Landscapes and landmarks: comparing the professional learning of mid-career teacher educators in the UK and Greece

Conference paper

Griffiths, V., Kaldi, S. and Thompson, S. 2010. Landscapes and landmarks: comparing the professional learning of mid-career teacher educators in the UK and Greece.
AuthorsGriffiths, V., Kaldi, S. and Thompson, S.
TypeConference paper

Focus of Research
This paper draws on findings from a comparative case study of mid-career teacher educators in two universities in England and Greece, in which the career experiences of teacher educators are compared and analysed. Stages of development, landmark events and contextual factors affecting professional learning will be highlighted.

There is a growing body of research on the professional and academic development of teacher educators, which identify a tension between pedagogical and research requirements and aspects of the role (e.g. Murray et al 2009). The paper builds on a previous study in which key stages or landmarks were identified (Griffiths et al 2009).

A case-study approach (Yin 2002) was adopted, with purposive sampling used to identify a representative sample of 12 teacher educators, representing a range of age, gender, prior experience and current responsibilities. Six mid-career teacher educators from each university were interviewed in order to map personal biographies, academic career experiences and landmarks in professional learning.
The study findings are analysed within the theoretical framework of situated learning, in recognition that the specific context in which teacher educators work is of vital importance in the process of learning (Wenger 1998). Narrative analysis (Clandinin & Connelly 2000) is used to examine the teacher educators' accounts.

Key contextual features of each university are highlighted. Positive aspects of individual and collective practices and landmark events or processes are identified, as well as barriers to development arising from teacher educators' professional and academic roles. Findings differ considerably within the two contexts. Nevertheless, some common features of successful development and learning have also emerged, with important implications for European teacher education.

KeywordsTeacher educators; England; Greece; professional development; professional learning; landmarks; research
ConferenceAthens Institute of Education ATINER Annual Conference
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Deposited13 Jun 2012
Completed23 May 2010
Output statusUnpublished
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