Jinv: a parallel method for distributed matrix inversion

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Sahota, V. and Bayford, R. 2010. Jinv: a parallel method for distributed matrix inversion. in: Developments in E-systems Engineering (DESE 2010) IEEE. pp. 163-167
AuthorsSahota, V. and Bayford, R.

The past few years have seen the Grid maturing towards a final product, along with an increased popularity with researchers simulating their projects which contain some form of matrix inversion. The inversion of a matrix is very resource intensive and is often limited to either a Grid nodes CPU or memory capacity. This paper presents Jinv; a distributable matrix inversion solution. Developed using Jama, a linear algebra package for Java; it adopts a divide and conquer approach to tackle the main part of LU decomposition, matrix multiplication. Having implemented Jinv, initial tests have shown Jinv to be scalable and provide a working proof of concept. However it highlights the need for a more memory bandwidth efficient method to eliminate memory racing when executed on a single node.

Page range163-167
Book titleDevelopments in E-systems Engineering (DESE 2010)
Output statusPublished
Publication dates
PrintSep 2010
Publication process dates
Deposited08 Jul 2015
AcceptedSep 2010
Digital Object Identifier (DOI)https://doi.org/10.1109/DeSE.2010.34
EventDevelopments in E-systems Engineering (DESE), 2010
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