Preconditions for citizen journalism: a sociological assessment

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Watson, H. 2011. Preconditions for citizen journalism: a sociological assessment. Sociological Research Online. 16 (3).
AuthorsWatson, H.

The rise of the citizen journalist and increased attention to this phenomenon requires a sociological assessment that seeks to develop an understanding of how citizen journalism has emerged in contemporary society. This article makes a distinction between two different subcategories of citizen journalism, that is independent and dependent citizen journalism. The purpose of this article is to present four preconditions for citizen journalism to emerge in contemporary society: advanced technology, an "active audience", a "lived" experience within digital culture, and an organisational change within the news media.

KeywordsSociology of Web 2.0, Citizen Journalism, Social Media, Digital Culture, User Generated Content, Digital Technology, Active Audience
JournalSociological Research Online
Journal citation16 (3)
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Print31 Aug 2011
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Deposited19 Jan 2012
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