications for musical style and performance

Biennial conference on baroque music


Buxtehude's Membra Jesu Nostri

Tickle-Fiddle Gentlemen

Kent Healthy Early Years pilot: practitioners' and parents' views

The baby room project

Healthy early years

''Not allowed to kiss the babies.'' Complexities and contradictions in 'baby room' policies and practice

Who cares?

The formation and expression of character: schools, families and citizenship

Moral learning in history education

Science and the communicator

Back to the Future: Where next in a world of cross-curricular primary education?

A Canterbury Tale: workload planning and the ''active CV''

James Clapper, US national intelligence chief nominee

US intelligence reforms fail to spot bomb plot

Equilateral, isosceles or obtuse? Getting the measure of the North Atlantic Triangle

Franklin Roosevelt and democracy promotion: the Roosevelt doctrine of January 1936

Hells Angels and organised crime in Canada

War and peace in Canadian history, 1909–2009

FDR as founding father of the transatlantic alliance: The 'Roosevelt doctrine' of January 1936

Nocturne for BJM

Contact theatre

Music at the edge of collapse

The potential of non-formal and informal methodologies in curriculum reform

Apprendre et le sujet apprenant: point de vue psychanalytique dans la recherche auto/biographique

My friends the templars: understandings and misunderstandings in the age of the crusades.

The end of the celtic charter tradition?: Welsh diplomatic in the 12th Century

Teaching sport and leisure 14+

Teaching travel and tourism 14+

Contesting religious identities: a retrospection

Enlightenment beyond binaries: Buddhism, gender and sexuality

Wege zum dauerhaften Glück - Buddhismus im Dialog mit den Weltreligionen

Que(e)rying the Diamond Way: Gender and sexuality in a contemporary Buddhist movement

Nāgārjuna on temporary happiness and liberation: readings of the Ratnāvalī

Karma, Buddhism and science

An analysis of conversion to UCAS 'Accepted Applicant' status of AHKM partnership school students

We're going on a bear hunt

The nature of objectivity in religious education

Religious education and post-secular society

Usefulness and truthfulness: the narrative approach and career guidance in the UK

'Telling tales': do narrative approaches for career counselling count?

Narrative in career counselling: telling tales in a hopeful space

Narrative in career counselling: telling tales in a hopeful space

A rhythm for life: drumming for wellbeing

Going electronic - updating the competency framework for nurses caring for patients with haemophilia and related disorders

Survey of paediatric occupational therapists' understanding of developmental coordination disorder, joint hypermobility syndrome and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Leadership and management in academia

A qualitative health needs assessment of a former mining community

Factors promoting successful extubation: An audit of planned extubations in preterm infants following the implementation of nursing guidelines

Collaborative development of flexible foundation degree pathways in partnership with stakeholders

The importance of partnership working in the design and implementation of band A assistant practitioner roles - a case example

Responding to the Big Society: flexible curriculum development for the community sector

Knowledge transfer partnerships and community development: using participatory approaches to enhance the impact of evaluations in health and education in England

Principles of image interpretation and search strategies

Workshop to launch: ''Web-based short course in initial image interpretation of the appendicular skeleton''

Rationale for computed tomography head radiographer reporting

Pre-testing of initial image interpretation skills

Radiographer role development and image interpretation skills

Comparison of foot pain and foot care among rheumatoid arthritis patients taking and not taking anti-TNF\α therapy: an epidemiological study

Dermatological conditions of the foot and leg

Study to examine students and staff supervisors' research knowledge and experiences of research teaching and supervision within the IPL programmes

Using action research to develop evidence based nursing practice

Shall we walk together

The journey to a degree in operating department practice

The uses of history in the unmaking of modern suicide

Queering suicide: the figure of the problematic "suicidal homosexual" in psychiatric discourse

Suicide: Foucault, history and truth

Preparing and supporting students on role emerging placements

Skills for primary schools: movement and co-ordination resources

I'm lovin' it: would McDonald's food encourage hospital patients to eat?

Nutrition in the palliative care of chronic and life-threatening illness

Typologies of caring relationships: using photographs and supportive narrative to contextualise and map the experience of caring at home for a person with dementia

Scoping of the dementia care curriculum in Kent and Medway

What is the meaning of family-centred Admiral Nursing for carers?

The wake of A Passage to India

Towards a degree - pathway options for operating department practitioners

Inside the black box of the antibody test: deconstructing the official classifications of risk in testing for the human immunodeficiency virus

How specific end users interpret HIV/AIDS biomedical knowledge

Healthcare, collaboration and the case for interprofessional education

A comparative review of the pre-registration IPL programme interprofessional curriculum

A model of activity patterns for people with dementia: family carers' perspectives

Bringing migration into social work education to improve practice

The influence of the personal tutor in supporting students with specific reference to attrition

Hardt and Negri: anarchists or (post) Marxists?

Locating Hardt and Negri

The art gallery: a place for enhancing mental health

Blackstone's PCSO handbook

Blackstone's handbook for the special constabulary

Crystal structure, absolute configuration, conformational analysis and molecular dynamics study of the novel steroidal tetrazole derivative: (25R)-3,12a-diaza-A,C-bishomo-5α-spirostano[3,4-d] [12a,12d] bistetrazole [HS-989]

What's it like having a nervous breakdown? Can you recover?

Understanding aesthetics for good cartographic design

Landscape or blandscape? Exploring cartographic style in European topographic maps of the 20th century

Helping Haiti: some reflections on contributing to a global disaster relief effort

Understanding the concept of resilience with regard to looked after children: perceptions from education, social care and foster care

Mindfulness as a mediator of self-stigma: an investigation into whether mindfulness mediates the effect of self-stigma on social functioning in a first episode psychosis sample

Constantly evolving technological challenges in cybercrime forensic investigation

The deployment of IPv6 in Nigeria: opportunities and challenges

From student to service user to research lecturer on a clinical psychology programme: a personal view on why clinical psychology training needs service user involvement

Deconstructing personal-professional development in UK clinical psychology: disciplining the interdisciplinarity of lived experience

Dead end trails, tracks and trapdoors that the 'white hats' leave behind: is security testing a risk that needs managing?

Conscription for the cyber-war

Support for paedophile image viewers

Cybercrime vs cyber war

Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Cybercrime Forensics Education and Training

Tradition, community and conservation: ecotourism as a development option

In defence of the masses on holiday

Making a difference: volunteer tourism and development

The mantra of ‘community participation’ in context

Creative approaches to training budding clinical psychologists: a commentary


Women with intellectual disabilities: Understanding same-sex relationships

Safeguarding the reproductive rights of women with intellectual disabilities

Women with intellectual disabilities: their place in history 1800s-2000s

The work of the European cybercrime training and education group

Blackstone's student police officer handbook and workbook pack 2011

Blackstone's student police officer handbook 2011

Assessing cryptography: evaluating students at undergraduate level

Improvement of the profile of science as a career

Job skills of university graduates

What is the nature of evidence in Biological Science?

The agony and ecstasy of what might have been

The political and international relations impacts of hosting sport mega events: 2010 FIFA Football World Cup

Scoring from the sidelines? South Africa and the 2010 FIFA Football World Cup

Politics, international relations and South Africa's hosting of the 2010 FIFA Football World Cup

Exploring the links between clusters and economic diversity in the British urban system: a multiscalar analysis

Teaching about bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses

Cybercrime and relevant legislation in China

Understanding bipolar disorder: why some people experience extreme mood states and what can help. A report by the British Psychological Society Division of Clinical Psychology

Molecular comparison of topotypic specimens confirms Anopheles (Nyssorhynchus) dunhami Causey (Diptera: Culicidae) in the Colombian Amazon

Feeding behaviour of wheatears

Service users and carers as placement advisors

Service user and carer involvement - why bother?

Subjective global assessment is an independent predictor of cardiac ischaemia in patients with mild chronic kidney disease

Help that hurts: effects of perceived security of hierarchy and perceived trust in the outgroup on interpretation of outgroup assistance

The psychology of victimhood: competitive victimhood in intergroup relations

The psychology and politics of smoking: the impact of fear, hypocrisy and processing mode on intentions to quit smoking

Cross cultural differences in group based guilt and shame experiences

Intergroup identity perceptions and their implications for intergroup forgiveness: The Common Ingroup Identity Model and its efficacy in the field

Traffic analysis, anonymity, ethics and digital 'cat and mouse' in cyberspace: a case study of China vs Iran

Social networking sites, privacy and digital security: a case study of Facebook and Bebo

Accessing evidence and analysis

Laws, policies and the Olympic movement

Semantic analysis for spam filtering

Can Olympism inspire lifelong learning? Olympic values as philosophy of life

Olympic and Paralympic Games 2012: Magic dust or turn to dust?

A mixed method investigation into the perception and measurement of success in an exercise referral scheme

Hellenism and Olympism: Pierre de Coubertin and the Greek challenge to the early Olympic movement

Olympic values in transition: Historical challenges and opportunities

The contribution of HLST Olympic interest group in higher education

‘Like I say to my dad, it’s not you’re fat, it’s probably muscle’ – exploring young boys’ perceptions of the physical activity and health relationship

Governmentality, youth and London 2012

Active citizens, governmentality and London 2012

Coubertin's political manoeuvres in the 1896 Athen's games

Impacts of projected sea level rise on Kent

Leisure identities and authenticity

Governmentality, youth and London 2012

Therapeutic effects of life writing: what, how, when

Hellenism and Olympism: Pierre de Coubertin and the Greek challenge to the early Olympic movement

Hellenism, Coubertin and the modern Olympic movement

Sport in society and the society of sport: theory, methodology and research

Developing a Roma strategy for Europe: what could or should the EU be doing?

Pure and dangerous: complementary and alternative medicine, risk and governmentality

Does a 'singing together' group improve the quality of life of people with a dementia and their carers?: a pilot evaluation study

Making research partnerships better than a blind date

Borderlines: Maps and popular geopolitics in the UK press

Media mapping: geopolitical representations

The world of the news: cartography in the UK 'quality' press - 1999 and 2009

Engaging new cartographers

Disturbance and patch dynamics: introducing undergraduate geography and ecology students to map and field-based research

Landscape, place and belonging in Powell and Pressburger's film A Canterbury Tale (1944)

EEG biofeedback as a mechanism to enhance performance

Refining the methodology of alpha NFT and exploring its effect on cognition and mood

Refining the methodology of EEG biofeedback

EEG biofeedback and optimal performance

Does it matter how we reflect on interpersonal conflicts in sport?

From subconscious past to a meaningful present: the potential of history and archaeology to engage with community and visitors: Brand extension in Folkestone, Kent, UK

Active celebration: using the London 2012 Games to get the nation moving

Developing sport and physical activity participation through ‘value-matching’: a case study using Olympic and Paralympic values

The potential of a demonstration effect from Olympic Games and major sport events to grow and sustain participation in sport

Sport mega-event: 2012 London Olympic

Disciplinary perspectives on sport and tourism

Developing and integrating knowledge in the social sciences of sport & exercise: interrogating ‘normal science’

Aspirations for Olympic and Paralympic legacies: issues and debates for the HE curriculum?

Understanding the relationship between sport and tourism - the interaction of activity, people and place

Active celebration, developing an Olympic physical activity legacy

London 2012, value matching and raising physical activity

Post-socialism in crisis: forgotten geographies of finance?

Sport fans and travel - is 'being there' always important?

Silicon Valley in Eastern Slovakia? The case of Kosice IT Valley

A theoretically integrated model of sport participation

Traveller's employment careers since residence in housing

Settled gypsies

Climate change: fast or slow?

Work, welfare and economic opportunities in changing times

The settlement of gypsy-travellers and the maintenance of cultural identities

Acupuncture and schizophrenia - effect and acceptability: preliminary results of the first UK study

Inclusive education: international and comparative study

Adult prisoner victim-offender mediation: the Kent experience

Placebo effect of an inert gel on experimentally induced leg muscle pain

Chinese whispers

Transartists and cisartists

Chernodrinski comes back home

Kavga so Kafka i drugi esei (Quarrel with Kafka and other essays)

Sobrani drami 3

Mala kniha nastrah (Slovak translation of A Little Book of Traps)

Le démon de Debarmaalo

What I saw and what I heard (and what I told Kafka)

Developing professional practice 7-14

Protecting intellectual property and computer software: legislation in China

Machine learning based spam filtering: advantages and challenges

OBIRE: ontology based bibliographic information publication and retrieval

'Which he never meant to be published on any account': the hidden archive in David Copperfield and Paul Kelver

'I am not by nature domestic': Mary Cholmondeley and the politics of home

Narratives and career guidance: from theory into practice

The re-emergence of career: challenges and opportunities

Ethnography and children: exposing the borders informing children’s social actions in Indian educational settings

Is play re-conceptualised when it crosses cultural boundaries?

Developing sustainable governance to a third sector organisation undertaking transformation to a social enterprise model

Career learning and development: a social constructivist model for the 21st century

University-trust collaborative research relationships: building a partnership

'The Blue Lagoon' by Henry de Vere Stacpoole

Thermal stress responses in Caenorhabditis elegans: reproductive effects, natural variation and the costs of hormesis

Population growth and dauer larva development in Caenorhabditis elegans

Are you thinking what I am thinking? Exploring well-being in early years settings

Leisure experiences: space, place and performance

Do shipping mergers and acquisitions add corporate value?

Mind the gap

The Green Diamond

Panorama and castles in the air

100 journals group exhibition curated by 'Alturnative'

Christian education masterclass

Special exhibition of the Folkestone collections artists

Distinctively Christian school leadership

Welcoming the stranger

What if? A Christian approach to teaching and learning

Christian leadership in a 21st century church school

Christian leadership in a 21st century church school

Learning to teach in 'urban complex schools'

Church schools: confidently and appropriately Christian?

Biology, theology and respect for RE

Complex neural networks - a useful model for classroom learning?

Bethany near the Mount of Olives

Local experience of running an NIHR project in Kent and Medway

Transforming professional development for an era of interagency leadership

Landmarks in the professional and academic development of mid-career teacher educators

The role of systematic reviews in the strategic development of a research project

Building self-esteem and resilience to help LAC achieve their potential

Is there a role for the arts in addressing health inequalities within sub-saharan Africa?

Gifted and talented pupils: can and do they underachieve?

Underachievement and looked after children

The development and evaluation of a singing group network for mental health service users in the South East of England

Improving the outcomes of looked after children

The SENCO handbook

The value of the arts, theatre and music in promoting health and tackling health inequalities

The Italian Job: How Malaysian trainee teachers used the experience of learning Italian in their own teaching

The evidence base for arts and health: a continuing challenge

CLIL 2010: learning to teach science through English

Why singing is good for wellbeing and health

Developing character and values in the early years: foundations of character

New developments in research on singing, wellbeing and health

Eating Abroad Together (EAT): The impact of a European language and intercultural intervention on teachers' knowledge and attitudes

Children and young people's views of health professionals in England

Group singing, wellbeing and health: a systematic mapping of research evidence


Wet Plate Collodion Works

SETs and FtP update

Regional media in crisis? Structural and environmental challenges in the media in Kent

Changing production ecology of regional media

Report to Folkestone Harbour Company: Results of consultations on Folkestone seafront - a new approach

The importance of eating well for people with dementia

Once upon a time in a classroom... Exploring cultures and experiences through fairytales

Multi-modality and magic: once upon a time in a classroom...

Prayer, fasting and exorcism: Mark 9.29 and the Transfiguration of Jesus

Christianity and transgender

Light entertainment

Recognizing the sham: authority moves, truth claims and the fiction of academic writing

Reading through Bourdieu and Cixous to recognize and escape the sham of academic writing

How to lead and manage difficult members of the team

Looking at and discussing philosophical ethics in research

Research round up

The role of the European Union in regards to the mobility of Roma

Activation and contribution of trunk and leg musculature to force production during on-water sprint kayak performance

Making sense of subjective experience

Social capital, individual responses to heat waves and climate change adaptation: an empirical study of two UK cities

Teaching the police to program: building a simple IDE to teach shell scripting and reduce syntax errors

After Scarlatti

After Scarlatti

After Scarlatti


Delivering a community based education for gypsies: university and community partnership

Simulation and clinical skills child health forum at Canterbury Christ Church University: from the bedside to the classroom

Enriching classroom talk: the teacher's role and teachers' roles

Kent healthy early years pilot

The effects of innovation process and programme contexts on the implementation of public services: the worrying case of enterprise innovation

Setting up university support to small and medium enterprise innovation: managerial, policy and research implications

Critical realism, multidisciplinarity and methodological pluralism: a systemic approach to guide information systems research and practice

A systems perspective to improve the public support to enterprise innovation: the case of information systems diffusion in SMEs

How much the role of the other? Universities as policy-makers in the enterprise innovation arena

Public programme contexts and their influence on enterprise innovation: the case of university outreach activities

E io ci sto. Politiche e pratiche per l’integrazione dei giovani migranti di seconda generazione

Safeguarding adults with learning disabilities against abuse

DEBUT: personalised staff development

Detection of information compromise committed by malicious insiders

Open spaces, mobile learning: findings from the iBorrow project

Research mindedness: a curriculum approach to RIT at CCCU

Resolving ambiguity: a way forward for relating scholarship, teaching and research in HE academic practice

Music and numbers 2010 conference proceedings

Guidance in groups: using the experiences of clients in a group setting in order to optimise career learning outcomes

Delivering guidance to first year students in group settings: optimising the potential for personal learning and development in a group context

Providing support to young people through groupwork: delivering personalised learning and development in the group context

Delivering guidance in a group setting: optimising the potential for personal learning and development in a group context

e-feedback: who's using it and why?

The iBorrow experience

Deleuze, Cinema and Belief: The Restoration of a Lost World

Sarah Fyge Egerton, "The Female Advocate"

Using moviemaker as a mentoring tool

The teaching of listening skills

Teacher education in Eritrea

Reflecting on judgement and decisions in supervision

A concept mapping exploration of social workers' and mental health nurses' understanding of the role of the approved mental health professional

Historic cities: From real to fake

Modelling the diffusion of HIV/AIDS in the USA

Developing communities of digitally literate practitioners through a personalised staff development programme

Developing the role of the Assistant Practitioner

The e-Robot Project: a longitudinal on-line research collaboration to investigate ERA principles

Knowledge portals and the democratisation of professional development

Transforming Faith: teaching as a Christian vocation in a secular, world-view diverse culture

What forms of evidence do novice teachers need?

E-Maritime policy, periodic study for DGMOVE to inform the Impact Assessment of E-Maritime Directives

Corporate motivations for environmental sustainable development: exploring the role of consumers in stakeholder engagement

Borderline personality disorder and helpful service relationships: a grounded theory study

MRI reporting by radiographers: findings of an accredited postgraduate programme

Ordnance Survey and cartographic style: keeping the good view (part 2)

Ordnance Survey and cartographic style: keeping the good view (part 1)

Understanding Mozart's piano sonatas

A Foucauldian-Vygotskian approach to understanding semiotic mediation

Feldenkrais Method in performer training: encouraging curiosity and experimentation

Multi-layered voices of being a nurse and becoming a nurse teacher

What skills are required to be successful at shared services projects?

Kent 20in12 learning project: Olympic theme, challenges, records and personal bests

Thomas Tomkins: keyboard works

BERA Dissertation Award 2010: the search for an authentic methodology in an interdisciplinary study into resilient adult learning

Developing compelling spaces for learning for nurse education

Complex diffusion of innovations: the case of SME e-business and public policies

The benefits of partnerships with universities

Musical semiotics in action: applying and debating Hatten’s semiotics in a musico-dramatic context

Advanced practice from the North East

Prequels and sequels: the life story and professional narratives of new educational professionals

New models of leadership in Kent schools: final report

Community cohesion and religious education

Landscapes and landmarks: comparing the professional learning of mid-career teacher educators in the UK and Greece

The effects of isometric wall squat exercise on heart rate and blood pressure in a normotensive population

Memorial poems and the poetics of memorializing

Women writers of the fin de siècle

Just who do you think you are? Teacher identity in ELT

Affect and performance skills in the language classroom

The GENERATE project: curriculum and pedagogical inspiration from parents and their children working together

Relaxation and mindfulness in pain: a review

Creativity: balancing freedom and constraint

Energy expenditure and perceived effort during brisk walking and running in 8 to 11 year-old children

Cardio-pulmonary responses to whole-body simulated swimming using a novel swimming training machine

The use of drama in English language teaching

My point of view - a diabetic journey

Le demon de Debarmaalo

Three BOCU Improving Confidence Report

Preliminary well being report into sickness and absenteeism within women officers and staff

'Art, craft & science: contemporary detective practice’

Human rights and the future prospects for liberal policing in the UK

Why is more policing always the answer?

The media and miscarriages of justice: the past and possible future

Graduate Police Officers: releasing the potential for pre-employment university programmes for aspiring police officers

S is for signs, symbols and secrets

Confronting a “crisis in historical perspective”: Walter LaFeber, Gabriel Kolko and the functions of revisionist historiography during the Reagan era

Mergers and acquisitions in the shipping industry: the effect on corporate value

Mobility of citizens within the European Union: legislation and figures

A realistic evaluation of the Independent Practice Placement Facilitation Project in NHS Eastern and Coastal Kent

Angels and demons in a digital landscape

From NEET to NET? The challenges and opportunities in providing career education, information, advice and guidance in relation to the 14-19 agenda: a critique

An introduction to career learning and development 11-19: perspectives, practice and possibilities

The principles of Educational Robotic Applications (ERA): a framework for understanding and developing educational robots and their activities

Age Matters? An exploration of the similarities and differences in the values and beliefs of practitioners working with clients of different age

Web measurement: tools, practices, recommendations

Development of e-maritime policy

Gender identity, research self-efficacy and research intention in trainee clinical psychologists in the UK

Towards systems that care: a conceptual framework based on motivation, metacognition and affect

Who in the world cares for babies?

Glimpses of the Rubaiyat

Let it go

Demon iz Debarmala



Genetic dissection of basal resistance to Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola in accessions of Arabidopsis

We still need libraries in the digital age

Exploring person-centredness: a qualitative meta-synthesis of four studies

Developing person-centred practice: nursing outcomes arising from changes to the care environment in residential settings for older people

Coming and going: the use of outdoor space in Norman and Anglo-Norman chronicles

The origins of the CIA and the non-strategic development of U.S. political warfare, 1946-47

A cultural history of childhood and family in the Middle Ages


Towards a predictive model of early medieval settlement location: a case study from the Vale of Glamorgan

Constitutional and revolutionary politics within the Civil Rights Movement

Not just Europeanization, not necessarily populism: potential factors underlying the mobilisation of populism in Ireland and Poland

The second referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon in Ireland

'Family Tree' and 'Matter & Memory'

The failure of political parties and the triumph of civil society: Ireland’s two Lisbon votes in wider perspective

Civil society-based Eurosceptic protest movements

Teacher educators and the M level PGCE

Research informed teaching

The Bible in the family context

Children's literature as implicit religion: the concept of grace unpacked

Churches linking with schools

Families and their learning: an auto/biographical imagination

Poveşti din Estul Sălbatic

Disney-formalism: rethinking 'classic Disney'

Languages learning at Key Stage 2: a longitudinal study

‘Mutual solidarity’ within the EU common foreign and security policy: what is the name of the game?

Royal Hibernian Academy 180th Annual Exhibition

Science in physical education or physical education in science

Do physical education lessons contribute to children's physical activity levels?

CPOW! The superhero method for inspiring learning in literacy

Are boys more physically active than girls during a primary school day?

An exploration of inclusive practices in schools: case studies of two primary schools

Mosquitoes of southern England and northern Wales: identification, ecology and host selection

Integrated language learning in the primary curriculum: investigating the impact of a language teaching intervention on teacher, trainee and pupil attitude and motivation: a case-study investigation.

The experiences of Loveday Brooke, Lady Detective (1894) by C. L. Pirkis

Developing a discourse for CPD leadership in the secondary school sector in England

What you need to know now: the world in facts, stats, and graphics

Primary geography handbook

Intercultural encounters in Debbie Tucker Green’s random

Gender performativity, nomadic subjectivity and theatre: Phyllis Nagy’s Weldon Rising and The Strip

Moving towards a European defence industry? The political discourse on a changing reality and its implications for the future of the European Union

Dewey, Durkheim: la discipline scolaire et le politique

La notion de croissance chez Dewey et Rorty

Pipelines or pipedreams? The role of energy in the ENP

Language learning at key stage 2: a longitudinal study

Primary languages pedagogy in the UK (2006-2009): a discussion on developments, implications and impact on pupils' attitude and motivation

Building on firm foundations – what is happening in primary languages?

The place of technology in teacher training and teacher development programmes

Using technology in second language learning: expanding the vision - a study of pre-service teachers

Communicative methodology and technology: fusion or confusion?

Development of retrotransposon-based SSAP molecular marker system for study of genetic diversity in sea holly (Eryngium maritimum L.)

Have you ever tried a trifocal?

Environmental psychology

A comprehensive review of hedge fund investment and trading strategies

Identification of the head-and-shoulders technical analysis pattern with neural networks

A behavioral view of the head-and-shoulders technical analysis pattern

Northern glacial refugia for the pygmy shrew (Sorex minutus) in Europe revealed by phylogeographic analyses and species distribution modelling.

Migration and ageing: settlement experiences and emerging care needs of older refugees in developed countries

Sozialraumliche Koordinaten beruflicher Orientierung. Hochqualifizierte der zweiten Generation in Deutschland und Grossbritannien

My point of view - a diabetic story

Agricultural livelihoods and nutrition: exploring the links with women in Zambia

Tracking conductivity variations in the absence of accurate stat evolution models in electrical impedance tomography

Jinv: a parallel method for distributed matrix inversion

Developing a management model and performance framework for improving student retention

Neo-Disney: recent developments in Disney feature animation

The magic of maps.

The curious absence of love

The animated landscape

Cultural capital and professional development experiences of migrant health and social care professionals

Composition and analysis as communication: outline for a compositional theory based on 'musical information'

Managing equality and diversity in health care: the case of ethnic monitoring at St George's NHS Trust

Making a killing

Rethinking the female sporting community with Hannah Arendt.

Migro Records

'My painted chamber' and other rooms: Stephen Hulkes and the history of Calico House, Newnham

Remembering the dead at dinner-time

Overcoming disaster? Farming practices on Christ Church Priory's marshland manors in the early 14th century

Genetic diversity of Taenia solium cysticerci from naturally infected pigs of central Mexico

Genetic and morphological variation in a Mediterranean glacial refugium: evidence from Italian pygmy shrews, Sorex minutus (Mammalia: Soricomorpha)

Paradoxical post-exercise responses of acylated ghrelin and leptin during a simulated night shift

Children's engagement in leisure time physical activity: exploring family structure as a determinant

Facilitating Inclusion of Muslim children in sport and physical activity.

The embodiment of religious culture and exclusionary practices in youth sport.

The nature and function of sport pedagogy: review of published English language work 2008-2009.

Invited symposium - inclusion and exclusion through youth sport

Advanced pedagogies for inclusive practice in physical education and youth sport

Improving Muslim girls' participation in PE and school sport: reporting from the BASS project

Identity, diaspora and religion: international case studies.

(De)constructing the 'pedagogised family': investigating the intersection of family and social class on young peoples' embodiment towards physical activity and health

Symposium 'exclusion through youth sport: bold propositions'

How does PE teachers' knowledge base relate to their practice with regard teaching culturally diverse classes?

"Viewing a voiceless ghost: Scotland's 'walking spirits' and Johnson's highland fling"

Incapacitation and imprisonment: prisoners' involvement in community-based crime