Ageing and the autonomic nervous system

Changing hand hygiene behaviour: a leadership issue for nursing

Health, illness and hand hygiene: a psychosocial perspective

Psychosocial aspects of infection control

Les luttes agricoles de 1906-1908 : premier conflit social du XXe siècle dans les campagnes de L'Aisne

Failing to adopt a patient centred approach: A multi-professional problem

5-years outcome of a prospective randomised trial to compare Transurethral Electrovaporization of the Prostate (TUVP) to Standard Transurethral Resection (TURP)

99mTc-SnF2 colloid “LLK”: particle size, morphology, and leukocyte labelling behaviour

Identification of surrogate markers for determining drug activity using proteomics

Developing academic partnerships in Uganda

The reality of critical incident technique in small scale research

To high flow or not high flow CVVH

Using information technology to enhance critical care education

Supervision in psychotherapy and counselling: a critical space for learning

New Labour, new professionalism

Wordless words: poetry and the symmetry of being

Recognising the psychosocial issues involved in hand hygiene

Nursing care of the acute head injury: a review of the evidence

Impact of poverty places pressure on all practitioners

Consider the whole child when making your assessments

The golden rule is that the family must come first

The importance of positive reinforcement

Teachers as artists

Partnership, leadership and learning: building individual and organisational capacity through an accredited programme

The never ending dispute: legal theories on the spatial demarcation boundary plane between airspace and outer space

Financial services

Difficulties in clinical supervision and lifelong learning

The effectiveness of individual and group-based parenting programmes in improving outcomes for teenage mothers and their children: a systematic review

Birth to three matters: a review of the literature

Call management and delivery in NHS Direct: explaining variations in practice

Incremental exercise, plasma catecholamine concentrations and performance of a psychomotor skill

Naming the stars: integrating qualitative methods into psychological research

'Between a rock and a hard place' - mapping places in a volatile world (Editorial)

Ten of the best? (Editorial)

i-science is i-deal

Heart rate responses of women aged 23-67 years during competitive orienteering

Heart rate responses of male orienteers aged 21-67 years during competition

The New Covenant in Southern Palestine at the arrest of Jesus

Visibility as ecclesiological criterion

Education with character: the moral economy of schooling

The development of early numeracy in Europe

The development of children's early numeracy through key stage 1

Les langues vivantes dans l’enseignement primaire au Royaume-Uni

What do we know about teaching young children? A professional user review of UK research based on the BERA academic review 'Early Years Research: Pedagogy, Curriculum and Adult Roles, Training and Professionalism'

Views from the institution: overcoming barriers to inclusive teacher education

Embracing the faith, including the community?

Assemblies and charters in Late Anglo-Saxon England

The wilderness years of Llywelyn the Great

The structure of landownership and land occupation in the Romney Marsh Region, 1646-1834

Print media in Post-Communist East Central Europe

Coal and the origins of the Cold War: the British dilemma over coal supplies from the Ruhr, 1946

"A war we don't want": another look at the British Labour government's commitment in Korea, 1950-51

Men, sport, body performance and the maintenance of 'exclusive masculinity'

‘Playing the game called writing’: children’s views and voices

"They get enough of that at home": understanding aversion to popular culture in schools

Calendar of Patent Rolls 29 Elizabeth I (1586-1587) C66/1286-1303

Franklin Roosevelt and the Runciman mission to Czechoslovakia, 1938: a new perspective on Anglo-American relations in the era of appeasement

The moralisation of tourism: sun, sand ... and saving the world?

‘Melancholic imaginations’: Witchcraft and the politics of melancholia in Elizabethan Kent

Why the two won't tango! Explaining the lack of integrated policies for sport and tourism in the UK

Areas of study and teaching strategies in instrumental teaching: a case study research project

What is financial abuse?

'Please don't let it happen on my shift': supporting staff who are caring for people with learning disabilities who are dying

Sex and international travel: behaviour, health and human rights

A study of the effects of visual and performing arts in healthcare

Care management revisited: a follow-up study

Arts and healthy communities in the South East

Evaluating an assessment scale of irrational beliefs for people with mental health problems

Contributors to stress among prison service staff

Exercising for a healthy heart: A qualitative study of women's beliefs

Sport, body performance and the maintenance of 'exclusive masculinity'

Chain reaction II: teachers, headteachers and action research

Forest School Swansea Neath Port Talbot: an evaluation

The influence of culture on play

Bureaucratic control versus professional autonomy: decision making in NHS Direct

Olympic games (and Olympism)

Personal learning planning: can tutoring improve pupils' learning?

Using research as a process of reflection

Parental involvement in a time of transition: experiencing educational reform 'It's not bad'

The purpose of undergraduate tourism programmes in the United Kingdom

Facilitating the involvement of children and young people in health service developments

This is my home and I'm not moving

The European masters of science in occupational therapy - a student's lived experience

Assessing visual inattention: study of inter-rater reliability

Preschool children's consumption of drinks: implications for dental health

Let's ask them: a national survey of definitions of quality of life and its enhancement among people aged 65 and over

30,000 BC: painting animality - Deleuze and prehistoric painting

The logic of sensation

Modelling international price relationships and interdependencies between the stock index and stock index futures markets of three EU Countries: a multivariate analysis

Growing labour insecurity in Australia and the UK in the midst of job growth: Beware the Anglo-Saxon model

Blending and bending paradigms in large scale multi-site educational research

Mapping media literacy - media education 11-16 years in the United Kingdom

Platform-driven development of product families: linking theory with practice

Widening the scope of incident analysis in complex work environments

Bringing context and methodology together

The End of CLT: a context approach to language teaching

CALL—past, present and future

Historical trajectories: English welfare systems, rural riots, popular politics, agrarian trade unions, and allotment provision, 1793-1896

The United States in Asia: II – Vietnam

The United States in Asia: I – Korea

Property, economic interest and the configuration of rural conflict in sixteenth and seventeenth century England

Electronic music for Hans Werner Henze’s opera L' Upupa und der Triumph der Sohnesliebe (143’)

The effect of training distinct neurofeedback protocols on aspects of cognitive performance

Semantic interference from visual object recognition on visual imagery

Dynamics of metacognitive judgments: Pre- and postretrieval mechanisms.

Destination digital: documentary representation and the virtual travelogue

Thirteen ways of looking at the British boom

Non-linear narrative(s) in Philip Pullman's Penny Dreadfuls

Metal complexes with four macrocyclic ligands derived from 2,6-bis(2-formylphenoxymethyl)pyridine and 1,7-bis(2′-formylphenyl)-1,4,7-trioxaheptane

Synthesis and characterisation of four novel NxOy-Schiff-base macrocyclic ligands and their metal complexes

Lanthanide(III) complexes with pyridine head macrocyclic ligands

Postmodernism and science fiction

Coordination chemistry of copper(II) with oxaaza macrocyclic ligands: crystal structure of a dinuclear tetramer copper(II) complex

MAPBOT: A web based map information retrieval system

Code confidential: codes of practice for computing professionals

The role of colour in implicit and explicit memory performance

Damn or be damned: Arno Peters and the struggle for the 'New Cartography'

Arno Peters: The man and his map

Estimating limits to the spatial extent and suitability of sole (Solea solea) nursery grounds in the Dover Strait

Dissecting size frequency data relating to terrestrial snails

Sewage works failure because of invasive snails - problem and solution

Molluscicidal properties of a mixture of Nicotinanilide with Niclosamide

Researching transition

A trial to use the biological aerated filter (BAF) technology for combating the 'snail problem'

A new technique for preventing the spread of Oncomelania hupensis Gredler snails in irrigation systems in China

Metal accumulation and cell type composition in the digestive gland of the snail Helix aspersa Müller 1774 from an area of chronic exposure to metal pollution

Invader and invaded - colonisation by, and of, Potamopyrgus antipodarum Gray (Mollusca, Hydrobiidae)

Philip Pullman

Making an electronic pressure transducer

Life, liberty and the pursuit of the post-human: An interview with Ken MacLeod

Charters and episcopal scriptoria in the Anglo-Saxon South-West

Review article ''American Faces'' exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery

Learning to be human: teaching, culture and human cognitive evolution

From Little Acorns…

Characteristics associated with 10-km running performance among a group of highly trained male endurance runners age 21–63 years

The lack of effectiveness of 18 weeks of accumulative short bouts of brisk walking upon the function of the heart

Teachers’ emotions, teachers’ creativity

Creating the world in the mind

Teacher leadership: rationale, strategy and impact


Early mathematics in the home and out-of-home contexts

Representing the Institution: reflections on barriers to inclusive teacher education

The historiography of Cold War origins

The Foreign Office, Anglo-American relations and the pursuit of ''power by proxy'', 1952-1957

Enseigner, gérer, survivre dans les zones socialement défavorisées en Angleterre

Scientific and technological literacy through TechnoScience 2000+: an approach for inservice and preservice training

Novel novice project

The inter-relationships between informal and formal learning

Alone - and at home - with books

Let drama build bridges to non-fiction writing

Let drama build bridges between the subjects

Drama and spirituality: reflective connections

Creative teachers and the language arts: possibilities and potential

Student retention in law schools

Counselling and the PA role: Are these connected?

Kształcenie lekarzy: studium auto/biograficzne

Theories and issues in child development

Thinking creatively

Teaching, learning and the brain

Bridging the gap: the role of the science coordinator in improving the induction and professional growth of newly qualified teachers

Towards an understanding of Gambian teachers' complex professionalism

Space for reflection: reasserting a professional identity

Emotional intelligence and education

Perspektywy teoretyczne we współczesnych badaniach edukacyjnych

The relationship between acceptance and cognitive representations of pain in participants of a pain management programme

Conference report: nursing in a technological world -- or was it?

Can dogs defy gravity? A comparison with the human infant and a non-human primate

Development of sexually abusive behaviour in sexually victimised males: a longitudinal study

Epidemiology of plantar forefoot corns and callus, and the influence of dominant side

A study of cancer supportive care information needs for the Kent and Medway Cancer Network

Evaluation of an emergency contraception advance provision service

Handle with care

Cuddles, biological nurturing, exclusive breastfeeding and public health

White blood: dose benefits of human milk

Users' views of therapeutic community treatment: a satisfaction survey at the Cassel Hospital

Non-invasive measurement of tibial rotation during the impact phase of running

An ordinary death? The service needs of people with learning disabilities who are dying

Links between the Public Guardianship Office and social services departments

Suspected financial abuse among cases administered by the PGO

Adult protection and the Criminal Records Bureau: making use of criminal conviction data

Alternative nutrition in cancer: friend or foe?

Botulinum toxin: a deadly substance with great therapeutic effect

Are probiotics and other functional foods the medicines of the future?

Regular users of children's services: helping to care for children with special needs

Biological nurturing increases duration of breastfeeding for a vulnerable cohort

Qualitative analysis of experience: grounded theory and case studies

Discovering the use of narrative metaphors in work with people with learning disabilities

Involving users of services in clinical psychology training

On the edges of uncertain worlds: people who use services, clinical psychologists and training

Contesting psychosis

Utfordrende atferd - i et kjønnsperspektiv

Non-invasive measurement of tibial rotation during the impact phase of running

High-speed, non-invasive measurement of tibial rotation during the impact phase of running

Children and armed conflict in Africa

Youth and war in Sierra Leone

Physical development and physical education

An investigation of sex determination in the Mozambique tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicus, using synaptonemal complex analysis, FISH, sex reversal and gynogenesis

Physical mapping of the brain and ovarian aromatase genes in the Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus, by fluorescence in situ hybridization

Analysis of repetitive DNA sequences in the sex chromosomes of Oreochromis niloticus

Introduction: romancing the Celt

'That perverse passion' and Benita Eisler's 'Byronic' biography of Byron

Living in a world of make-believe: fantasy, female identity, and modern short stories by women in the British tradition

The past reimagined: history and literary creation in British children’s novels after World War Two

Exploring the unknown: ambiguity, interaction and meaning making in classroom drama

Children and numeracy

Managing behaviour for learning

An introduction to science and technology

Inclusion and exclusion in the city: concepts and contexts

The context of radiotherapy care

Challenging auto/biographies: careers and guidance in a 5 to 9 world

'Mind the gap': creativity and learning

Gender issues in education

Out of the mouths and minds of babes: language acquisition and development

Narrative and career guidance: small talk or useful dialogue?

Finding a cure? Pay in England's National Health Service

Enabling business innovation: government policy in the UK

Play, popular culture and the profile

Marriage as a means of conversion in Pierre Dubois' De Repuperatione Terre Sancte

The communtation of crusading vows among non-combatants

Undernutrition in hospital patients

The murderers of Thomas Becket

Telecommunications services and networks and territorial cohesion: country report - Ireland

Contradictions at the heart of the 'New Europe': Problematising neo-liberal transition, Eastern enlargement and regional development

The knowledge economy: a critical view

Towards the knowledge-based city?

Building the knowledge-based economy in less-favoured regions: a critical appraisal

Working in post-compulsory education

Is NHS Direct meeting the needs of mental health callers?

Psychopharmacology and medication management

Exploring the boys and literacy issue

Boys and literacy: what are the issues?

'Try domething different': approaches to teaching religious education

Literature and religion in mid-Victorian England: from Dickens to Eliot

The assessment of the performance coursework of GCSE and ‘A’ level physical education in the UK

Validation of written and video based assessment instruments in physical education

Application Service Providers (ASPs) strategies and the adoption of e-business by SMEs

108 vragen over Boeddhisme


Young people and the law

Widening participation in higher education: student recruitment and retention in law education

Student retention in law education

The Research Governance Framework: facilitating its operationalisation in primary, community and social care: report to Southwark PCT

An evaluation of the protected learning time scheme in Maidstone and Weald Primary Care NHS Trust

Edenbridge health needs assessment

Sexual health services audit: report for Maidstone Weald PCT

Promoting Health in Medway: the role of voluntary sector organisations: report to Medway CVS

Social autonomy: addressing the dangers of culturism in TESOL

Implementing performance management for headteachers in English secondary schools: a case study

Ideology and the intellectuals

Ökotourismus - Elend als (Urlaubs-)Ziel

The generational-technological gap in air and space law: a commentary

Laws without teeth: an overview of the problems associated with corruption in Ukraine

Towards a situated learning theory for careers education and guidance

Character education in British education policy

Delivery of courseware using CD-ROM media

Outcome of ANCA-associated renal vasculitis: a 5-year retrospective study

Pharmacology education: a theoretical framework of applied pharmacology and therapeutics

Supporting student nurses learning in and through clinical practice: the role of the clinical guide

Special needs and early years

White hot about boards

Intent to leave nursing in Italy

ICT is proving to be a powerful tool in the delivery of careers information and advice. But is e-guidance a step too far?

Turning to narrative in the training of careers education, guidance and advice workers: could this be a way forward?

Students’ perceptions of quality in higher education

Managers, researchers, teachers and dabblers: enabling a research culture in nursing departments in higher education institutions

Evaluating portfolio assessment systems: what are the appropriate criteria?

Health visitors’ experiences of Family Group Conferences in relation to child protection planning: a phenomenological study

How older people adapt to becoming housebound

Gay and lesbian youth experiences of homophobia in South African secondary education

Implementing a critical care course for ward nurses

Redressing the balance: the place, history and future of reflective practice in clinical training

A history of clinical psychology in Britain: some impressions and reflections

The effect of the school environment on the personal and social worlds of young people with physical disabilities: a qualitative study

Becoming a mental health nurse: a qualitative study (Part 2)

Becoming a mental health nurse: a qualitative study (Part 1)

Clinical psychology development: the early years and progress

Carers' expressed emotion, appraisal of behavioural problems and stress in children attending schools for learning disabilities

Trainee clinical psychologists' adaptation and professional functioning: a longitudinal study

Storytelling: the missing link in story writing

The relationship between disgust sensitivity, anxiety and obsessions

Attitudes toward obsessive-compulsive disorders: an experimental investigation

Therapists' experiences of working with language interpreters

Developing a training programme for primary care mental health workers

Quality improvement projects: an introduction

Managing to protect

The shadow of the word: adaptations from the novel to the screen

Qualitative research methodology in psychology: expanding perspectives in methodology and design

CPD for complementary medicine: is the self-assessment approach the way forward?

CPD for complementary medicine: current practice and problems

Exploring the origins of culturism in TESOL

An exploration of the reading comprehension of adults with mild and borderline learning disabilities

The anatomy of insects and spiders

Settlements - a new approach

Elend als Urlaubs-Ziel

Encouraging home-owners to maintain their homes: initiatives in the Bellenden Renewal Area, Peckham

Managing cover lessons: RE

Supersymmetry breaking and 4 dimensional string models

Mental health services - workforce design and development: best practice guidance

Mind mapping software

Past, present, future

Film theory: critical concepts in media and cultural studies

Teaching interpersonal skills through e-learning : mission impossible or mission (to be) accomplished?

Vocational choice theories and their impact on the career guidance process

Sexual Health Services in West Lancashire Primary Care Trust. A report prepared for West Lancashire Primary Care Trust.

After the “peace”: pathways and problems

The European Summer University: pushing at an open door?

The United States and the UN: some revolting European thoughts

Solution structure of the mycobacterium tuberculosis complex protein MPB70. From tuberculosis pathogenesis to inherited human corneal disease

Genetics of quantitative traits in Arabidopsis thaliana

Expression of alternatively spliced isoforms of human Sp7 in osteoblast-like cells.

Gaining access to and working with self-help groups in mental health

"Isn't he wonderful?" Exploring the contribution and conceptualization of older husbands as carers

Joining the sisters: female inmates in the late medieval hospitals of east Kent

Taenia solium cysticercosis of humans and pigs: a review of our contributions and perspectives in the research of its complexities

Population genetic structure of Taenia solium from Madagascar and Mexico: implications for clinical profile diversity and immunological technology

The trust

Perceptions of Muslim females towards physical education and extra-curricular activities

Review of "a new historical atlas of Cheshire"

Review of "Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World"