Things that infants can teach us

Infection control: a psychosocial approach to changing practice

A giant bladder calculus with a synchronous giant secondary vaginal stone: a case report

Key issues in education policy

Success with your education research project.

Qualitative research in international settings

Key concepts in education

Being in the world: the event of learning

Neuregulins in the nucleus

An analysis of the British public’s concerns regarding climate change legislation

A child sees God: children talk about Bible stories

Cultural negotiations in health and illness: the experience of type 2 diabetes amongst Gujarati South Asians in England

Guides for measuring the impact of educational programmes

Local Authority Development Collaboratives 2008-09 report

Quality development framework for extended services

Extending learning opportunities: a framework for self-evaluation in study support

How to Twitter a tragedy

Mary Cholmondeley, "Diana Tempest"

Fighting cybercrime: legislation in China

Beginning to SPARKLE

How green is your god?

PGCE secondary provision and the new curriculum

Disaster Planning

Maggie Williams

Reflection as a facilitator of safe professional practice

Participant observation: how useful is it in an acute hospital setting?

Caring and technology: can we separate them in ITU?

Queering paradigms

Kent Messenger, Kentish Gazette

Infection control: a psychosocial approach to changing practice

Youth-led innovation: enhancing the skills and capacity of the next generation of innovators

AQA Religious Studies A2: ethics: student's book

AQA GCSE Religious Studies A: Roman Catholicism: Ethics

AQA GCSE Religious Studies A: Christianity: Ethics

Creative teaching for tomorrow

Service composition with Al planning

Romani teaching assistants in the Czech education system: An opportunity to address barriers to the labour market?

Learning with enthusiasm


Accession and migration: Changing policy, society and culture in an enlarged Europe

Conceptual learning in and through technology

Jesus, virtuoso religion and the community of goods

Englishness and the victim hero in One for My Baby by Tony Parsons

The rituals and rhetoric of queenship: medieval to early modern

''The bad women are better than the good ones'': the new woman and sexual fall in Cholmondeley's short fiction

An analysis of the accuracy and usefulness of Vinetto, Pasco and Mork.pl

A cognitive walkthrough of Autopsy Forensic Browser

Mobile phone forensics: an overview of technical and legal aspects

Special edition editorial: Cybercrime forensics

A comparative analysis of the categorization of multidimensional stimuli: I. Unidimensional classification does not necessarily imply analytic processing; evidence from pigeons (Columba livia), squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis), and humans (Homo sapiens).

Reading Negri

Comparative clinical feasibility study of three tools for delivery of cognitive behavioural therapy for mild to moderate depression and anxiety, provided on a self-help basis

The process and function of serious care review

Using photographs and narratives to contextualise and map the experience of caring for a person with dementia

Expert versus lay risk discourses in public health: implications for disease prevention

Movement and coordination resources for quality first teaching in primary schools


Exploring early years practitioners' 'effective' verbal interactions in the outdoor environment

Coming of age for arts and health: what we hope to achieve

The state of arts and health in England

Hand hygiene and infection prevention: psychosocial factors and strategies

Corporate social responsibility in the British media industries: preliminary findings

Predicting race performance in triathlon: the role of perfectionism, achievement goals, and personal goal setting

Summer conference report “Is what you see what you get” 4–6 July 2008 The Derbyshire Hotel, Derby

The placebo effect in sports performance: a brief review

A qualitative study exploring the life-course experiences of young offenders with symptoms and signs of ADHD who were detained in a residential care setting

Effect of vegetation density on the use of trails by bats in a secondary tropical rain forest

Creative writing: getting students to rap


Research quality considerations for grounded theory research in sport and exercise psychology


How to explain sculpture to a dead owl

Social and cultural perspectives

Postmodern investigations: the case of Christopher Boone in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

Reconstructing literary life in the provinces with special reference to the Elizabethan gentry of Kent

The denial of ideology in perceptions of "non-native speaker" teachers

Reward management: a critical text

Simulation: issues and challenges

Non-dauer larval dispersal in Caenorhabditis elegans

The use of aggression in primary school boys' decisions about inclusion in and exclusion from playground football games

Psychiatry and oppression: a personal account of compulsory admission and medical treatment

A difficult clinical problem: diagnosis, impact and clinical management of cachexia in palliative care

‘As long as the doctors know what they are doing’: trust or ambivalence about patient information among elderly men with prostate cancer?

Experience of workplace bullying behaviours in postgraduate hospital dentists: questionnaire survey

Human sequence learning under incidental and intentional conditions

Review paper: more than ringing in the ears: a review of tinnitus and its psychosocial impact

Schizotypy, delusional ideation and well-being in an American new religious movement population

Identifying indices of learning for alpha neurofeedback training

A phenomenological study of the postoperative experiences of patients undergoing surgery for colorectal cancer

A new critical framework for applying hermeneutic phenomenology

The emotional labour of nursing 1: exploring the concept

Biomarkers of cardiovascular disease risk in 40-65-year-old men performing recommended levels of physical activity, compared with sedentary men

An emotive subject: insights from social, voluntary and healthcare professionals into the feelings of family carers for people with mental health problems

The significance of the timing of referral for renal care

Methodological and ethical considerations in designing an Internet study of quality of life: a discussion paper

An introduction to early childhood studies

Effectiveness of a social support intervention on infant feeding practices: randomised controlled trial

'No one helped out. It was like, “Get on with it. You're an adult now. It's up to you”. You don't … it's not like you reach 17 and suddenly you don't need any help anymore': a study into post-16 pastoral support for 'Aimhigher students'

Becoming visible in Iran: women in contemporary Iranian society

Orient et Occident; Folk Song Suite; Incantation and Dance

Red power: Native Americans in the 1960s and 70s

The role of culture in English language education: key challenges

Why gender, the professions and the press now?

Triptychs, eternity and the spirituality of the Body

Young people, class and place

''Army, Navy, Medicine, Law/Church, Nobility, Nothing at All'': Towards the study of gender, the professions and the press in the nineteenth-century

''The shadow which I call pain'': Mary Cholmondeley and the dilemma of bodily weakness

Deepen[ing] the power and horror of the original: Caroline Clive’s Paul Ferroll as descendant of Jane Eyre

The value of play: constructions of play in government policy in England

Debt maturity structure and the 1997 Asian financial crisis

Beyond knowing how to make it work: the conceptual foundations of designing

Inadvertent systemic risk in financial networks: venture capital and institutional funds

The changing role of live entertainment at English seaside resorts at the beginning of the twenty-first century

Perceived changes associated with autogenic training for anxiety: a grounded theory study

Active citizenship: a preliminary study into student teacher understandings

Civic republicanism and contestatory deliberation: framing pupil discourse within citzenship education

Explaining sustained inequalities in ethnic minority school exclusions in England—passive racism in a neoliberal grip

Ground rules for talk: the acceptable face of prescription

Is combining child labour and school education the right approach? Investigating the Cambodian case

Transformational experiences and deep learning: the impact of an intercultural study visit to India on UK initial teacher education students

Evaluating monitoring systems in the European social fund context: a sociotechnical approach

Digitising criminal justice in England and Wales: revisiting information-growth dynamics

Collaborative research and the compilation of the Dictionary of Nineteenth-Century Journalism

Occupational therapy students’ attitudes towards individuals with disabilities: a comparison between Australia, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the United States

Health and social care responses to the Department of Health heatwave plan

Salvaging the self in adult learning

Women managers in higher education: experiences from the UK

Mule cognition: a case of hybrid vigour?

Use of Vapotherm for respiratory support with neonates

Students' perceptions of undertaking workplace tasks within a foundation degree: health and social care

Neonatal guidelines: A positive force or an instant turnoff?

Pre-school overweight and obesity in England

Reporting trauma and emergency plain film radiographs: Radiologist support for role extension of South African radiographers

Incidence and location of diabetic foot ulcer recurrence

Initial image interpretation of appendicular skeletal radiographs: A comparison between nurses and radiographers

Radiographic interpretation of the appendicular skeleton: A comparison between casualty officers, nurse practitioners and radiographers

Attitudes of a sample of zoo visitors and professionals towards the conservation of the maned wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus) in the southeast of Brazil

Assessments of parenting and parenting support need: a study of four professional groups

Training for parenting support

The lived experience of mental health service users in a UK community rehabilitation scheme

"You've got it, you may have it, you haven't got it": Multiplicity, heterogeneity, and the unintended consequences of HIV-related tests

Psychotropic medications

Making decisions about care: What it means for hospice in-patients with terminal, progressive disease

Sport, masculinities and the body: an exploration

Transcending the heteronormative in sport: masculine sporting identities, sexuality and in/exclusive practices

Sport, masculinities and the body

Young offenders' experiences of traumatic life events: a qualitative investigation.

Participant experiences of a mindfulness-based cognitive therapy group for cardiac rehabilitation

Improving middle school climate through teacher-centered change

The world picture

Teachers as readers: building communities of readers

Towards an understanding of 'well-being' in the Foundation Phase

ESRC/TLRP (WERN) The Foundation Phase: a policy review

Working together for young children: messages from research

Children's participation in democratic decision-making: outcomes evidence

The current and future markets for Playwork NVQs

Children's views of their workforce

Students' decisions about their education and careers

Foundations of character: developing character and value in the early years: report summary

Long-term environmental impact of coral mining at the Wakatobi marine park, Indonesia

Stylistic diversity in European state 1 : 50 000 topographic maps

Leading and managing continuing professional development

Facilitating resource discovery in grid environments with peer-to-peer structured tuple spaces

'Nightscapes and leisure spaces': an ethnographic study of young people's use of free space

The effects of training on gross efficiency in cycling: a review

Fitness cultures and environmental (in)justice?

Behavioural change in type 1 diabetes self-management: Why and how?

The Channel Habitat Atlas for Marine Resource Management (CHARM): an aid for planning and decision-making in an area under strong anthropogenic pressure

Body reflexive pleasures: exploring bodily experiences within the context of sport and physical activity

Social support and intellectual disabilities: a comparison between social networks of adults with intellectual disability and those with physical disability

Relationships between magical thinking, obsessive-compulsiveness and other forms of anxiety in a sample of non-clinical children

Crystallising experiences among young elite dancers

Web services discovery with rough sets

Academic freedom and the diminished subject

Synthesis, characterization, and fluorescence behaviour of four novel macrocyclic emissive ligands containing a flexible 8-hydroxyquinoline unit

Natural variation in gene expression in the early development of dauer larvae of Caenorhabditis elegans

Domestic cats (Felis catus) do not show causal understanding in a string-pulling task

Factors associated with physical activity referral completion and health outcomes

Shifting cultures: managerialism and the rise of “performance”

The crusade over the bodies of women

Exploiting anionic and cationic interactions with a new emissive imine-based β-naphthol molecular probe

Acupuncture for schizophrenia: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Effect of the Rotor crank system on cycling performance

Digital investigation as a distinct discipline: a pedagogic perspective

A missed opportunity waiting to happen? The social legacy potential of the London 2012 Paralympic Games

Public health and physical activity

SEXERCISE: heterosexuality and femininity in Jane Fonda’s fitness books 1980-1990

Focus groups and young peoples' views of the Olympic and Paralympic Games

Archival analysis and Olympic research

Olympic research and qualitative media analysis

Fit bodies and intersectionality: the experiences of older Indian women in English fitness gyms

Fat bodies in sport and leisure: discourse of resistance and change?

Giving yourself a good beating: appraisal, attribution, rumination, and counterfactual thinking

Contemplating fatness in the fitness field

A survey of athletes' counterfactual thinking: precursors, prevalence and consequences

'Nothing to do': the impact of poverty on pupils' learning identities within out-of-school activities

Educational relationships and their impact on poverty

Development and change of gender-based prejudice

Birds of a feather flock together? Experimental evidence on partner choice from ambivalent sexism theory

Evaluating e-government in Malaysia: an importance-performance grid analysis (IPA) of citizens and service providers

Assessing research mindedness in practice placements of MA social work students

Development of a study to collect views on service delivery from children & young people affected by child sexual abuse: management of ethical issues

An evaluation of a national network of projects to support children and families who have experienced sexual abuse

Measuring appropriate outcomes in evaluating interventions for families recovering from child sexual abuse

Geopolitical awareness: geographic knowledge and maps in the news

Avoiding prejudice in dealing with cultural difference: a critical cosmopolitan approach

Interrogating the concept of stereotypes in intercultural communication

English as a lingua franca: “non-native speakers” and cosmopolitan realities

Movement and coordination resources for quality first teaching

Postural management in mainstream primary schools: the views of teachers and teaching assistants

Excellence in clinical practice

A-Z of postural care: how to have a good posture when sitting, standing, exercising and relaxing, a guide for teachers and parents and everyone

Post compulsory withdrawal rates amongst Aimhigher students

Evaluation of the Charlton Athletic Community Scheme

Can you hear us?: The effectiveness of European Works Councils as a mechanism of employee voice for Hungarian workers of PrintCo

World-views: art and canonical images in the geographical and life sciences

The cosmopolitan nature of culture and implications for creative autonomy in English language education

Analysis of beach morphology - airborne or terrestrial laser scanning

The use of LiDAR in digital surface modelling: issues and errors

Blanks on the map... is geographical knowledge in decline?

The new flat-earthers

Competing women: media representations of femininity and national identification at the Olympic Games in Athens 2004

Technologies of power, governmentality and Olympic discourses: a Foucauldian analysis for understanding the discursive constructions of the Olympic ideology

“Normal” and “inappropriate” childhood sexual behaviours: findings from a Delphi study of professionals in the United Kingdom

Q methodology and a Delphi Poll: a useful approach to researching a narrative approach to therapy

The palliative care experiences of adults with learning disabilities/intellectual disability: The implications of ethical decision making

The peacock's tail of altruism

Preparing for practice: an evaluation of an undergraduate social work 'Preparation for Practice' module

Attitudes regarding mental health nurse prescribing among psychiatrists and nurses: A cross-sectional questionnaire study

Isolation: A threat and means of spatial control. Living with risk in a deprived neighbourhood

EAT: What the teachers said

Alpha neurofeedback training for performance enhancement: reviewing the methodology

Captive coyotes compared to their counterparts in the wild: does environmental enrichment help?

IAPT - More Pertinent Questions

Use your loaf: Open up choice

The role of psychological therapies in acute psychiatric care

Training ''IAPT'' psychological wellbeing practitioners about learning disabilities - a joint approach. Part 2: some reflections from an expert with experience

Training ''IAPT'' psychological wellbeing practitioners about learning disabilities - a joint approach. Part 1: planning and evaluation

Involving service users and carers in clinical psychology placements

Minding our clinical language - letter

Referrers' views of a psychological therapies service

Supporting parents and professionals

Using Cystatin C in the diagnosis of renal disease in the elderly

On becoming a manager in the renal care setting

Introduction to managing and leadership in the renal care setting

Should we be allowed to sell our organs to save people's lives?

Understanding systemic reviews

Occupational therapy in mainstream primary schools: an evaluation of a pilot project

Developing teachers' knowledge of children's literature: teachers as readers, phase II

Bacon's spiritual realism: the spirit in the body

Deleuze, philosophy and the materiality of painting

The 'feminine' university: exploring the possibilities of radically re-thinking higher education within a Cixousian theoretical framework

'Den ikh bin treyfe gevezn': body perceptions in seventeenth-century Jewish autobiographical texts

The Jewish body: corporeality, society, and identity in the Renaissance and early modern period

Negotiating the Belfast Agreement

Pearse's legacy: the partition of Ireland

Outlaws in Medieval and Early Modern England: crime, government and society, c.1066-1600

The Outlaw Hereward the Wake: His companions and enemies


King James as a religious writer

Symposium on critical approaches to coursebooks


Progress in sports tourism research? A meta-review and exploration of futures

The structure of (social) scientific contradictions: a commentary on the problem of paradigmatic behaviour by social scientists

Research quality in sport & exercise psychology: Introduction to the collection

Review of ''The Paralympic Games: empowerment or side show?''

Familiarisation and reliability of sprint test indices during laboratory and field assessment

Changes in cycling efficiency during a competitive season

Occurrence of injury during officer safety training at Kent Police

The aesthetic Olympic visions of Baron Pierre de Coubertin

The future of initial police training: a university perspective

Theorising corporate social responsibility as an essentially contested concept: is a definition necessary?

Factors affecting utility of Chilocorus nigritus (F.) (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) as a biocontrol agent.

Sex-specific differences in the synaptonemal complex in the genus Oreochromis (Cichlidae)

An Excel™ model of a radioactive series

The complete music for Solo Viola da Gamba by Gottfried Finger

Life is not always a cabaret: queer, working-class, magical realism in Marked for Life (1996), Does it Show? (1997) and Could it be Magic? (1999) by Paul Magrs

Tetovane Duse

Mala knjiga zamki (Serbian translation of A Little Book of Traps)

Geschichten aus dem Wilden Osten (German Translation of Tales from the Wild East by Bonne, E.)

Hotel Europa

Odbrani drami

Medusa laughs: birds, thieves and other unruly women

Young people, drugs and alcohol consumption

#320390 from Pacemakers

The patterns of venture capital investment in the UK bio-healthcare sector: the role of proximity, cumulative learning and specialisation

Naked writing in the academy

Can you hear us?: the effectiveness of European works councils (EWCs) as a mechanism of employee voice for Hungarian workers of three multinational companies (MNCs) in the printing, chemical and food industries

Only connect: the auto/biographical, psychosocial imagination in researching lives

Claiming sustainable space: families, communities and learning, an auto/biographical perspective

Really reflexive practice: auto/biographical research and struggles for a critical reflexivity

Being a rara avis: the educational experiences of Bulgarian children in schools in London

Forging and fostering relationships in play: whose zone is it anyway?

New research directions in character and values education in the UK

Citizenship and Higher Education: the role of universities in communities and society

The Routledge education studies textbook

The Routledge education studies reader

Human resource solutions? Dimensions of employers' use of temporary agency labour in the UK

'Karma': The transformations of a Buddhist conundrum

Against ethical tourism

The legal issues relating to infection control

Stephen Lawrence as a miscarriage of justice

Crime, media and fear of crime

Late modernity, risk and the construction of fear of crime

Blackstone's student police officer handbook 2010

Understanding criminal investigation

Future challenges in criminal investigation

Criminal investigation in context

Forms of reasoning and the analysis of intelligence

Theories of criminal investigation

Research informed teaching: enhancing the teaching-research nexus in science disciplines

Weaknesses and possibilities to improve the Copine Scale

Lessons learned from Beijing for the London 2012

Cybercrime forensics: two views from opposite sides of the pond

Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Cybercrime Forensics Education and Training

Towards a wider application of systems approach in information systems and software engineering

Akkulturation und integration ethnischer gruppen

Modelli esplicativi del conflitto tra gruppi sociali

Stereotipi e pregiudizi in azione nell'attività sportiv

Mainstream marginality: ''non-orthodox'' medicine in an ''orthodox'' health service

The role of practice nurses


Medication management

A junior contract researcher

Conceptual and practical barriers to adaptation: vulnerability and responses to heat waves in the UK

The changing nature of Olympism in the modern Olympic era

Legal method, skills and reasoning

The use of a reflection tool in personal development plans in a Health and Social Care Foundation Degree

The human body: an introduction for the biomedical and health sciences

Supporting students in the perioperative environment

Collins keystart UK atlas

Strategic alternatives to exclusion from school

Primary English: teaching theory and practice

Primary English: knowledge and understanding

Space to reflect: creative leadership and the science of learning

Spooks: the unofficial history of MI5

Let the flowers go: a life of Mary Cholmondeley

Mary Cholmondeley reconsidered

Getting a grip on emotion regulation in sport: conceptual foundations and practical applications

Kings and lords in conquest Cornwall

Prostate kings: demonstrative kingship in late Anglo-Saxon charters

The Family of Wulfric Spott: a Mercian Marcher Dynasty

Queering the system: Baltimore, dissent, abnormality and subversion in The Wire

Remembering 1948 and 1968: Reflections on two pivotal years in Czech and Slovak History

Tony Blair as Prime Minister

From the Yoshida Letter to the unleashing of Chiang: the Asian Cold War and the origins of the Eden-Dulles feud, 1952-53

In search of the origins of the Eden-Dulles feud: Britain, America and the Cold War in East Asia, 1951-53

The potential of including the UK in comparisons with other European countries in research on teenage pregnancy

Professionalising investigation

Assessing performance: quantity or quality?

Introduction: a brief history of criminal investigation

Power ultrasound in the classroom: efficient methodology for the fast degradation of organic matter in urine

The Routledge companion to science fiction

Physiological responses during cycle time trials: variable versus constant power output

The effect of the Rotor crank system on time-trial cycling performance

Regional connectivity

Topographic maps: methodological approaches for analyzing cartographic style

A primary provision under occupation

Greater Dublin in the Celtic Tiger economy: towards a polycentric mega-city region?

Mixed methods studies: a guide to critical appraisal

How to succeed as a new renal nurse manager

Research round up

Research round up

Leadership and management skills in the renal unit

Research round up

Research round up

Which English?



Women's experience of the menopause and decision making concerning HRT

Fifty key figures in science fiction

The integration of music with other subject disciplines, particularly other art forms

The impact of change agents on the adoption of accrual accounting in government: a two-country comparison

Iain M. Banks

Inclusive psychology and social transformation: responding to the challenges of the new South Africa

Education, disability, and international development

Understanding the dialectics of the local and the global in education for all: a comparative case study

Research policy and governance in the United Kingdom: critical perspective and implications for South African Higher Education research

Behaviour for learning: proactive approaches to behaviour management

ESOL issues for teachers in the lifelong learning sector

Radical education: the past?

Improving the quality of schools for all: researching the impact of the Lao PDR inclusive education project 1993 - 2008

Inclusion: developing an effective whole school approach

Telling tales: moving from clients' stories to practitioners' stories in career and educational guidance interviews

Telling tales, the development of narrative approaches for career guidance in England: findings from a collaborative project

The narrative approach to career guidance

Narrative approaches for career guidance interviews

Narratives and careers guidance: from theory into practice

Trying something new: a narrative approach to career guidance

New works


Station wagon interior perspective

Fishing in Rangeley Lakes

Film score: Films of Emile Cohl - 'Black n White' series at Rag n Bone Co


An exploration of students' perceptions of writing at Masters level

The buddy scheme: an evaluation as an innovative education tool

Communicating and delivering psychosocial interventions with people experiencing psychosis

Spirituality and mental health

Power to our elbow - how clinical psychologists can use the DCP report on bipolar disorder

What next for the profession after IAPT? The future of clinical psychology

The effects of a high-protein, paleolithic-type diet on body composition and exercise performance in amateur mixed martial artists

Inequalities in the training and implementation of cardiac rehabilitation in the United Kingdom

Romani mobilities in the context of the new EU: what could or should the EU be doing?

Early numeracy: mathematical activities for 3 to 5 year olds

Music and the Rose Review: In praise of the wordless

'Seen and not heard': The dissentient child in early Twentieth Century British fiction

The child in its time

Political correctness and higher education: British and American perspectives

Parenting, caring and educating


The composer–performer relationship in the music of Peter Maxwell Davies

Teaching through the tension - responding to personalised, values based conflict between social work students

Unadulterated childhood and the Edwardian bestseller: Henry de Vere Stacpoole's ''The Blue Lagoon''

Reality writing: The historical equine context of Black Beauty

Boston, Chicago, or an Equine Grail?: Early American editions of Black Beauty and the Quest for a pre-1890 publication

Dark horses: The lives of Anna Sewell and Black Beauty

Liberating tasks for teaching grammar

Postmodern investigations and falls from grace: the case of Christopher Boone in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

Discourses of Dover Haven: The interface between pragmatic and literary narratives of Dover in the late Sixteenth Century

Drama in language teaching

An actor's approach to teaching language and communication

Affect in language teaching: a perfomance approach

Teacher identity and performance teaching

Mentoring english language teachers

Teacher cognition and language education: research and practice

Pattern, colour and form

Six new works

Canterbury art fair group show

Then and now


Euphemia MacTavish on Prints

Taking the long view of an ideal world

Fine art & antiques

One man show

Amelia Stein, Photographs

One man show catalogue

Irish arts review

Royal Hibernian Academy 179th Annual Exhibition

Introducing new types of assessment within the discipline of history

Lexical approach to grammar

The English between the music on Malaysian radio stations

The English between the music on Malaysian radio stations

The promotion of critical thinking through the use of an online discussion board

The dangerous rise of therapeutic education

The international currency of ideas: Anglo-Dutch translation and the Amsterdam book trade

''The Catalogue of Good Kings'': Instructing King James VI&I in his English Heritage

''But why write them down[?]'': Mary Cholmondeley's diaries and the violation of the female artist

''Murderous impulse'': Children as victims of violance in Mary Cholmondeley's major fiction

The materials world: culture and the English language textbook in the 21st century

The ownership of English and the politics of international student culture

A critical qualitative methodology for getting to the bottom of cultural realities

A critical cosmopolitan picture of cultural reality and autonomy

The student voice - students’ experience of Blackboard

A quality education for all: a history of the Lao PDR education project 1993-2009

Mind the gap: staff empowerment through digital literacy

Delivering guidance in a group setting: optimising the potential for personal learning and development in a group context

Effective group work with young people: delivering personal learning and development in the guidance group context

Effective group work with young people

Learning and unlearning

Get a shot: New visions: Promoting Progression in Photography

Ever present absence: Spaces of the other in cinema

Relay of Joy: Cybernetic assemblies; nonrepresentational theory and embodied media geographies

The state of the professions/professional states 1850-1900

''Why not indeed?'': Ouida's The Massarenes (1897) and the Lure of Modernity

The Tyger Behind the Screen - Narrative suspension and the real in Bill Viola's The Messenger, and Mark Rothko's Late Paintings

What happens when nothing occurs in the films of Terence Malick

Unimportant failures: The fall and rise of the man who fell to Earth

Machines extraordinaires: Going beyond the Gernsback-Campbell Continuum in Seventies Science Fiction

Saying the words you can't say on television on television: Dysphemism and the poetics of ''bad'' language

Peeling, crashing, crying and electric love: The discovery of male homosexuality in 1970s science fiction

Loving that which you can lose: Solaris, the Seventies and the Science Fiction Art Film

Tunisia country profile

''Insider Voices'': Critical reflections on auto ethnography and edgework in the study of young people

Noise, memory, monotony and drones: The sound of film technology

White Noise: The representation of Modernity in the films of Bai Jing-rui

White Noise: The representation of Modernity in the films of Bai Jing-rui

White Noise: The representation of Modernity in the films of Bai Jing-rui

Disorganising organised sound: The silent modernity of Walter Ruttman's Weekend

Deleuze on Bacon's Triptychs

Claire Morgan: The sculpture of liminal time

How to explain sculpture to a dead owl

The Tet Offensive

Key US decisions for war in Vietnam, 1961-65

Franklin Roosevelt: Founding father of the Atlantic Alliance?

Prohibition in the USA, 1920-33

Introduction to the Canadian papers of the 4th Earl of Minto, Governor General of Canada, 1898-1904

Prostrate kings? Symbolic communication and late Anglo-Saxon politics

Wulfric Spott: a Mercian Marcher Lord?

Charters, ritual and late-Tenth Century English Kingship


Lessons from the Troubles

The missing dimension in the Northern Ireland Peace Process: IRA containment and British counter-insurgency/terrorism strategies

The missing dimension: British State repression and the Northern Ireland Peace Process

The missing dimension in the Northern Ireland Peace Process: IRA containment and British counter-insurgency/terrorism strategies

Did internment work?

Kent in the English Civil Wars 1640-1649

Commemorating the 6th of August: The Jesus Day Assize Sermons in Exeter Cathedral

Julius Brenchley: Nineteenth and twenty-first century British perspectives on Native Americans

What do we know about large scale learning spaces and pedagogy? Exploring research opportunities in Augustine House

Augustine House: Scenarios for learning spaces

Musical contexts and the Habsburg Rehabilitation of Czech Saints

Notational issues and the evocation of the ''Barbaric Beauty'' of Moravian folk music in the Seventeenth Century

Concert life in London in the early 18th century

Transcription of Delius cello sonata for viola

Transcription of Delius cello sonata for viola

Transcription of Delius cello sonata for viola

Transcription of Delius cello sonata for viola

Transcription of Delius cello sonata for viola

Transcription of Delius cello sonata for viola

The Return of Odysseus: Literary and musical approaches to exile, nostalgia and return in Nikos Skalkottas's life and work

Singing for health: an overview of the work of the Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health

What do singers say about the effects of choral singing on physical health?

Mendelssohn: A life through performance

Maxwell Davies and performer/composer relationship

Singing on prescription

Handel's Messiah

Lauridsen's O Magnum Mysterium, Gabrielli's O Magnum Mysterium & Paval Kajan's Our Father

Whitaker's Sleep & Rheinberger's Mass in Eb

Handel's Zadok & Rheinberger's Mass in Eb

The sea; This is a song; String is a pecular thing

Finzi: My spirit

Finzi: My spirit

Weelkes: Hosanna, Coath come my way

Weelkes: Hosanna, Coath come my way

Weelkes: Hosanna, Coath come my way

Finzi: My spirit

Hosannah Britten, Flower Songs

Mass in Eb

Handel, Finzi, Weelkes

The Mighty Voice

Tallis spem in alium

Trio in Eb (Beethoven), Trio in A Minor (Brahms)

Chance incantation and dance

Finding Katherine Mansfield

As it was bright for flute, vibraphone, cello and electronics

Address as incoming Warden of Composers and Performers Section

Luciano Berio Folksongs


Ô saisons, ô chateaux (for soprano, string quartet and electronic keyboard)

Momentary Horizons

A chain of wonders

Ô saisons, ô chateaux (for soprano, string quartet and electronic keyboard)

Pat Metheny's Finger Routes


Wine Styles

L.A. Chillharmonic

Making tracks



Fusion ensemble

Fusion ensemble

The pathway to success: Exploring the relationship between ends and means in instrumental lessons

Apprenticeship in music

From the Whitneys to Westworld: cinema, computers and the ''Expanded Field'' of media archaeology

Shooting stars in the new sky

The Generation Game: Exploding the myth behind the Google and Net Generations

The globalization of Tibetan Buddhism: Contemporary Karma bKa' brgyud movements between modernism and tradition

Laicity, modernity and orthodoxy in contemporary convert karma bKa' brgyud movements

Teaching theology in a modern university: transition and progression

John, Qumran and Virtuoso Religion

Electronics in Live Performance



Burn Like Icarus

Mixtape Zen

Mixtape Zen

Nocturne for BJM

Nocturne for BJM

Nocturne for BJM

Nocturne for BJM

After Scarletti

After Scarlatti

Machine's Song

The Films of Emile Cohl

Films of Emile Cohl

Master Box

The Ingenious Mr Finger

Lyotard and Levinas: the logic of obligation

1948 and 1968: dramatic milestones in Czech and Slovak history

Salve Regina by Pavel Vejvanovsky (c. 1633-1694)

Towards an understanding of well-being

Making sense of the foundation phase for Wales: the challenges of multiple meanings

Moving outside: exploring pedagogy in the outdoor environment

The introduction of Early Years Professional Status in England

The South-East coastal communities programme

Exploring resilience

Deconstructing alien geography

Obama and Iran: Sanctions, the slow death of the Iranian nation

Narratives of resistance and change in Iran

Emerging forms in masculinity in Iran: The exploration of the body as a resource by young men for meaning-making, and resisting, contesting, and re-defining identities

Senior women managers in higher education: Case studies from the UK

Developing research identities: Effective mentoring for teacher educators

Comparing transitions: the professional development of teacher educators in the UK and Greece

Developing a typology of youth-led innovation and its potential economic and social impact: a review of the literature and a proposed framework for youth-led innovation

Assessment of young carers' needs in the Canterbury district

Masters of the game: Teacher educators and the M level PGCE

Personal narratives and professional stories

In search of Sophia

Agency, enquiry and inclusion in school improvement

Creativity, challenge and change

Reflections on the meaning of wisdom and knowledge

Transformative education: Biographical perspectives South East Kent

The character and formation of young people in schools 14-16

Delivering the Public Health Agenda: What needs to be done to effectively harness the voluntary and community sector's contribution

Review of breaches of security in a low secure mental health unit

Caregivers support within forensic mental health services: A multi-site evaluation

What are the reasons for the publication or non-publication of nursing research?

Carnivore v people conflict: The maned wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus) in the Southeast of Brazil

Reporting by radiographers: Neurological magnetic resonance imaging examinations of the head and cervical spine

Where are we and where are we going with CPD? - A supportive journey

Appreciative inquiry: an alternative to problem based learning?

Introducing appreciative inquiry into a problem based learning occupational therapy programme

Using outcome measures to influence the design of a referral priority system

MPI (Myocardial Perfusion Imaging) stress/rest test. Is there a need for the patient to have a fatty meal?

Daily production of MAA (mycosporine-like amino acids) - Assessment of the cost, radiation doses to staff and time X scan availability

Contexts of participation interactive resource

Generating solution focused questions

Contexts of participation

A collaborative potential curriculum for IPE: a novel approach to learning for collaborative practice

Carers' strategy for activity engagement of people with dementia in daily activity

The journey of carers' decision-making on engaging people with dementia with activities

Silver song clubs - how do they work?

Occupational therapy for children with developmental coordination disorder

Heatwaves in the UK: Impacts & policy responses

Survey of paediatric occupational therapists' understanding of the overlapping nature of developmental coordination disorder, joint hypermobility syndrome and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

An analysis of the East Kent Outcome System for use in intermediate care

Fostering critical thinking for primary teacher training in Malaysia

Developing 21st Century primary teachers through international collaboration: Fostering critical thinking for primary teacher training in Malaysia

Using biographical methods in social research

Is self-reflection an emotional experience? Rethinking the use of video in the primary science classroom

Migrant children's learning experiences in the UK

Contradictions in the internationalisation of higher education - principles and aspirations curtailed

Internationalising teacher education - a critical case study

Grappling with global perspectives

Health, happiness and the global dimension: Reflections on research in psychology and on affective neuroscience

Children's hopes and fears for the world in 2050

My UK map

Collins Keystart World Atlas

Evaluation of the Charlton Athletic Social Inclusion Project

Research into post 16 transition amongst Aimhigher Kent

Widening participation strategic assessment: An institutional perspective

Two part equality & diversity tool: Embedding equality and diversity within self-assessment

Two part equality & diversity tool: Embedding equality and diversity within self-assessment

Home is: Where my family is

White Other: Case study of an immigrant child

Class consciousness, identity and the motivation to teach

Class consciousness, identity and the motivation to teach

Child labour, education policy and governance in Cambodia


Eating Abroad Together Project: Canterbury Christ Church University

Working development and natural alliances

Caring for children and families receiving palliative care: A phenomenological study

Caring for children and families receiving palliative care: A phenomenological study

Student voices: An exploratory study into final year midwifery students' lived experiences of learning to become a midwife whilst studying on an interprofessional learning programme

Student voices: An exploratory study into final year midwifery students' lived experiences of learning to become a midwife whilst studying on an interprofessional learning programme

Adolescent sexual health

Healthy young men

''Right time, right place, right person'': Sex and relationships education for people with a learning disability

How individuals use singing in a group in response to adverse life events

The value of singing for breathing

South East Arts and Health: Challenges facing a regional arts and health organisation

Developing a progressive research programme for Arts and Health: Illustrations from the work of the Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health

Findings of the health mapping project in Shepway

Evaluation of paramedic practitioners

Evaluation of GPStR (GP Speciality Training Registrars) placement in PCT (Primary Care Trust) project

Risk and protection: CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) use in the NHS

Expert versus lay risk discourses in public health: Implications for disease prevention

Risk, rationality and culpability: Who is really to blame if you die of a heart attack?

Service user and carer involvement in clinical psychology doctoral training: Training as a professional and remaining human

Critical perspectives on personal and professional development

The art museum as a health promoting environment

The clinical psychologist's role in the Osteo-Odonto Kerato Prosthesis Clinic(OOKP): A one year review

Using photovoice within a community-based intergenerational intervention

Gallery as laboratory: Experiments in new social practices

Creating an evidence base for using found objects in healthcare via art, art therapy and clinical psychology

Psychology of women in the UK

Intellectual disabilities - UK historical cycles

Intellectual disabilities - UK historical cycles

Women and intellectual disabilities - a historical perspective

External examining - good practice

Narrative therapy: Definition and practice in the UK: A Q-methodological study

Mental Capacity Act and the deprivation of liberties safeguards

Safeguarding vulnerable adults in the NHS

Safeguarding vulnerable adults in the NHS

The Mental Capacity Act in practice

Intervening in families where there are issues of abuse

Challenging sexuality: Safeguarding the rights of women with intellectual disabilities: an agenda for mainstream agencies

Supporting people with intellectual disabilities who are dying: what care staff need to know

The work of the Council of Europe in promoting the rights of people with intellectual disabilities

Human rights and protection from abuse

Parents who murder their disabled sons and daughters

Serious case review into events surrounding the death of Mr. A

Serious case review into events surrounding the death of Mrs J

The service user as an educator: Reflections on emerging identities, challenges and achievements

What is the meaning of family-centred Admiral Nursing to carers?

The listening capsule

Navigating in a changing landscape: a social work academic's experience of leading service user and carer involvement in the social work curriculum

Pre-registration nurse training in the UK

Medication management

Approved mental health professional training evaluation

Improving health behaviours

Enhancing adherence with treatment

The post-discharge experiences of patients following surgery for colorectal cancer: A question of support

Personal tutoring: Having our say

Pharmacology of COPD, medications and inhaler technique

Psychosocial aspects of wound healing

Management of traumatic wounds

Illness perceptions, treatment beliefs and the relationship to self-care in heart failure: A self-regulatory approach

Methodological issues and inferences about the structure of illness perceptions: New findings from three qualitative research studies in illness perceptions

Illness perceptions, treatment beliefs and the relationship to self-care in health failure: a self-regulatory approach

Methodological issues about the structure of illness perceptions: Findings from qualitative studies

Team working in the renal setting

Do commercial web-based learning packages help student nurses learn anatomy and physiology?

Do commercial web-based learning packages help student nurses learn anatomy and physiology?

Do commercial web-based learning packages help student nurses learn anatomy and physiology?

Facilitating the journey from expert to novice: supporting new academic staff in health and social care

An HE work-based learning project - diagnosing, supporting and validating learning in the workplace, developing transdisciplinary roles

Developing the child care workforce through collaboration: friend or foe?

Pedal forces and gross efficiency in cyclists

The diffusion of International and Olympic sport through regional games: A comparison of pre- and post-Second war contexts

London 2012, governmentality and youth

The Olympic reformations in the history of the modern Olympic movement

Policing as politics

Policing as social engineering : Reflections on the ''Hamsterdam'' experiment

From liberal to democratic policing: Is there a role for toleration within contemporary policing?

How a mediation clinic can inform the curriculum

Applying for your first academic job

Conducting research interviews in a policing context

Investigating crime: The detective versus the investigative journalist

An evaluation of the Broadstairs dispersal area

Climate change: Global warming in its climatic context

Interim report: An evaluation of adult prison RJ (Restorative Justice) mediation

An evaluation of the Broadstairs dispersal area

Restorative justice in prisons

Africa and climate change

Quantifying the spatial distribution of sap-sucking insects in heterogeneous environments - a non-destructive sampling strategy

Executive summary of the economic flow analysis for the 2008 BUPA Great South Run in Portsmouth and Southsea

Risk analysis associated with endrocrine disruption in the Manche regions

Clusters within clusters. A multiscalar analysis of the clustering of economic activity in the British urban system

Influence of population structure and strains of Aspidiotus nerii on olfactory responses of Chilocorus nigritus

Extraction and purification of Eranthis hyemalis (Winter aconite) tuber lectin using thiourea as an antioxidant

Using a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to support undergraduate research in sciences

The impact of extrinsic factors on the success of group-based assignments in undergraduate courses

Teaching European law enforcement forensic scripting using bash

Teaching ''Linux as a Forensic Tool'' (Online) to European Law Enforcement

P2P DDoS: Challenges and Countermeasures

Distributed indexing for resource discovery in P2P(Peer to Peer) networks

P2P(peer to peer) network-targeted DDoS(distributed denial-of-service attacks)

Spam and social effects

TCP/IP networking protocols

Wireless sensor networks - an introduction

Application of grid computing for fighting cybercrime

Lessons learned from Beijing for the London 2012 Olympics

Cybercrime forensics

Computer law and the problems of enforcing it

Cybercrime and the London 2012 Olympics

Cybercrime and the London 2012 Olympics

Cybercrime forensics and the London 2012 Olympics

Neurofeedback as a mechanism to enhance the performance of healthy participants

Gypies/travellers, community and social segregation

Barack Obama: Tidal change or racial token?

Language in animals: What science knows about dog intelligence

Mules are clever

Testing the scope of empathy

The psychology of victimhood: Competitive victimhood in intergroup relations

Forgiving perpetrators of extreme acts of violence: The role of empathy

Can empathizing with a person who is a source of menace improve specific attitudes towards that person?

We are whom we forgive

Is identification equivalent to acculturation? Dynamics of ethnicity and wellbeing among British primary schoolers

What aspects of context are relevant for negation processing? An event-related potential study

What constitutes a relevant context for processing negation? An event-related potential study

What constitutes a relevant context for processing negation

An analysis of the British public's concerns regarding climate change legistration

Romani integration in the new EU

Familiarity breeds contentment: Enabling student transitions into HE through taking a holistic approach approach to level IV delivery

Soft, strong and very, very long: An integrated approach to fostering student retention and success

Making politics matter: Teaching politics in a knowledge transfer context

Corner shops, NICE guidelines and mothers of invention: Clinical psychology and public policy

Understanding suicide

The history and future of clinical psychology

Primary school case study on physical education's contribution to physical activity levels

Primary school case study on physical education's contribution to physical activity levels

Developing sports tourism knowledge: Foundational concepts, current research and future opportunities

Sport, tourism and events in the city

The relationship between EMG and either heart rate or blood pressure during a single-leg incremental isometric exercise test

Can 4 weeks of isometric exercise lower resting blood pressure in young, healthy, active men?

Effect of isometric exercise training on resting blood pressure: A meta-analysis of controlled trials

Factors associated with exercise referral scheme success

Developing a physical activity, sport and health legacy from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games

The postmodern heritage city: From real to fake: Visual methodology

The postmodern heritage city: From real to fake

The timelessness of the postmodern heritage city

Counterfactuals: Contexts and consequences

The promise of the 2012 games: Social impacts of the paralympics

Paralympic potential - the opportunity and the risk

Combining qualitative and quantitative research methods to investigate how meaningful change in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services can be achieved

How useful is the Child and Adolescent Service Experience (ChASE) questionnaire in generating service improvements: the practitioners' perspective

The Child and Adolescent Service Experience (ChASE) questionnaire: Developing a meaningful quality and outcomes tool for CAMHS

Evaluation of e-safety materials for initial teacher training: can 'Jenny's Story' make a difference?

The rhythm's gonna get ya' - background music in primary classrooms and its effect on behaviour and attainment

Mapping the field: a review of the current research evidence on the impact of schools with a Christian ethos

Evidence informed practice in Primary Education: an unintended but valuable resource


Aligning the ducks: sustaining the quality of CAA in a period of growing demand

The poetics of experience: a first-person creative and critical investigation of self-experience and the writing of poetry

Understanding suicide

The failure of multinational food retailers in Japan: a matter of convenience?

Clinical reporting by radiographers in the UK

The ICT Curriculum Review – towards an ITTE response

Transformational experiences and deep learning: the impact of an overseas study visit on UK initial teacher education students

Performance in the eighteenth century

Learning to weave an article using Blackboard threads

The end of the beginning: the history and future for clinical psychology

Women and education: aspirations and boundaries

A critical analysis of the personal and professional development of majority and minority group clinical psychologists: power, difference and identities

iBorrow research report (pedagogic)

Von Dayton über Sarajewo nach Brüssel

Power-sharing revisited: lessons learned in the Balkans

The pub as a virtual football fandom venue: an alternative to 'being there'?

The locality health and social care mapping project Shepway qualitative report presented to East Coast Kent Public Engagement Directorate and the PCT Board as part of the full Shepway mapping report

Deleuze and Bacon: triptychs, eternity and the spirituality of the body

The ownership of English and the politics of international student culture

A critical cosmopolitan picture of cultural reality and autonomy

Philip K. Dick

Jean Baudrillard


The South East Coastal Communities Programme (SECC): improving health and wellbeing through partnership working between universities and communities

North Carolina and Nat Turner: honour and violence in a slave insurrection scare

Black and white masculinity in the American South, 1800-2000

Introduction to 'Mary Cholmondeley reconsidered'

Rambo America resisted: intertextual politics in Oliver Stone’s Salvador (1986) and Platoon (1986)

Demythologising urban landscapes in Andreas

Considering the implication of variations within Delphi research

Reviewing ecopsychology research: exploring five databases and considering the future

Components of mindfulness in patients with chronic pain

Human potential: exploring techniques used to enhance human performance

A quality education for all: the history of the LAO PDR inclusive education project 1993 - 2009

Discretion and decision making

Reviewing rape and rape allegations in London: what are the vulnerabilities of the victims who report to the police?

Reflections from a Police Research Unit: an inside job

Too little too late: assessing vulnerability

Coping during a pandemic

Interpreting the Diamond Way: contemporary convert Buddhism in transition

Negotiating constructions of 'insider’ / ‘outsider’ status and exploring the significance of dis/connections

Career learning and development: a bridge to the future

Becoming eco-responsible, active citizens through participation in the eco ambassadors project: a reflective analysis

How technology for comprehension training can support conversation towards the joint construction of meaning

The IAG needs of students taking 14-19 Diplomas

From multiprofessional working to interprofessional working: a case study of a young person in transition

A coming recruitment crunch for young people

Product placement's rise can be good for brand and viewer

Transcriptional changes produced by the bacterial effector protein AvrPtoB

Review of the advice, advocacy and volunteering services commissioned by the City of London Corporation

The number and transmission of [PSI+] prion seeds (Propagons) in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Mapping of the ligand-binding site on the b′ domain of human PDI: interaction with peptide ligands and the x-linker region

The ligand-binding b' domain of human protein disulphide-isomerase mediates homodimerization

The imperial marriage of Isabella of England, Henry III's sister

Writing the Sixties into Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland into the Sixties

Settlements in unended conflicts: the case of Cyprus

Referendum briefing paper no. 17: the second referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon in the Republic of Ireland, 2nd October 2009

Ireland's no to Lisbon: learning the lessons from the failure of the yes and the success of the no side

On reflection

Opposing Europe in Estonia: society trumps politics

Children and young people's views of their workforce

Ireland, Britain and Europe: lessons from Lisbon

Ireland’s second vote on Lisbon


Twenty-first century children's views of angels

Magnificent entrances and undignified exits: chronicling the symbolism of castle space in Normandy

A quality education for all: a history of the Lao PDR Inclusive Education Project 1993-2009

Evaluating the participation in occupations service user and carer mini-conferences: a research informed teaching project

Deliberative democracy and the improvement of children’s rational thinking

Identification and characteristics of surge-type glaciers on Novaya Zemlya, Russian Arctic

Identification and characteristics of surge-type glaciers on Novaya Zemlya, Russian Arctic

Recent changes in glacier extent and climate on Novaya Zemlya, Russian Arctic

Identification and characteristics of surge-type glaciers on Novaya Zemlya, Russian Arctic

Primary school pilot case study on physical education’s contribution to physical activity levels

Do physical education lessons increase physical activity levels of primary aged children? - Preliminary findings

The political construction of social inclusion through Further Education policy (1997 – 2007)

Orchestrating the experience: authorship of the soul. The case of Mag Nation Melbourne

The passion for educating the ‘‘New Man’’: debates about preschooling in Soviet Russia, 1917–1925

ENP and EMP: the geopolitics of 'enlargement lite'

Drug effect unveils inter-head cooperativity and strain-dependent ADP release in fast skeletal actomyosin

Alternative exon 9-encoded relay domains affect more than one communication pathway in the Drosophila myosin head

Does international engagement enhance intercultural understanding in primary schools? They may call it 'Wasser' but we know it's water really!

Spontaneous gene flow and population structure in wild and cultivated chicory, Cichorium intybus L.

Molecular markers for the identification of resistance genes and marker-assisted selection in breeding wheat for leaf rust resistance

The affective quality of human-natural environment relationships

Investigating environmental identity, well-being, and meaning

An examination of the head and shoulders technical pattern; A support of the technical analysis’s subjective nature

Comparative genomics in chicken and Pekin duck using FISH mapping and microarray analysis

Community activism and empowerment of Turkish-speaking migrant women in London

Editorial: User involvement and empowerment in health care practices with ethnic minority and migrant groups: a community approach

'No one knows like we do' - the narratives of mental health service users trained as researchers

Life on film

Modeling P2P grid information services with colored Petri nets

A grouped P2P network for scalable grid information services

Attitudes of zoo visitors and professionals towards the conservation of the maned wolf in southeast Brazil

Pixar: the hyphenation of Disney

When the ‘other’ becomes ‘us’: mediated representations, ‘terrorism’ and the ‘war on terror’

Agambian biopolitics and bare life

Human rights in sport

Eternal town servants: civic elections and the Stuppeny tombs of New Romney and Lydd

Oryzomys couesi en el sureste de México: estimaciones genéticas y filogeográficas

Relationships between leisure-time energy expenditure and individual coping strategies for shift-work

Prior exercise lowers blood pressure during simulated night-work with different meal schedules

Ordnance survey and cartographic style: keeping the good view

Cartographic language and the good view: understanding stylistic diversity in European state topographic maps

Reconstructing the map: post‐communist cartographic identities in Latvia and Slovenia

New language, new identity? cartography in post‐independence Latvia and Slovenia

The Soviet city plans of Southampton and Portsmouth

The Mediation Clinic at Canterbury Christ Church University: report and evaluation

Prisoners’ gang-related activity: the importance of bullying and moral disengagement