A reflective review of current equipment and ongoing training capabilities/recommendations regarding basic and advanced cardiac/trauma life support, venepuncture and cannulation, intravenous therapy, manual handling and first aid

A preliminary proposal regarding the establishment of advanced trauma and cardiac life support programmes at adult and paediatric levels

The Purpose of PREP

General nurses' perceptions of palliative care

Maintenance of health during radiotherapy: a nursing perspective

The decline of liberal education and the emergence of a new model of education and training

Access to higher education

Making the market work for people with learning disabilities: an argument for principled contracting

Providing realistic practice in reported speech

Pre-copulatory behaviour of the freshwater hermaphrodite snail Biomphalaria glabrata (Say, 1818) (Gastropoda: Pulmonata)

An investigation into whether nursing students alter their attitudes and knowledge levels regarding HIV infection and AIDS following a 3-year programme leading to registration as a qualified nurse

The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Catholicism: ideological and institutional constraints on system change in English and French primary schooling

A learning democracy for cooperative action

Towards a learning profession: changing codes of occupational practice within the new management of education

The curse of the CATalytic converter

Planning a career in community nursing

Nutrition in patients undergoing radiotherapy

The maintenance of health during radiotherapy: a nursing perspective

Nurse education: attrition rates in the UK

Determination of the lactate minimum points in cyclists

Child physical abuse referrals in an area of South London

An introduction to primary mentoring

The subject mentor handbook for the secondary school

The principles and processes of mentoring

Subject mentoring and student development

Subject mentoring in the primary school: the core curriculum

Toward the millennium: mass media map research in the United Kingdom

The effect of regulatory announcements on the cost of equity capital of British Telecom

'Destructing a giro': a critical and ethnographic study of the youth 'underclass'

Transfer of training: assessing the impact of INSET in Tanzania

A history of Northern Ireland 1920-1996

Partnership in the local community: Primary care, serious mental illness & the local community

Crime, protest and popular politics in Southern England, 1740-1850

The secularisation thesis: talking at cross purposes

Correlates of cycling hill climb ability

The correlation of blood lactate assessments with 16km cycling time-trial performance: the effect of age

Coccinellidae and other coleoptera

State disintegration and human rights in Africa

Doux Papa by Gerard Georges Pigeon: beyond the fragments of a plural

State disintegration and human rights in Africa: Liberia and Somalia

Service responses to men with intellectual disabilities who have unacceptable or abusive sexual behaviours: the case against inaction

Evaluation of a critical care pathway to reduce door-to-needle times for thrombolytic therapy following acute myocardial infarction

Extending the theory of awareness contexts by examining the ethical issues faced by nurses in terminal care

Using research to find the effects of process-oriented educational assessment in critical care nursing practice

Opening up the options: making the inflexible into a flexible framework

Mr William Cobbett, Captain Swing and King William IV

Crime and protest in a country parish: Burwash, 1790-1850

The solar eclipse of Wednesday 29 October AD878: Ninth century historical records and the findings of modern astronomy

Educational attainment and social disadvantage: contextualizing school league tables

Roles for a teacher educator in context-sensitive teacher education

The number knowledge of four to five year olds at school entry and at the end of their first year

The Juniper Tree: a chamber opera

Prambanam: Concerto for oboe d'amore, trombone, percussion and 22 solo strings

Prambanam: Concerto for oboe d'amore, trombone, percussion and 22 solo strings

Sustainable development or development?

Integrating sport and tourism: a review of regional policies in England

Effects of an 18 week walking programme on cardiac function in previously sedentary or relatively inactive adults

Agnostic for clarinet, strings and percussion

Carbohydrate ingestion improves endurance performance during a 1h simulated cycling time trial

History and development of construction kits including a special study of Mobilo and Reo Click

The business studies first degree: institutional trends and the pedagogic context

In search of an identity: lecturer perceptions of the business studies first degree

Parental participation: essential partners in guidance

Large and small classes in Egyptian university classrooms: a cultural justification for curriculum change

Six lessons: cultural continuity in communicative language teaching


Staff show

One Man Show

Working at Kecskemet

Wirral Artists

Royal Academy Summer Show

Ten artists selected from the London Group

Manchester Academy Annual Exhibition

One-Man Show

Gender and health: a specific application of social inputs, mediating psycho-social variables and health outcomes

The influence of number-sense on children's ability to estimate measures

Rehabilitation following a stroke: a participant perspective

Vulnerable homeless families in Rochester upon Medway

On the condition of the homeless and young in Swale

Rethinking education and democracy: a socialist alternative for the twenty first century

'Trying all the options' or 'Ageny hoppers': Two views of the young homeless story

Strike it lucky

Investigating mazes

A mathematical model for a game of pool

Changes in physical education students' anxiety on school experience

Changes in students' anxieties and concerns after their first and second teaching practices

Towards an educational model for pupils with autism and Asperger's syndrome

Re-assessing the role of teachers' subject knowledge in early years mathematics teaching

A study of teacher assessment at Key Stage 1

Applying the principles of the code of practice to pupils with specific learning difficulties and dyslexia

Meeting the interests and needs of gifted children: a strategy for teaching and learning

Gender and membership of the mainstream

The politics of participation in international English language education

Crime, protest and radicalism

The revolt of the south-west 1800-1: a study in popular protest

Resistance to the new Poor Law in the rural south

Southern chartism

Twyford under the Bretons 1066-1250

Medieval cartularies: additions and corrections

The will of Richard of Elmham (d. 1228)

Making a video

Different achievements

The search for a sports-tourism policy network

Approaches to the education of children with severe learning difficulties including those with profound and multiple disabilities

Disruptive behaviour and exclusions from schools: redefining and responding to the problem

The 'success with science' INSET project for primary teachers in Jamaica: a distance learning initiative to promote scientific and technological literacy

Commentary on prostate cancer: diagnosis and treatment

Learning in the workplace

Chronic tendon pathology: a new approach

Anatomy and biomechanics of the patella femoral joint

Imaging technology and archaelogy

L'Adventurra (The Adventure)

Attitudes, subjective norm and perceived behavioural control as predictors of women's intention to use hormone replacement therapy

Society's perceptions of visibly burned adults and the implications for occupational therapy

Decision making in community care: personal construct analysis as a measure in NHS clinical professions

An example of research method suitable for professions in the Health Service and in the personal social services: the use of repertory grids

Sexuality and healthcare: a human dilemma

Improving information for clients in mental health care

Exercise and mental health: a qualitative study

A survey of information provision in mental health: what have we learned?

The costs of formal and informal caring in mental health

Mood enhancement and anxiety reduction using physical exercise in a clinical sample

Is natural healthy?

Patient case study: Harry Morris: undernutrition, acute infection and inability to cope

Patient case study: Chrysanthi Paxos: congestive cardiac failure requiring a therapeutic diet

Patient case study: Jenny Watson: terminally ill and requiring tube feeding

An overview of nutritional issues relating to the care of older people in hospital

Cancer chemotherapy: a guide for practice

Quality of life in survivors of bone marrow transplant

Nursing education attrition rates in the UK

The toxicity of Pfizer's trade and pilot plant effluents

Toxicity tests using the polychaete worm 'Nereis virens'

Algal growth inhibition tests using 'Chrondus crispus'. 'Chrondus' 5 day growth inhibition - interim ERG

Mating strategies in the freshwater hermaphrodite snail Biomphalaria glabrata (Say, 1818) (Gastropoda: Pulmonata)

The role of clinical psychologists in community mental health teams

Review of counselling in Lambeth, Southward and Lewisham

Clinical training: the end of core placements

Under instruction

The NIV Shorter Concordance

Raising up a faithful people: high church priests and parochial education 1850-1910

Sapiential Work A and the social interpretation of Essenism

Agrarian economy and the social interpretation of Essenism


Current topics in radiography 3

No-body's perfect: the exercise body beautiful complex

A theoretical perspective of performance evaluation with a practical application

The optimal peddling cadence for racing cyclists

Orienteering: a mental training workbook

BASES Physiological testing guidelines

Sports injuries: causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention

Is exercise really good for us?

Room for improvement - Sport science support work with orienteers

BASES Quality Assurance

Sport and Exercise Scientists

World watch (4) - pupil book 4: world issues

Service user involvement in mental health students' learning

The influence of user involvement on student mental health nurses' learning

Snoezelen: benefits for nursing older clients

The effect of collimation of the irradiated field on objectively measured image contrast

Anna Sewell: a consideration

Alzheimer's disease

'Great Expectations' and 'Elizabeth Villiers'

Theology goes to school: the story of the Stapleford Project

In defence of the common school

Agenda for educational change

Parent-teacher partnership: practical approaches to meet special educational needs

The accuracy of radiographers' reports in accident and emergency examinations of the skeletal system

The accuracy of radiographers' reports in examinations of the skeletal system

Reporting by radiographers: findings of an accredited postgraduate skeletal reporting programme in the UK

Multivariate analysis of underwater sounds

Sports in schools

Nihinjinron: made in the USA

Community nurses' experience of a clinical effectiveness programme. Report to the South Thames Clinical Effectiveness Programme

Implementation of guidelines for the Management of Leg Ulcers in the Community Project. Report to the South Thames Clinical Effectiveness Programme

Influences on sport-tourism relations in Britain: the effects of government policy

Two papal letters on the wearing of the Jewish badge, 1221-1229

Modelling of decision processes in human categorisation

Ventilating an AIDS patient

Nach uns die Sintflut?

Reflections on a paper by Maurice Bertrand

Gibraltar: a pebble in the EU’s shoe

Facilitating problem-solving in internationalised conflicts

A conceptual menu for security and cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean

Britain and the EU: an uneasy relationship

Variation of rock magnetic parameters and paleointensities over a single holocene lava flow

Learning from experience: empowerment or incorporation?

First sight

Review of Charles Dickens, Great Expectations, ed. Janice Carlisle and of New Casebooks: “Great Expectations,” ed. Roger D. Sell