NICER science and religion encounters - year 3 lesson (creation stories)

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Riordan, J. 2019. NICER science and religion encounters - year 3 lesson (creation stories). Canterbury Christ Church University
CreatorsRiordan, J.

Aim: to explore pedagogy concerning how science and religion can relate.

Type of research: video-based research exploring science and RE classroom pedagogy.Four lessons have been video-recorded: one primary science, one primary RE, one secondary science, and one secondary RE. The class teachers were then video-recorded as they watched their lesson back, pausing the video whenever they wish to give concurrent verbal protocols (Taylor and Dionne, 2000). Thirdly, groups of six pupils from each class (volunteers) were video-recorded in a group verbal protocol interview using video prompts taken from their lesson. Finally, all four teachers, with two educational researchers (one specialising in science and the other in RE), were video-recorded in a group interview. All 17 hours of video data will be made available to other researchers, teachers, and teacher educators in the UK Data Archive.

Context: two science lessons on the subject of evolution (one primary, one secondary), and two RE lessons on the subject of creation stories (one primary, one secondary) [sub-project 1 of 3]

Participants: four experienced teachers, each teaching their own class of pupils in two primary schools and two secondary schools in Kent, and two educational researchers

Timing: data collection started in October 2019.

Data management: NVivo 12 pro for Teams & UK Data Archive.

ContributorsProfessor Lynn Revell (Researcher) and Bowie, B. (Researcher)
Keywordsvideo; analysis; pedagogy; science; religion
Date26 Sep 2019
Place of publicationCanterbury Christ Church University
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FunderJohn Templeton Foundation
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