Converting biomass into ethanol using a gasification-fermentation process

Ethanol from biomass: effects of biomass-generated producer gas

Biomass to ethanol: a holistic approach using gasification-fermentation

A complex caliceal-cutaneous and caliceal-peritoneal fistula in a renal transplant patient: a case for conservative management

Transplant renal artery kinking: a rare cause of early graft dysfunction

Thematic Network Project Aligning a European Higher Education Structure in Sport Science - Report of the First Year

Drama and theatre education: A proposal for the establishment of Hellenic Theatre in Education (TiE); possibilities and problems in developing aspects of the British TiE experience in Greece towards the provision of professional theatre with an educational purpose in pre-school and primary education

The experience of Neuropsychological assessment: an interpretative phenomenological analysis

The role of the hospital in medieval England: gift-giving and the spiritual economy

Patterns of MHC selection in African mole-rats, family Bathyergidae: the effects of sociality and habitat

Philosophy of religion and religious ethics AS/AA2 for OCR study guide

Genetic mapping and QTL analysis of fiber-related traits in cotton (Gossypium)

Reading the word and the world: a child in the interplay of her contexts in the reading of dual-language storybooks with her mother

Support services and mainstream schools: a guide for working together

Ethical studies

The psychodynamic approach to therapeutic change

Pre-registration education: making a difference to critical care?

Models and methods in social work in the UK: between theory and practice

Intensive care nurses' experiences of assessing and dealing with patients' psychological needs

Appropriate prescribing for older people: managing the effects of ageing

Journeys to work

Oxygen diffusion in SrCe 0.95Yb 0.05O 3-d

A systematic review of the characteristics of effective foreign language teaching to pupils between the ages 7 and 11

Designing web based education courses for nurses

Doctors on an edge: a cultural psychology of learning and health

Supporting teachers leadership: What can principals do? A teacher’s perspective from research

Buddhism, knowledge and liberation: a philosophical study

What do we know about... nutrition and older people?

Promoting cartographic diversity

Moulding midwifery in Moldova

The Protestant devil: the experience of temptation in early modern England

Nurse prescribing, nurse education and related research in the United Kingdom: a review of the literature

What is 'responsible Theology'?

Inclusion in the community: a study of community music centres in England and Portugal, focusing on the development of musical and social skills within each centre

Chilling out: The cultural politics of substance consumption, youth and drug policy

A creative cocktail: creative teaching in initial teacher education

Helping schools to know themselves: exploring partnerships between schools and Higher Education Institutions to generate trustful, critical dialogue for review and development

The provision of foreign language learning for pupils at key stage 2

Western influences in the print media of Post-Communist East-Central Europe

Voluntary organizations and the contribution to social justice in schools: learning from a case study

Sports tourism: participants, policy and providers

Calendar of Patent Rolls 32 Elizabeth I (1589-1590) C66/1337-1361

Right and left ventricular diastolic function of male endurance athletes

Social fabric in Francis Thynne’s ‘Debate between Pride and Lowliness’

Responses to the competitive state anxiety inventory-2(d) by athletes in anxious and excited scenarios

The effects of breathing 5% CO2 on human cardiovascular responses and tolerance to orthostatic stress

A wide range of baroreflex stimulation does not alter forearm blood flow

The dynamics of the instrumental tutorial


The London Journal 1845-1883: Periodicals, Production and Gender

The value of reconstruction in revealing hidden or counter cultures

In the greater scheme of things: musical form in the twelve-note works of Nikos Skalkottas

Nikos Skalkottas: sets and styles in the Octet

Children with HIV in the UK: a longitudinal study of adaptive and cognitive functioning

Peer relationships in adolescents experiencing a first episode of psychosis

An examination of the interaction between modelling and its relationship with construction kits: lessons from the past and for the future

Arts in health: a review of the medical literature

Socioeconomic gradient in body size and obesity among women: the role of dietary restraint, disinhibition and hunger in the Whitehall II study

Barriers to dentists' involvement in smoking cessation

Editors' introduction and section introductions

Young children and gender

Issues of validity in progressive paradigms of qualitative research

The theories underpinning rational emotive behaviour therapy: where's the supportive evidence?

Risk, anxiety and defensive action: general practitioner's referral decisions for women presenting with breast problems

Maintenance and repairs: an exploratory study into homeowners views on alternatives to grants

Keeping sport queer: maintaining the challenge to exclusive masculinity

Girls' participation in physical activities and sports: benefits, patterns, influences and ways forward

Teachers and pupils views on primary-secondary transition, the teaching of English and 'argument and persuasion'

Remembering risk and resilience in work with young families

Friend or FLO? Identity formation for school-based family liaison workers

Gender issues in Chinese early childhood

School-based family liaison officers: negotiated professional identities and related outcomes for children and families

A systematic review of learning behaviour in school contexts

Evaluation of Leicester Children's Fund: final report

Evaluation of the Kent Family Liaison Officer Service: final report to Kent Children's Fund

Research matters

Developing transferable guidelines for evaluation

'Disengaged' - young people and the impact of study support

Research Governance Framework: views of researchers in primary, community and social care

Fostering a human rights discourse in the provision of social care for adults

Administering rights for dependent subjects

Popular discourses of dependency, responsibility and rights

Ethical techniques of the self and the 'good jobseeker'

Coubertin, colonialism and control of the spread of Olympic sport in Africa

Voluntary sector's role in prevention

Professionals' perceptions of the importance of joint working in tackling health inequalities in a London borough

Voluntary and statutory sector partnerships in the prevention of CHD: can 'compacts' address the barriers to joint working

Whose learning? The role of the personal tutor

Pedagogical implications of working with doctoral students at a distance

Re-engaging with learning: an action research project into the impact of study support on disaffected secondary school students

A critical analysis of youth participation

The servant leader

The dangers of native-speakerism and cultural chauvinism in TESOL

'Non-natives' and 'natives'

Exploring the origins of culturism in TESOL [2]

The lived experience of an occupational therapist in the High Court

World maps: a plea for diversity

Hellenism, Coubertin and Modernity in the discourse of modern Olympic Movement

The surge in regulation

The future shortage of seafarers: will it become reality?

Perceptions of foreign exchange risk in the shipping industry

Financial risks and opportunities

Shipping finance

An introduction to early childhood studies

Intercultural communication: an advanced resource book for students

Deleuze, animality and the prehistoric aesthetic

The Sunday of the Negative: reading Bataille, reading Hegel

Temporary agency work in the EU: an overview

The determinants of capital structure: evidence from the Asia Pacific region

Propagating the unfair dismissal myth: Comparative employment protection law developments in Australia, Italy, South Korea and the United Kingdom

The future shortage of seafarers: will it become a reality?

Casual work in nursing and other clinical professions: evidence from Australia

'The very first of his art': reading Burns through Byron

'My undisciplined heart': romantic friendship in David Copperfield

Revisiting the North Atlantic Triangle: the Brebner thesis after sixty years

Talking after theory: an interview with Terry Eagleton

Black Beauty: pacifist novel?

Peak oxygen uptake responses to free and simulated swimming using different body segments

Managing the Americans: Anthony Eden, Harold Macmillan and the pursuit of 'power-by-proxy' in the 1950s

Lyndon Johnson and the Great Society

'Not the "general will" but the will of the general': the input of the Paris Embassy to the British "great debate" on Europe, summer 1960

Littorina littorea (Linnaeus 1758) considered as an indicator of recovery from sewage pollution

John F Kennedy and the New Frontier

The Health Promoting School and Social Justice in a Global Environment

Clarinet quintet (15’)

Understanding why people use complementary and alternative medicine

From charismatic teaching to professional training: the legitimation of knowledge and the creation of trust in homoeopathy and chiropractic

Tobacco and music

Encouraging young males to perform testicular self-examination: A simple, but effective, implementation intentions intervention

Belief importance and the theory of planned behaviour: Comparing modal and ranked modal beliefs in predicting attendance at breast screening

Public images and private lives: the case of Hungary

“We Has Found the Enemy and They Is Us”: Virtual war and empathy in four children’s science fiction novels

Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of di-nuclear calcium complexes with oxa-aza macrocyclic ligands

Manganese(II), cobalt(II), and nickel(II) perchlorate complexes containing N, O Donor macrocyclic ligands

Leveraging legacy codes to distributed problem-solving environments: a web services approach

Continuing Professional Development

Justification of the need for an ontology for accessibility requirements (theoretic framework)

The effect of distinct neurofeedback training protocols on working memory, mental rotation and attention

Neurofeedback as a treatment for ADHD: a methodological review with implications for future research

Marine GIS and spatial analyses: current situation and prospects

Challenges to the use of GIS in fisheries oceanography

Ulva problem in Kent: 1973-2003

Invasion and expansion of Corophiidae (amphipoda) In the Stour Estuary (Kent, UK)

Investigation into the macro-algae community of Pegwell Bay

Pegwell Bay: 1994 – 2001

Going Uphill: An interview with Gwyneth Jones

A note on methods for measuring industrial agglomeration

Using spreadsheets to teach aspects of biology involving mathematical models

Theories of humour

A new family of NxOy pyridine-containing macrocycles: synthesis and characterization of their Y(III), Ln(III), Zn(II), and Cd(II) coordination compounds

The skills of training: teacher training in Tanzania

Kent in the Civil Wars and Commonwealth, 1642-1660

Challenging careers, perspectives from auto/biographical research

Beyond the toolbox: integrating multicultural principles into a career guidance intervention model

Talented pupils in physical education: secondary school teachers' experiences of identifying talent within the 'Excellence in Cities' scheme

Integrated dis-integration: employment structure of first nations communities on the prairies relative to their local regions

Tonal influences and the reinterpretation of classical forms in the twelve-note works of Nikos Skalkottas

Young, gifted and... human

Sport in education project

Constructs of teacher professionalism within a changing literacy landscape

Understanding and developing inclusive practices in schools: a collaborative action research network

Medical pluralism

The story’s in the bag

The nature of citizenship education provision: an initial study

'I am a little bit brown and a little bit white': a dual heritage young boy’s playful identity construction

Emotion and creativity

Re:fractions: engagement reloaded

Why nurses need to understand the principles of bereavement theory

Intergroup forgiveness and guilt in Northern Ireland: social psychological dimensions of 'The Troubles'

Skin protection for use with caustics in podiatric practice: efficiency of a polymer paint

Caring for the 'at risk' foot

The role of outcome measures in assessing change in the at-risk rheumatoid foot

A clinical study and the national service framework for diabetes

Men talking about Viagra: an exploratory study with focus groups

Reflections on the Journey of a Research Student

Magnetic resonance imaging for investigation of the knee joint: a clinical and economic evaluation

Assessing patients' eligibility for fully funded nursing care

Management of a CJD case: part 2: the patient with CJD in the operating theatre

Management of a CJD case: part 1: preoperative organisation of the case

The role of police 'discretion’ in Britain and an analysis of proposals for reform

Does the effectiveness of CCTV as a crime prevention strategy outweigh the threat to civil liberties?

Renewing the practice-knowledge interface

Mind the gaps

14C concentrations in estuarine molluscs - a comparative investigation of place, time and taxon

The HALO system - a light weight portable imaging system

Using arch height and flexibility to characterise foot type

High-speed, non-invasive measurement of tibial rotation during the impact phase of running

A novel method for the performance of isometric exercise in the home

Effects of three types of isometric leg exercise at the same relative exercise intensities on blood pressure

Enteral feeding and percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy

Is governance now inhibiting research?

Malnutrition in hospital: an indictment of the quality of care?

The potential risks of alternative therapies in the treatment of cancer

What teenage girls write to agony aunts: Their relationships, perception, pressures and needs

Postnatal weight loss in term infants: What is 'normal' and do growth charts allow for it?

Assemblage as Rorschach: empirical hermeneutic aesthetics and the art spectator

Gastrointestinal evaluation & treatment in psychology

Clinical handbook of health psychology: a practical guide to effective interventions

Du foetus au nouveau-né: une perspective métabolique

Dropping out or dropping in? A re-examination of the concept of dropouts using qualitative methodology

Group cognitive-behavior therapy for bulimia nervosa: Statistical versus clinical significance of changes in symptoms across treatment

"I still don't know what I should have done": reflections on personal/professional dilemmas in sign language interpreting

Segregated secure psychiatric services for women forensic patients: an exploration of the rationale from staff and women patients' perspectives

Why does truth matter?

Gifted and talented education

The international criminal court and the prohibition of the use of children in armed conflict

Making geography fun

1816-17: Childe Harold III and Manfred

Isolation and physical mapping of sex-linked AFLP markers in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus L.)

Drama and writing: enlivening their prose

Literacy: singular or plural? For today or tomorrow?

Effect size: a statistician’s pseudo-concept?

Can everybody be a researcher?

Subject leader


The potential and possibilities of musical and physical literacies

Re-enchanting early childhood?

Young children’s social and emotional development

Corporate involvement in initial teacher training

Supporting the inclusion and achievement of learners with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD)

Virtual learning or real learning?

Geography, creativity and place

The food control system

Why people learn: adult learning in a changing world

Specific learning difficulties (SpLD)/dyslexia

Speech, language and communication needs (SLCN)

Indian children’s images of England

Geography, learning and the brain: an example of literature-based research

The subject of spirituality

Just being there for us

The construction and development of health professions: where will it end?

Temporary agency labour in the UK

Mutual expectations: a study of the three-way relationship between employment agencies, their client organisations and white-collar agency 'temps'

Policy implementation

Reporting by radiographers: a policy and practice guide

Five fantastic islands for flute, clarinet, viola, cello, percussion and piano

Five fantastic islands for flute, clarinet, viola, cello, percussion and piano

Five fantastic islands for flute, clarinet, viola, cello, percussion and piano

Five fantastic islands for flute, clarinet, viola, cello, percussion and piano

La fleur de Rhododaphné et le péril de l’exégèse biblique selon Pierre Coustau (1555)

International maritime transport: perspectives

City-regional governance: on conceptual issues

Learning your lines: scripted communication in post compulsory education

Improving access to depression care: descriptive report of a multidisciplinary primary care pilot service

Ageing in the English countryside: is it good for your health?

Pharmacological interventions and ECT

Cloudbusting: learning technologists and institutional culture change

Around the corner and into the woods? An evaluation of forest school

Nineteenth-century popular media

What you give is what you get

Trainees, mentors and citizenship: fair conflict resolution begins here

Concept cracking: a practical way to teach big ideas in RE

UK forges ahead with radiographer reporting

Development of a global curriculum for professional psychology: implications of the Combined-Integrated model of doctoral training

Circle time

An action research project evaluating core health visiting service in South West Kent Primary Care NHS Trust

Prevention activities amongst statutory and voluntary sector organisations working with children and young people

Bexley: social audit

Women and CHD

A dangerous culturist discourse

Recognising what our students bring with them

Let’s begin from mutual understanding: ELT teacher training in cross-cultural settings

Teaching grammar as a liberating force


Lanthanide(III) complexes of two novel N304-donor macrocycles derived from 3,6-Dioxa-1,8-Octanediamine

Africa before the international court: the generational gap in international adjudication and arbitration

The evidentiary issues arising from the proposed use of the satellite based vehicle monitoring system and electronic logbooks in the FishCAM Project within the European Union

Africa before the international courts - the generational gap in international adjudication and arbitration

The last resort in action: initiatives to stop the diffusion of white-collar crime and corruption in transition economies

The 'object' of an introductory programming course

All around us

Building up

Show the way

Hidden meanings

Data processing

Talk it through

Meta-analysis and qualitative data: insights from the history of probability

Evaluation of decontamination procedures used in primary care

Questioning student learning: an exploration of students' views on learning to become independent nurse prescribers

The use of structured assessments, practical skills and performance indicators to assess the ability of pre-registration nursing students to apply the principles of pharmacology and therapeutics to the medication management needs of patients

Enhancing older people’s concordance with taking their medication

Enhancing concordance with prescribed medication in older people

Removing barriers to achievement: the changing role of the SENCO

Smart thinking

Dance the words

The importance of hair

Occupational changes in nursing: the situation of enrolled nurses

Using portfolios in the assessment of learning and competence: the impact of four models

Making portfolios work in practice

Over the rainbow: recommendations for service provision by post-Apartheid South African gay and lesbian youth

Reflective practice

A first-stage evaluation of a group programme for PND

Reflective practice and daily ward reality: a covert power game

Dark horse: a life of Anna Sewell

Sewell, Mary (1797-1884)

Sewell, Anna (1820-1878)


Professional issues in community nursing

Using journals and diaries within reflective practice

Foam technology and its role in wound managment and prevention

'Getting your lines right': scripted communication in post-compulsory education

English regional government

Hypnotherapy in healthcare

Miscarriages of justice: critical failure points

Co-ordinating history in primary schools

Leading the way - launching the subject co-ordinators file

Low control learning

Live entertainment at the seaside: a benchmarking exercise for local authority theatres

Creative activities for plot, character & setting: ages 9-11

Creative activities for plot, character & setting: ages 7-9

Creative activities for plot, character & setting: ages 5-7

Biological nurturing: a new approach to breastfeeding

Early childhood education

Co-ordinating geography

Sink or swim - first term survival guide

Reflections on the experience of presenting at an international conference

Emancipatory career guidance in the zone of proximal development: a case study

An evaluation of the utilization of commissioned continuing professional development provision in south west London 2003/04

Exclusion as exile: spiritual punishment and physical illness in Normandy c.1050-1300

Globalno upravljanje, Ujedinjeni narodi i demokracija

Conflict resolution as a pathway to peace

UN Peacekeeping from Hammarskjold to Brahimi and beyond

Achieving consistency through effective transition

The characteristics of effective practice: a report on the findings of the systematic review

Primary languages in England: implications for initial and in-service teacher development

East Kent Global Citizens: using the citizenship curriculum at Key Stage 3 to teach about refugees and asylum seekers

Optimising the construction of a substitution library in Arabidopsis thaliana using computer simulations

The effect of hemparesis on sitting to standing

Genomic structure and cloning of two transcript isoforms of human Sp8.

Carers of older relatives in long term care: support needs and services

Carers of older relatives in long term care: support needs and services

Summer garden



Using time- and temperature-dependent Preisach models to investigate the limitations of modelling isothermal remanent magnetization acquisition curves with cumulative log Gaussian functions

100 Years - 100 puppets: Hungarian puppet art 1850-1950

A likeness

Elements of life

Clothing the naked in late medieval Kent

Wax, stone and iron: Dover's town defences in the later Middle Ages

Challenging barriers: meeting the needs of Muslim women in teacher education: a case study

PE teachers' perceptions of Muslim pupils' participation in physical education and extra-curricular activities.

The practice

Review of Thomas McGeary, 'Verse epistles on Italian opera singers, 1724-1736'