Coming in from the cold? Women leaders in higher education

Conference keynote

Griffiths, V. 2011. Coming in from the cold? Women leaders in higher education.
AuthorsGriffiths, V.
TypeConference keynote

In this session, current research and the latest figures on women academics in leadership roles will be discussed in relation to the changing global context for women in higher education: is it still a ‘chilly climate’ for women in academia or have we moved forward?

Professor Griffiths will present findings from her recent study of women leaders in higher education, drawing on interviews with 18 women leaders who were interviewed about their experiences of leadership roles.

The women interviewed for the study demonstrated highly skilful, principled leadership styles and a blend of inclusive, collegial approaches with direction and vision. The findings showed a close interaction between personal, professional and organisational factors and the importance of a supportive institutional ethos, leadership training, mentoring and female role models.

KeywordsWomen; leaders; universities; higher education
ConferenceInternational Women’s Day: Coming in From the Cold? Women Leaders in Higher Education
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Completed08 Mar 2011
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