The extent of delay of cognitive, language and motor development of HIV positive infants

Infection control violations among those involved in the provision of health care: biopsychosocial, ethical and human rights issues

Fermentation of syngas to ethanol without media replacement

Segmental testicular infarction. Conservative management is feasible and safe: part 2

Key clinical issues in renal cancer: a challenge for proteomics

Unusual squamous cell carcinoma of the scrotum arising from a well healed, innocuous scar of an infertility procedure: a case report

Limitations of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy

Omental metastasis with malignant ascites: an unusual manifestation of prostatic adenocarcinoma

Practical applications of theatre in primary and secondary education

Dramatization. The toolkit of the theatre facilitator (in Greek)

Breaking down the stereotypes: gender and achievement in schools

Identity and dilemma:the ‘native speaker’ English language teacher in a globalising world

Practicable approaches to facilitate rapid and accurate molecular cytogenetic mapping in birds and mammals

The coaching act: interview with Chris Volley

Religious life in Normandy: space, gender and social pressure, c.1050-1300

Tarantino the cartoonist

Proteomic identification of secreted proteins as surrogate markers for signal transduction inhibitor activity

Using the built environment to generate musical composition

'When running is something you dread': a cognitive-behavioural intervention to assist a club runner regulate pre-competitive anxiety

Thinking about ethics in RE learning

Dignity, religion, education

Eastern channel habitat atlas for marine resource management (CHARM): from a descriptive approach (phase I) to a process-oriented approach (phase II)

Gilles Deleuze

Use of the internet to support learning in practice

Introducing the arts into nurse education

Case study: Bratislava, Slovakia - Benchmarking and fostering transformative use of ICT in EU regions

Psychosis revisited: a recovery-based workshop for mental health workers, service users and carers

Corporations and corporate governance: what do these concepts mean for multinational corporate power and social responsibility?

The USA in Vietnam

Sounds difficult

Vascular surgery

Painting it black: art, crime and resolution in Carol Swain's graphic short story 'Come Down Town'

Evidence-based practice: non-invasive blood pressure measurement in children

Using art in pre-registration nurse education

The dangers of matrix thinking in international curriculum project design

Risperidone for autism spectrum disorder

Systematic maps to support the evidence base in social care

Good practice provision for children with speech, language and communication educational needs

Learning in the outdoor environment: a missed opportunity?

Special issue: reading and phonics

Putting wrongs to right: campaigns against miscarriages of justice

Death, taxes and disasters

Social exclusion, the Third Way and the reserve army of labour

Knowledge or imagination? The challenges widening participation poses for the teaching of sociology

The date of Geoffrey Gaimar's Estoire des Engleis, the connections of his patrons, and the politics of Stephen's Reign

Supporting practice teachers to identify failing students

Women in thirteenth century Lincolnshire

Exploratory simulation for astrophysics

The Four Quadrant model of facilitated learning: a clinically based action research project

Characteristics of internet child pornography offenders: a comparison with child molesters

Dual relationships between clinical psychologists and their clients: a survey of UK clinical psychologists' attitudes

Placebo effects in competitive sport: qualitative data

Abelard's legacy: why theology is not faith seeking understanding

Sexual symbolism, religious language and the ambiguity of the spirit: associative themes in Anglican poetry and philosophy

`Hidden ethnography': Crossing emotional borders in qualitative accounts of young people's lives

‘See Emily play’: youth culture, recreational drug use and normalization

Strangely familiar: cross-curricular and creative thinking in teacher education

Cross-Curricular Learning 3-14

John Henry Newman

Study support and out of school hours learning

A response to Kloep and Hendry

Commentary upon, 'Modern Irish Republicanism: the Product of British State Strategies' by Anthony McIntyre

The evolution of the Troubles, 1970-72

An auto/biographical imagination: the radical challenge of families and their learning

'A shock of electricity just sort of goes through my body': physical activity and embodied reflexive practices in young female ballet dancers

Character education in schools and the education of teachers

The shaping of discourse positions in the development of support and supervision for personal advisers in England

Action research and the challenge of complexity

Passion and intelligibility in spiritual education

Strategic planning for play in England

Poetry under control: social reproduction strategies and children’s literature

The impact of hosting major sporting events on local residents: an analysis of the views and perceptions of Canterbury residents in relation to the Tour de France 2007

Towards empirical distinctions between emotion and mood: a subjective contextual model

Positive and negative placebo effects resulting from the deceptive administration of an ergogenic aid

The Poor Law Commission and the disposal of parochially-owned housing accommodation, 1834-1847

Roosevelt, Mackenzie King and the British royal visit to the USA in 1939

Differences in efficiency between trained and recreational cyclists

Power output measurement during treadmill cycling

The history of marketing an idea: the example of Baron Pierre de Coubertin as a social marketeer

Hellenism and Olympism: Pierre de Coubertin and the Greek challenge to the early Olympic Movement

NGOs, ecotourism and development: a critical analysis

Involved-detachment: a balance of passion and reason in feminisms and gender-related research in sport, tourism and sports tourism

'Some tomb for a remembraunce': representations of piety in post-reformation gentry funeral monuments

LDL particle size in habitual exercisers, lean sedentary men and abdominally obese sedentary men

The relationships between exercise intensity, heart rate, and blood pressure during an incremental isometric exercise test

Creatine supplementation and cognitive performance in elderly individuals

Justifying war: Dutch translations of Scottish books around 1600

“What a comrade she would make”: the limits of romantic friendship in Jude the Obscure

Winking through the chinks: Eros and Ellipsis in Robert Browning's 'Love Among the Ruins'

Doing and writing qualitative research

Poglietti's Ricercare: open-score keyboard music and the implications for ensemble performance

Spiritual advocacy

The effects of undernutrition in hospitalised patients

Eating for recovery

Dilemmas of focus group recruitment and implementation: a pilot perspective

Effects of delay on color priming for natural objects

Ethical decisions in fetal medicine and neonatal intensive care

Antecedents of emotions in elite athletes: a cognitive motivational relational theory perspective

Holistic health promotion: putting the art into nurse education

Peer learning made memorable

Fit for practice? An exploration of the development of newly qualified nurses using focus groups

Biological nurturing (1). A non-prescriptive recipe for breastfeeding

Activity levels, dietary energy intake, and body composition in children who walk to school

Biological nurturing (2). The physiology of lactation revisited.

Women's interpretation of cardiac symptoms at the time of their cardiac event: The effect of co-occurring illness

Antonovsky revisited: implications for mental health promotion practice

Practical modelling and hypothesis testing in primary design and technology education

The Boy Who Must Not Grow Up: Geraldine McCaughrean's Twenty-First Century Peter Pan

Conradian Echoes in Vietnam War Literature: Tim O'Brien's Rewriting of Heart of Darkness in "Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong"

"Queer and Verdant": The textual politics of Sarah Water's neo-Victorian novels.

Response to ELT and the spirit of the times

Spoken grammar and ELT materials: A missing link?

Acting skills for language teachers

Questioning assumptions on widening participation in art, design and media

Geffrei Gaimar's Estoire des Engleis, peacemaking, and the "twelfth-century revival of the English nation"

Southampton Silver Song Club: reflections on music making with elderly people facilitated by student volunteers

Music into Upton: reflections on an initiative to bring live music into a hospital setting

Making singing for health happen: reflections on a 'Singing for the Brain' training course

Intelligence and its application to contemporary policing

Choral singing and psychological wellbeing: findings from English choirs in a cross-national survey using the WHOQOL-BREF

Improvement matters: An integrated approach to the question of impact

Faith and secularisation in religious colleges and universities

The potential of narrative research in sports tourism

The pub as a virtual football fandom venue: an alternative to 'being there'?

A test of the catecholamines hypothesis for an acute exercise–cognition interaction

A Foundation Degree uncovered: packaging a realistic programme in response to the widening participation agenda

Influence of host density and population structure on egg production in the coccidophagous ladybird, Chilocorus nigritus F. (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)

Aspects of prey relations in the coccidophagous ladybird Chilocorus nigritus relevant to its use as a biological control agent of scale insects in temperate glasshouses

Prey landscapes help identify potential foraging habitats for leatherback turtles in the NE Atlantic

Metal ion interaction with a novel anthracene pendant-armed fluorescent molecular probe: synthesis, characterization, and fluorescence studies

Sensing metal ions with two new azomethine–thiophene pincer ligands (NSN): fluorescence and MALDI-TOF-MS applications

To regionalize or not to regionalize? A study in the politics of policing in the Greater Vancouver regional district

The sacred paradox of English law

IT forensics: training or education?

Who are your 'deep smarts' and what are you doing with them?

National identification, type and specificity of comparison and their effects on descriptions of national character

The role of political myth in the international conflict between the USA and the EU over genetically modified foods and crops

The interaction of discourse context and world knowledge in online sentence comprehension. Evidence from the N400

Clangor tubarum: A response to Peter Downey

Family support in extended schools: planning, commissioning and delivery

Family support in children's centres: planning, commissioning and delivery

A systematic review of research on singing and health: non-clinical studies

Stress and Antonovsky's Resistance Resources: A practical example

Making the best of what you've got: adopting and adapting the Forest School approach

Forest Schools in Great Britain: an initial exploration

Encounters with Forest School and Foucault: a risky business?

Outdoor play and learning

Developing locally based research capacity in Uganda

Quantitative and qualitative research synthesis approaches in sport and exercise psychology: a discussion of two methods

A fieldwork evaluation of NICE guidance on sexual health interventions

Commentary on Rondahl, G. et al. (2006) Lesbian women and gay men found that nurses often assumed they were heterosexual, which led to feelings of discomfort and insecurity

Rethinking gender and youth sport

At least 30 minutes' moderate physical activity on most days for prevention of cardiovascular disease: does it do what it says on the tin?

Cybercrime: coming to a computer near you (but probably already there!)

Pragmatic radicalism: trans-atlantic experiences and influences in the work of Tony Garnett

Anthony Eden: Cold War peace-maker?

SEATO: an Asian NATO?

Vietnam and the anti-war movement 1

American isolationism in the 1930s

Report on evaluation of the Malling Literacy Project

Life after traumatic brain injury: the carer's trajectory

Transforming general practice: organisational change in response to a pay for performance contract

Inflexible bodies and inflexible minds: Gendered imbalances within the context of physical education and dance

Widening participation: who benefits?

Report of the committee of inquiry into current care and treatment practices in the central mental hospital

An overview of Olympic tourism flows

Stories of the Eye - Harbouring History

A town unearthed

The funny side of phonology - a physical approach to teaching pronunciation

Involved-detachment: a balance of passion and reason in feminist research on sport and sport-related activities

Women, fitness cultures and technologies of the body. Regulation, restraint, resistance

Fitness culture and technologies of the body: regulation, restraint, resistance

Experiences of training on an employment-based route into teaching in England

Parenting, caring and educating

Educational relationships outside school: why access is important

Educational relationships and the concept of authority

Relationship quality, sexism and the contact hypothesis

Experimental findings on relationship quality, sexism and intergroup contact

Understanding e-government and e-governance: stakeholders, partnerships and CSR

Extending the research agenda on diffusion of innovations: the role of public programs in the diffusion of e-business innovations

Analytic maps of research systematic review products: an illustration using examples from two institutions

Joining up for evidence based practice: a role for social work education?

Diverse voices in systemic reviews: SCIE's approach

Collection of examples of service user and carer participation in systemic reviews

Raising boys' achievement at Key Stage Three in Bath and North Somerset schools

The effect of sexist humor and type of rape on men's self-reported rape proclivity and victim blame

Diversity in language, culture and speakerhood in the context of globalization

A critical cosmopolitan approach to developing cultural awareness in an unequal world

Setting up an IPv6 laboratory for the deployment of 4G networks and devices

Grenzgangertum: Ubertritte vom Judentum zum Christentum in Wien 1500-2000

Strangely familiar – the HEARTS Project

The local falls and osteoporosis service: does it meet the needs of patients?

Multiple perspectives, profound understandings

Deconstructing Rita: literary theory as a transformative tool in educational research

What should schools and local authorities be doing about institutional racism?

Wild woods or urban jungle: playing it safe or freedom to roam

Older learners in HE

What's love got to do with it?: Experiences of lesbian, gay, and bisexual people with intellectual disabilities in the United Kingdom and views of the staff who support them

Mothers with learning disabilities: experiences and meanings of losing custody of their children

”Designerly” thought and action: an investigation into opportunities within the primary curriculum

Don’t jump ship! New approaches in teaching mental health to undergraduates

Clinical training in applied psychology and the Arts: New possibilities for evidence-based practice

Synchronicity and dissonance: nursing, spirituality and contemporary discourse

The efficacy of cricoid pressure in preventing gastro-oesophageal reflux in rapid sequence induction of anaesthesia

Skills drills training: the way forward

The lived experience: delivering a foundation degree in health and social care

Life after traumatic brain injury: the carer's trajectory

A clinical longitudinal evaluation of pre-fabricated, semi-rigid foot orthoses prescribed to improve foot function

A case study of a Baker's cyst

Collaborative therapies

Symbols can improve the reading comprehension of adults with learning disabilities

How do women experience myocardial infarction? A qualitative exploration of illness perceptions, adjustment and coping

Identity and cause of problems: The perceptions of patients with a diagnosis of schizophrenia

On the diagram in Deleuze's work

Pregnancy and childbirth

Excerpt from 'Hotel Europa'

The making of modern Southeast Asia in the age of decolonization and the Cold War

Is it worth investing in statement of equivalence (SoE) training? Part 2: the impact of training programme support

Is it worth investing in statement of equivalence (SoE) training? Part 1: do SoE candidates increase workforce diversity and do they continue to work in the NHS?

Clinical psychology training and dyslexia: Two perspectives

Experiencing vulnerability in psychotherapy

Training and staff retention: National issues and findings from the South Thames (Salomons) clinical psychology training programme

Withering waits: the development of a referrals management system within a clinical psychology and counselling service

Lisbon, Sapir and industrial policy: evaluating the 'Irish Success Story'

Globalisation, economic freedom and strategic decision-making: a role for industrial policy?

Market-wide and sectoral integration: evidence from the UK, USA and Europe

Should I stay or should I go? Agency nursing work in the UK

Industrial relations and the management of risk in the construction industry

Tales from the wild East

Contemporary issues in mentoring practice

Biographical and life history approaches: commonalities and differences in the study of adult and lifelong learning

Why this book and why now?

L'education physique et l'education sportive dans Malte

The whole wide world: developing young children's intercultural understanding

Inclusion and special needs: can education successfully encompass both?

Structuring support and supervision for different contexts

Beginning at the beginning

Planning, evaluating and auditing the whole-school provision

Social class and the struggle to learn to read: using Bernstein to understand the politics of the teaching of reading

Teachers' voices: talking about children and learning to read

Taking the inside out

Understanding educational discourse: attending to multiple voices

Parents' voices: a conversation with parents of pre school children

Managing behaviour in the classroom

Using the built environment for musical composition

Defining 'corruption' in the modern Olympic movement

Lake Chilika: GIS and the challenge of spatial management

Estrogenic active compounds in bivalve molluscs: physiological role in reproductive development and potential for endocrine disruption

Effect of a novel molluscicide on the schisostomiasis vector snail Oncomelania hupensis

Can response to water flow explain the distribution of extant and extinct Melanopsis spp. in the Jordan valley?

Police culture(s): some definitional, methodological, contextual and analytical considerations

Children constructing 'Englishness' and other ethnic identities at a multicultural London primary school

More than words: making use of the arts in clinical and counseling psychology training

Psychosocial rehabilitation: intervention

Psychosocial rehabilitation: investigation

Assessment of practice: principles, process and responsibilities

A good placement experience: The student's perspective of their needs in the practice setting

Urological surgery

Surgery of the lower gastrointestinal tract

Upper gastrointestinal surgery

Psychosocial aspects of surgery

The peri-operative phase

The development of competence in newly qualified practitioners

Learning styles in practice

The new health visitor

Glandular fever

Herpes simplex

Defining the research question

The solution focused measure of occupational function

A solution focus


Women's health

Post-operative pain management

Post-operative recovery

Pre-operative assessment and preparation

Informed consent for radiotherapy: Our responsibility

New Zealand: social studies at a crossroads

Chi-square test for goodness of fit

Standard error of the mean

Health and quality of life among older people in rural England: exploring the impact and efficacy of policy

Kane no koe for soprano, chamber ensemble and electronics (12’)

Children's learning

Child development and psychology

You are hear

Challenges and opportunities for the teaching profession

Kings, lords, charters and the political culture of 12th century Wales

Remembering communities past: Exeter Cathedral in the eleventh century

Victoria County History of Northamptonshire volume VI: modern industry

Rediscovery of mysticism

A cautionary note on the use of theatre in theology



Principles and practice: the case of private health insurance

Tony Blair and John Howard: comparative predominance and 'Institution Stretch' in the UK and Australia

Intellectual labour and social class

Marxism, intellectuals and politics

New ways of working for applied psychologists in health and social care: models of training

Ideology and the Cold War

American imperialism in the 20th century

The First Vietnam War

Review article: no end in sight in Cyprus

Questione di feeling: il ruolo delle emozioni nel miglioramento degli atteggiamenti intergruppi

Defining 'Englishness' and 'Indianness' at a multicultural primary school

Social capital, ethnicity and children's well-being: aspects of social capital in the everyday lives of British Punjabi children

A physical well-being service for mental health clients

Numties in yellow jackets: the nature of hostility towards the police community support officer in neighbourhood policing teams

Resources for teaching and learning

Regional pathways towards the knowledge economy: experiences from Slovakia

Space of flows, uneven regional development, and the geography of financial services in Ireland

Thermal variation reveals natural variation between isolates of Caenorhabditis elegans

Research round up

Clinical decision-making skills on the developmental journey from student to registered nurse: a longitudinal inquiry

The learning environment

Using interpersonal skills in mentoring

Changing perceptions of reading

Mahayana philosophy and Mahamudra: an historical outline

Responding to the challenges of inclusive education

Views of inclusion: a comparative study of parents' perceptions in South Africa and the United States

Putting the service users voice at the centre of learning

Paradox and prejudice: supporting deaf students in higher education

A National Health Service hospital's cardiac rehabilitation programme: a qualitative analysis of provision

Case study: Kosice, Eastern Slovakia. Benchmarking and fostering transformative use of ICT in EU regions

Polycentricity, knowledge-intensive business services and space of flows in an emerging global city: evidence from Dublin

Adding quality to geography: on the importance of qualitative research in human geography

Understanding retail experiences: the case for ethnography

''I used to think seein' and hearin' was the only regulation aids to ascertainin' facts'': The relationship between technology and the supernatural in Kipling's ''Traffics and Discoveries''

Effects of walking to and from school on primary school children

'Even if you can't skip, you have a skip in your step when you walk out of the gym': a study into patients' perceptions of an exercise referral scheme

Student-centred teaching for educating nurse practitioners

Orthopaedic surgery

Cross-cultural learning opportunities in social work education: reflections on the help age international northern Iraq programme

Enhancing medical adherence

Observational cross sectional pilot study of adherence with antipsychotic medication in people with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorders in prisons

Challenges of teaching English as an international language

Legal wrongdoer or social transgressor? Judging the Victorian female criminal

Supernatural realism and secular faith in Margaret Mahy's young adult fiction

'Neither borne nor lost': Kipling's 'They' and the Edwardian cult of childhood

Spoken grammar and ELT materials: a missing link?

Making the stomach believe: story-truth and the problematization of gender in Tim O'Brien's 'The Things They Carried'

Going the whole hog: putting on a play with your students

Tackling the bard in the English language classroom - why we should and how we can

Acting skills for teachers to develop classroom presence

Using their brains in science: ideas for children aged 5 to 14

Monastic responses to war in King Stephen's reign: Selby Abbey and Pontefract Priory, Yorkshire

Primary teacher's handbook

Creating positive futures: solution focused recovery from mental distress

Teaching children with special needs: a practical guide for teaching

Teaching children with special needs: inclusive strategies for meeting individual needs

Teaching children with special needs: specific intervention programmes and strategies

Extending the research agenda on diffusion of innovations: the role of public programs in the diffusion of e-business innovations

Primary science: extending knowledge in practice

Providing support to young people: a guide to interviewing in helping relationships

Blackstone's PCSO handbook

Marxism, intellectuals and politics

Terry Pratchett

Philip K. Dick

Investigating the use of and the impact of mobile technology in gathering and manipulating data and digital images in tackling fly-tipping in the Medway towns

Prosecuting low-level cybercrime in the UK

Footprints of cyber criminals

Research informed cybercrime education

Developing cybercrime forensics: the growing pains of a new discipline

Work-based blended learning through University partnerships: a case study in cybercrime forensics

Motivating and engaging forensic computing practitioners in higher education

Using IT to conduct collaborative research across distributed staff and student populations

Tracking email offenders

Do children construct or discover ethnicity? Insights from a west London primary school

Children defining and experiencing racism in 21st century Britain

Travellers and housing: social housing exchange and residential segregation

Travellers, housing and the (re)construction of communities

Helping groups with a history of conflict to forgive and reconcile with each other: a reconciliation orientation model

Paying the price of integration: a longitudinal study of south Asian children's acculturation experience in British primary schools

Acculturation experiences of British Asian primary school children: why 'integration' is not a closed case

The World Trade Organisation's report on the EU's moratorium on biotech products

Focus and conceptual distance in noun-phrase anaphor resolution: testing theories of the mechanism of their interaction

Intellectuals and the retreat from class: some reflections on Hardt and Negri

Karma and justice: Buddhist perspectives on Said Nursi’s views on ‛adl and qist'

Causality: transformations of a Buddhist conundrum

Coherence, Formenlehre and sonata deformation in the dodecaphonic works of Nikos Skalkottas

Choral singing and psychological wellbeing: findings from English choirs in a cross-national survey using the WHOQOL-BREF

Mobilising the power of singing in promoting wellbeing and health

Queerying culture in the novels of Paul Magrs

Bare wires

Chinese whispers

Channel 4’s Dockers: a move beyond the rhetoric of participation?

The new Early Years professional: dilemmas and debates

'The Stanfield Hall Murders' and family romance

Responsible press organisations?

European integration and East Central European media

The language and themes of Greek press and television under the 1967-74 dictatorship

'The ethnographic mosaic': critically locating Clifford Shaw's research methods of the young person's 'own story' in contemporary reflexive sociological interpretation

Abstinence on the offensive? Critical reflections on drug normalisation, youth subcultural identities and the new forms of drug prevention, desistance, normative education and the ‘Blueprint'

Henry III and his sisters: a case for collective queenship?

Henry’s sister, Eleanor de Montfort

Western vapourings: Roosevelt, Mackenzie King and the origins of the United Nations Organisation, 1937-39

‘ain’t goin’ to have any beastly Erickin’: the problem of male friendship in Stalky & Co

'Breathed on by the rural Pan': the atmosphere of Arcadia in Giono's 'Regain'

Cultural complexities in qualitative research

Kent Personal Learner Portal pilot

Personal learning portal pilot: sharing learning resources

Focused ultrasound as an efficient methodology for the fast release of mercury from organomercurials in human urine

Sensing metal ions with two new azomethine-thiophene pincer ligands (NSN): fluorescence and MALDI-TOF MS applications

Synthesis, characterisation and metal ion sensing effect of two new flexible ligands derived from 2-hydroxy-1-naphthaldehyde

Implementing computer aided assessment in chemistry: a case study

Do consequences matter? Police ethics in an 'age of terror'

Journalists seeking justice

Initial police training: challenges and developments in the UK

Policing, security and crime prevention in the night-time economy: the case study of Margate

Feminism, governmentality and the political economy of male rape: why male rape is a feminist issue

Teaching diversity: Islamophobia, critical pedagogy and the education of criminal justice professionals

Cybercrime training versus computer forensics education

Human trust and e-trust

Alice studies computing, Bob takes computer forensics: a comparison of the pedagogy of cryptology education in two groups

Managing the pedagogy of cybercrime forensics study at postgraduate level: challenges and opportunities

Cybercrime investigation training and specialist education for the European Union

"...it really feels like I have finished my studies now": an online exploration of learning biographies

Religion and identity

Research quality in sport and exercise psychology

Macro-level research quality issues in the application of grounded theory in sport and exercise psychology

Away sport spectator behaviour: a meta interpretation

Perfectionism, goal expectancies, and competitive performance in triathletes

Elite athletes’ perceptions of the impact of emotions on performance: A qualitative study

Effect of emotions on working memory and game involvement in basketball players

Effects of physical activity, performed in accordance with the current recommendations, on CVD risk factors in 40-65 year old men

The 'value' of the Olympic values: an exploration of the Olympic sponsorship program

Towards the development of the 2012 London cultural Olympiad: the nature of the ideology of Olympism in the discourse of Great Britain

Reading Baron Pierre de Coubertin: the contested nature of Olympism in terms of race and gender

The meteorology of climate change

The geology and landscape of the Isle of Sheppey

Tidal lands of Europe: maps, myths and European identities

The power of maps: maps, history and the European geopolitical landscape

Improving extraction and purification methods of tuber lectin from winter aconite (Eranthis hyemalis)

The Maculipennis group in UK: distribution, ecology and host preference

GIS in fisheries management: challenges and prospects

Modelling pathways for the rapid transfer to, and adoption of, emergent renewable energy technologies in African cities

Evolution of red mullet abundance in the eastern channel: relationship with environmental parameters

Folkestone's channel environment and the CHARM atlas

Identification and characterisation of winter spawning grounds in the eastern English Channel and southern North Sea

Examining behavioural characteristics of Chilocorus nigritus: is there a 'Hitchhiker's Guide'?

Examining possible links between student perceptions, expectations and their final grades

Collaborative policy research to reduce school exclusions

Joining up services for children: the underpowered dream

Multi-professional working with young people at risk

Supporting the 'undeserving' - too little, too late, too unwillingly

Student teacher understandings of active citizenship

Student teacher understandings of active citizenship

The development of the Lao PDR school self evaluation tool

Ways of working: teachers as play partner

Forging and fostering relationships in play: whose zone is it anyway?

Explorations of interagency working in speech, language and communication in England

Theoretical saturation as a statistically robust sampling strategy

Comparing the impact of formats for public presentation of national assessment results on political debate in England

A limited defence of value added

Young children’s number sense in China, England and Finland

Overcoming barriers to learning: how do we include young children with moderate learning difficulty?

Learning to behave, behaving to learn: a seamless process?

Learning to behave, behaving to learn: a seamless process?

Choosing to change

Structured autonomy, internal accountability, sustainable improvement: learning from innovative development projects in the UK

How can the use of reflective learning journals develop (professional and pedagogic) understanding of student teachers engaged in post-graduate initial teacher education?

The teacher training resource bank: a free evidence informed resource for the profession by the profession

An introduction to writing reviews for the TTRB

So what can I learn next?

Me and my future: constructing career in the zone of proximal development

"...it really feels like I have finished my studies now": an online exploration of learning biographies

Through a different lens: exploring Reggio in a Welsh context

Through a different lens: exploring Reggio in a Welsh context

Projects: A way of facilitating children’s learning within the ZPD?

An HE work-based learning project: diagnosing, supporting and validating learning in the workplace - adult health care

Biological nurturing: a new approach to breastfeeding

A new biological approach provides insights into breastfeeding support

Primitive neonatal reflexes, breastfeeding and biological nurturing

The development of a model for a cost-benefit analysis of community music activity with older people

Choral singing and psychological wellbeing: findings from English choirs in a cross-national survey using the WHOQOL-BREF

Innovation in interprofessional education: an evaluation of a module in a pre-registration programme

Using a Delphi approach to ascertain what factors influence the publication of mental health nursing research

Narrative therapy

Incidence and location of diabetic foot ulcer recurrence in Maltese people with diabetes

Eating disorders: an occupational approach to treatment

Developing practice placement opportunities: creativity, collaboration and culture

Contexts of participation: the critical thinking tool

Making sense of service user and carer narratives

The big talk - future developments in solution focused practice

Contextualising client narratives

From expert to novice: an exploration of the experiences of new academic staff to a department of adult nursing studies

From expert to novice: an exploration of the experiences of new academic staff to a department of adult nursing studies

New build, new challenges, new skills

Meeting the challenge of cultural change in IPE workshop

Guidance through group work: delivering personalised learning and development in the group context

Challenging margins and centres: auto/biography and struggles for critical reflexivity in working and learning lives

Only connect: families, communities, learning and sustainability perspectives from auto/biographical research

All of a piece? Connecting lifelong learning, therapy/counselling and spirituality

Histoires de vie et biographies comme methodologie de recherche sur les adultes et vies en formation: conversations Europeennes, apports et enjoux

Salvaging the self in adult learning

The life and afterlife of a public sculpture

Meeting the social and emotional needs of gifted and talented learners

Problems with distant places

Finding freedom with responsibility

Science in the early years

Making a difference

Islam and education

Talking with a shared purpose: towards applying a constructivist approach in career guidance interviews

Competence assessment for guidance practitioners: an overview of the main option

Teacher trainers' notions of truth in educational research

Transformational school leadership development: what works?

The lived experience of problem-based learning

The lived experience of problem-based learning

An analysis of the cartographic language of European state topographic maps: aesthetics, style, and identity

Promoting diversity in clinical psychology: the London initiative

Supporting public health practitioners to support the emotional well-being of young people

Involving service users and carers in clinical psychology training

Curiosity shops, alley pickings and assemblage: the psychological benefits of using found objects

The influence of new ways of working on selection

New ways of working: the end of the beginning

Implementing new ways of working

New ways of working for applied psychologists: shaping the future of the profession

Climbing the ladder to participation

Developing dementia care through sharing

Learning pathway for critical care

A little book of traps: A scriptwriting tool

Using the Bible in Christian ministry: a workbook

The challenge of passionate religious commitment for school education in a world of religious diversity

Working in the present moment

The potential for water freight in the UK: a survey of business attitudes and opinions

A method for evaluating alternative landscape management scenarios in relation to the biodiversity conservation of habitats

MRI reporting by radiographers: the construction of an objective structured examination

Assessment of rape-supportive attitudes and beliefs in college men: development, reliability, and validity of the Rape Attitudes and Beliefs Scale

Understanding phonics and the teaching of reading: critical perspectives

Evaluating study support: current approaches in local authorities and schools

Citizenship and the assessment of trainees

A review of projects undertaken within the National Partnership Project: what knowledge and understanding of the management and provision of professional experience for trainee teachers do the partnership projects provide?

F.R. Leavis, E.P. Thompson and the New Left

Evaluation of the Collaborative Practice module of the IPL pre-registration programme at Canterbury Christ Church University

'Even if you can’t skip, you have a skip in your step when you walk out of the gym': a study into patients' perceptions of an exercise referral scheme

Age and Learning: an exploration of the ways in which the changing age profile of learners and teachers in higher education is changing pedagogy

Does the computer make a difference? Reaction of candidates to a computer-based versus a traditional handwritten form of the IELTS writing component: effects and impact

'Modernising' the primary care workforce: case studies from the frontline

Romantic friendship in Victorian literature

Comment on Nicholas and Asghari: Pain 2006;124:269–79

Exploring the trainees' view of a socio-political approach within UK clinical psychology

ACT: a new acronym you need to know about

Becoming a different person: the zone of proximal development in career guidance

New ways of working for applied psychologists in health and social care: final report of the New Roles Project Group

New ways of working for applied psychologists in health and social care: the end of the beginning: summary report

HIV antibody testing: ten years on

Genetic analysis of basal defence in Arabidopsis against Pseudomonas syringae pv. phasiolicola

So what can I learn next? An accredited CPD programme for qualified and experienced Personal Advisers

Me and my future: constructing career in the zone of proximal development

‘You’ve got it, you may have it, you haven’t got it’: the unintended consequences of HIV testing

Foreign policy analysis: from little acorn to giant oak

From conflict prevention to conflict resolution: a conceptual tour d’horizon

Eurosceptic protest movements: Ireland and UK compared

Political parties and civil society in perfect harmony: the case of Ireland and the Nice Treaty referendums

Civil society and Euroscepticism: new dimensions of active European citizenship

The triumph of strategy over ideology? Euroscepticism in the Irish party system

A critical reflection of the opportunities and challenges of integrating the every child Matters (ECM) agenda into teaching physical education (PE)

Exploring Dalit participation in learning and the transformative potential of self reflective inquiry

Power, knowledge and pedagogy: an analysis of the educational exclusion of Dalits in Nepal

ESL writing in the University of Guanajuato: the struggle to enter a discourse community

Discovering dynamic durability: beyond sustainability in an English language curriculum project

Cross-cultural education: Arab women studying a non-traditional subject

Social and symptomatic outcomes of first episode-bipolar psychoses in an early intervention service

A variable domain near the ATP-binding site in Drosophila muscle myosin is part of the communication pathway between the nucleotide and actin-binding sites

Kinetic analysis of the slow skeletal myosin MHC-1 isoform from bovine masseter muscle

Judaism without Jews: philosemitism and Christian polemic in early modern England

The interim report (1) of the longitudinal study: language learning at key stage 2

Transition: the key to success

Sequence-specific amplification polymorphisms (SSAPs): a multi-locus approach for analyzing transposon insertions

Genetic diversity analysis in Vicia species using retrotransposon-based SSAP markers

Responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society

Los puentes hacia el empleo: las transiciones personales de los jóvenes en Sevilla

Multiple senses of community in migration and commuting: The interplay between time, space and relations

A review of the report "A systematic review of interactions in pedagogical approaches with reported outcomes for the academic and social inclusion of pupils with special educational needs"

Modality matching and other myths: learning Styles and pedagogy in post-16 Learning

Learning in the real world? Exploring widening participation student views concerning the 'fit' between knowledge learnt and work practices

Migrant women and welfare issues: diversity of experiences, challenges and opportunities

Treading water

Cell division is essential for elimination of the yeast [PSI+] prion by guanidine hydrochloride

A tangled history: patterns of major histocompatibility complex evolution in the African mole-rats (family: Bathyergidae)

A comparison of radiocarbon and archaeomagnetic dating from an archaeological site in Spain

The realm of shells

A gift in their hands- a brief history of women’s education in the WEA

Digesting Disney

More than merely “Me”?: “Identity Politics” and the Paradigmatic Assumptions of sport sociologists

Royal patrons and local benefactors: the experiences of the hospitals of St Mary at Ospringe and Dover in the thirteenth century

The poor, hospitals and charity in sixteenth-century Canterbury

Taking to tasks: exploiting the English language learning potential of tasks in Malaysian secondary school science textbooks

The redemptive beauty of life after death

Unexpected high levels of genetic variability and the population structure of an island endemic rodent (Oryzomys couesi cozumelae)

Exploring teaching practices in physical education with culturally diverse classes: a cross-cultural study

Exploring social and environmental factors affecting adolescents' participation in physical activity

A Pedometer-based Intervention for 9-13 year old children: "Schools on the Move"

Evaluation of the 'schools on the move' project: interpretative accounts on procedures, practices and success

A pedometer-based Intervention for 9-13 Year old children: 'the schools on the move' project

Family environment as a determinant of adolescents' participation in physical activity and leisure settings

Follow up evaluation on the schools on the move project on behalf of Youth Sport Trust, Department of Educational Skills & Department of Health report

Review of Dickens Studies Annual 36

An analysis of stylistic diversity in European state 1:50 000 topographic maps

Report on USA visit into the establishment of a mediation clinic

Presentation. the launch of the Canterbury Christ Church Mediation Clinic

Review of "the world map: 1300-1492"