Guidelines for preventing intravasculer catheter-related infection

Hand hygiene, psychology and clinical non-compliance

The ethics of poor hand hygiene

Genitourinary neurofibromatosis with prostatic involvement

Cytoplasmic induction and over-expression of cyclooxygenase-2 in human prostate cancer: implications for prevention and treatment

A 3-year follow-up of a prospective randomized trial comparing transurethral electrovaporization of the prostate with standard transurethral prostatectomy

Violence and mental disorder: a critical aid to the assessment and management of risk

Evidence for dissociable learning processes from the SRT task

The prediction-irrelevance problem in grammar learning

Implementing a nurse-led ventilatory weaning protocol for long-term patients

Psychological care in intensive care: the nurses' view

Supervision in social work - messages for the Connexions Service

The ambiguity and promise of an urban 'cross-road'

Audit of the management of heart failure in a district general hospital

Nurse-led weaning from mechanical ventilation: where's the evidence?

Alteration in cardiovascular function: care of the patient with septic shock

Research and knowledge management organisational development programme: Wave Three Report

Crossing the divide: the role of inspection units in protecting vulnerable adults

Reliability of mean power recorded during indoor and outdoor self-paced 40 km cycling time-trials

Differences between the sexes and age-related changes in orienteering speed

Metacommunism: Kazantzakis, Berdyaev and "the new middle age"

Two types of discipleship in early Christianity

Is Madhyamaka Buddhism really the middle way? Emptiness and the problem of Nihilism.

The nature of international school leadership

Youth marginality under 'Postmodernism'

Ing-Ger-Land at Euro 2000: how 'handbags at 20 paces' was portrayed as a full-scale riot

Communist media economics and the consumers: the case of print media of East Central Europe

Patriarchy, puritanism and politics: The letters of Lady Brilliana Harley (1598-1643)

Kent and the English Civil Wars, 1640-1660

Poor-Law reform in the rural South-East: the impact of the "Sturges Bourne Acts" during the agricultural depression

Validity and reliability of a new isometric hand dynamometer

Towards a model of cross-sectoral policy development in leisure: the case of sport and tourism

The reproducibility of tolerance to lower-body negative pressure and its quantification

The perceived benefits of singing: findings from preliminary surveys of a university college choral society

Isaac, My Brother

Left past the moon

The disciple’s tale: the reception and assimilation of Schoenberg’s teachings on Grundgestalt, coherence and comprehensibility by his pupil, the composer Nikos Skalkottas

Smoking cessation in the dental hygiene and dental therapy curriculum

The student teacher and the school community of practice: a consideration of 'learning as participation'

Culture as constraint or resource

Achieving cultural continuity in curriculum innovation: dealing with dominant discourses

Appropriate methodology in using materials: ideology and artefact

New concepts, new relationships

Finding social autonomy

Achieving re-professionalisation: factors that influence the adoption of an 'extended role' by community pharmacists: A national survey

The nurse as researcher

The nurse as therapist and counsellor

Pulmonary disease and smoking: a case for health promotion

Accessing emergency care at the time of a heart attack: why people do not dial 999 for an ambulance

Constructions of early childhood in China

Personal learning planning: strategies for pupil learning

Relieving the pressure in the radiology department

A contextual perspective: fitting school round the needs of students

Mapping the war zone: cartography, geopolitics and security discourse in the UK press

Teachers, texts and social worlds

National diet and nutrition survey: young people aged 4 to 18 years

Outpatient nurses: from handmaiden to autonomous practioner

A tale of two therapists - making the transition into higher education

The PAMS post registration project

Stakeholder perspectives on Continuing Professional Development

Qualitative content analysis of Coubertin's six selected writings

Internal labour markets and non-standard employment: Evidence from the NSW hospital industry

The New Economy and the future of work in Australia: Separating the rhetoric from reality

Perceptions of foreign exchange rate risk in the shipping industry

The impact of study support

Which key skills? Marketing graduates and information literacy

Work and masculine identity in Kevin Smith's New Jersey Trilogy

Enigma's variation: the puzzling mysteries of Avi, Ellen Raskin, Diana Wynne Jones, and Chris Van Allsburg

Apparition and apprehension: supernatural mystery and emergent womanhood in Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights and novels by Margaret Mahy

Mystery in children's literature from the rational to the supernatural: an introduction

The use of lesson transcripts for developing teachers' classroom language

PPP and beyond: towards a learning-centred approach to teaching grammar

Bridging the gap: raising cultural awareness and developing communicative skills through drama on immersion programmes

Fighting while negotiating: The United States, North Vietnam and the Paris Peace Process, May 1968 to January 1973

Labour markets

Community and disunity: Kent and the English Civil Wars, 1640-1649

Children and parents together: report for Greenwich Social Services

Community liaison worker project: an interim evaluation

Making records work: recording with care in services to adults with learning disabilities

Anglo-American relations and the birth of the Western European Union in 1954

Lyndon B. Johnson and the search for political stability in Saigon, 1963-65

The United States, South Vietnam and the ''spectre'' of neutralization, 1963-65

Putting America in its place: recent writing on the history of the Vietnam War

Dealed out? Welfare to work and social exclusion

Social insecurity and the informal economy: survival strategies on a South London estate

Modelling the detailed pattern of SRT sequence learning

Biodiversity of aquatic gastropods in the Mont St-Michel basin (France) in relation to salinity and drying of habitats

NMR stray-field analysis of oil drop size distribution in peanut cotyledons

A practical to investigate Darcy's law of hydraulic flow and to teach about rate of change

Lanthanide(III) perchlorate complexes of two 24 membered N3O4-donor macrocycles

Creating images, sound, movement, enactment, word: the arts in clinical training

Building and blending: Creating places for the arts in psychotherapy

Human stability and conflict in the Horn of Africa: part one

Human stability and conflict in the Horn of Africa

Sex determination in the parasitic nematode Strongyloides ratti

Identification of putative sex chromosomes in the blue tilapia, Oreochromis aureus, through synaptonemal complex and FISH analysis

The ethics minefield: issues of responsibility in learning and research

Regionalising the knowledge economy: what's the point?

Central and Eastern Europe a decade after the fall of state-socialism: regional dimensions of transition processes

Post-industrial economic transformation: implications for urban and regional systems

The Northern Ireland peace process

Henry II's heir: the acta and seal of Henry the Young King, 1170-83

"Certaine signes" of "faeryland": Spenser’s Eden of thanksgiving on the defeat of the "monstrous" "dragon" of Albion’s north

Niche markets and small island tourism: the development of sports tourism in Malta

Consistency in hand-searching for terrestrial snails

Beyond nihilism: Kazantzakis and Plotinus on the metaphysical 'One' that does not exist

Becoming present: the new tense in English for intercultural communication

The wonderful will of William of Wendling (d. 1270)

Mood and performance: test of a conceptual model with a focus on depressed mood

An exploration of players' and coach's assessment of player performance in an elite men’s hockey team

GIS in fisheries science: foundations for the new millennium

Modelling spatial variations in spawning habitat suitability for the sole Solea solea using regression quantiles and GIS procedures

Erlensterben durch Phytophthora spp. und die möglichen folgen

Dammed snails: the biological cost of heavy engineering

Excluding primary school children - the outcomes six years on

Cultural constructions of childhood and early literacy

Early literacy teaching: the 'third way'

Positive guidance and uncertainty: responding to the career guidance needs of people living with HIV/AIDS

Physical education: make or break in a new century? A consideration of some of the key issues surrounding secondary physical education

Ethics and paediatric exercise science: issues and making a submission to a local ethics and research committee

Overcoming veriphobia - learning to love truth again

Changing patterns of church college identity and mission

Effectiveness of two glycerol ingestion strategies on 40-km cycling time trial performance

We can work it out

Respiratory arrest in a male athlete after running through a wheat field

Teacher knowledge and understanding of design and technology for children in the 3-11 age group: a study focusing on aspects of structures

Part V: Psychology - Coach and players' assessment of coach effectiveness in an elite men's hockey team

Drama and writing: imagination on the page: no 2

The concept of total pain: a focused patient care study

The subject of adult learning

Spirituality in the personal and professional development of a group of doctors

Journeying into 'auto/biography': the changing subject of lifelong learning

The 'subject' of adult learning

Aesthetic and religious awareness among pupils: similarities and differences

Therapists' beliefs about research and the scientist-practitioner model in an evidence-based health care climate: a qualitative study

Saving money through good nutrition

Work-related stress: a brief review

From the therapeutic community to the community: developing an outreach psychosocial nursing service for severe personality disorders


King Henry II and the monks of battle: the battle chronicle unmasked

Beyond the fitting medium of desire: Lord Byron and D. H. Lawrence

Vernon Lee: England, Italy and identity politics

The feminist theology of Florence Nightingale

The professionalization of women’s writing: extending the canon

'The feelings group': a group to enhance the emotional literacy of adults with learning disabilities

Implementing the psychotherapy services strategic review in the context of clinical governance

Client and family narratives on schizophrenia

Small-scale placement-based research in clinical psychology training: the role of qualitative methods

Supporting the transition from trainee to newly qualified status: some reflections from a workshop

Reform of the Mental Health Act: implications for clinical psychologists

Curriculum in the Early Years

Is a social model sufficient to enable inclusive educational practice?

Creativity and composition in music

Cultural baggage and cultural tourism


Case study: a joint module for first year students in two institutions in two adjoining countries

The National Curriculum

Individualised learning in a group setting

Enabling inclusion for individuals

Supervision in counselling and psychotherapy: a critical space

Support and supervision for guidance practitioners in a personal adviser role

Crick crack chin my story's in: stories and storytelling

Mentoring in schools: from support to development

From mentor to co-tutor: reconceptualising secondary modern foreign languages initial teacher education

Developing a framework of support for personal advisers

Lifeskills: from adaptation to transcendence

Reflections on a supervisory relationship

Teacher development in music

Health and the older traveller: issues for health promotion

Proposals for reform of the Mental Health Act - implications for psychologists

Recent advances in understanding mental illness and psychotic experiences

Recent advances in understanding mental illness and psychotic experiences

Recent advances in understanding mental illness and psychotic experiences

Implications of the Mental Health Act White Paper for Clinical Psychologists

Implications of the Mental Health Act White Paper for Clinical Psychologists

It's the knowledge economy, stupid! Or is it?

Primary ICT handbook: English

New instincts

Anne Brontë, "The Tenant of Wildfell Hall"

Anthony Trollope, "The Way We Live Now"

The nurse as reflector

The nurse as clinician

Models of organisational commitment applied to educational settings: How group experiences are part of good school performances

Beyond the ultimate sphere: the ascension and eschatology

Learning to Teach Music in the Secondary School

Global perspectives on Christianity: case studies to promote thinking skills in Religious Education

'The Good Angel of Our Lives': subversive religion in The Woman in White

A vindication of religion: Wilkie Collins, Dickens and The Frozen Deep

Diagnosis of heart failure in elderly patients in primary care

The Saker Falcon, its conservation and use in Arabic falconry

Product family development: linking theory with practice.

Home language as a mediator: a pilot-study report of Chinese parental involvement in the reading of illustrated dual-language books


Understanding women's experiences and perceptions of CHD: report to the BUPA Foundation

Managing subjectivity

Mystery in children’s literature: from the rational to the supernatural

The Altai Saker

An ecological study of the salt marsh at Pegwell Bay

Dieback of Common Alder trees, Alnus glutinosa (L.) Gaertn., in South-East England

Biological effectivity assessment of shellfish as intermediate hosts to different parasites by use of plant extracts of Solanum xanthocarpum

Kazantzakis, the Saviors of God, and 'death' as an 'awakening' from life

Voice and choice: children’s writing development

Drama and writing: imagination on the page: no 1

Curiosity kits: the impact of non-fiction book bags on boys' reading at home

Gaining confidence and conviction

Creativity, voice and passion on the page: research report

Imagining the urban moorland? Lifelong learning and the communities of East London

The taboo on female subjectivity

A common perspective: Strand 1 projects form a beneficial alliance

Health promotion in school

Scientific and technological literacy within initial training and professional development for primary teachers: new opportunities for global outreach and development through TechnoScience 2000

Accuracy of radiographer reporting of magnetic resonance imaging for suspected acoustic neuroma

Critical care outreach services and early warning scoring systems: a review of the literature

Sourcing evidence-based nutrition information

An overview of social work education in the United Kingdom: the joint learning agenda

Young child observation: teaching and learning

Variation in accident and emergency musculoskeletal appendicular radiographic reports and the development of a report template

Enabling inclusion: is the culture of change being responsibly managed?

Cultural dimensions of clinical depression in Bangalore, India

An evaluation of nurse-led thrombolysis in the management of patients with acute myocardial infarction

Reazoni del publico ai controlli sanitari a scopo diagnostico.

Contesting AIDS/HIV: the lay reception of biomedical knowledge

The United Nations and the pursuit of the holy grail

Sequence-specific assignment and determination of the secondary structure of the 163-residue M. tuberculosis and M. bovis antigenic protein MPB70

Ventures into uncharted territory

Making the case for primary languages

Genetic mapping of Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench QTLs that control variation in tillering and other morphological characters

Two plays: Ofotiriofo and The Siren

Caring in later life: reviewing the role of older carers

Two days in summer

Key skills through collaboration: a Library and Information Services and Business, Management and Leisure partnership

Teaching and learning strategies for embedding key skills: reshaping a marketing programme

The influence of cropping system on weed communities of rice in Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa

Influence of flood depth and duration on growth of lowland rice weeds, Cote d’Ivoire

Attitudes of Muslim students and PE teachers towards physical education and extra-curricular activities

First sight

Review of Roxann Wheeler, 'The complexion of race: categories of difference in eighteenth-century British culture'