Accident and emergency training for nurses

Handwashing: A process of judgement and effective decision making

Hugh de Neville and his prisoners

The possibilities of public life: educating in the community

Iconoclasm, iconography and the altar in the English civil war

Eastern Europe and financial markets

Catechistic teaching style in French primary education: analysis of a grammar lesson with 7-year olds

Tissue rejection and informal orders in ELT projects: collecting the right information

Eye in the sky

Mapping another world?

Mapping Europe's myths: Europe defined through the ages

Using private health insurance. A study of lay decisions to seek professional medical help

Mad or just plain bad? Gender and the work of forensic clinical psychologists

Defining sexual abuse as it affects adults with learning disabilities

Victorian village: the diaries of the Reverend John Coker Egerton of Burwash, 1857-1888

Music, sense and aesthetic education

Effect of caffeinated coffee on running speed, respiratory factors, blood lactate and perceived exertion during 1500-m treadmill running

Exercise physiology for health professionals

Assessing pupils' games performance in the secondary school: an exploration using repertory grid techniques

Meaning and significance in aesthetic education

Intercompetence: sources of conflict between local and expatriate ELT personnel

Word power: strategies for acquiring English vocabulary

Primary pupils' conceptions of energy: fact or fiction?

Enhancing information skills in further education: some strategies for senior managers, lecturers and librarians

Cultivating information skills in further education: eleven case studies

Britain and European cooperation since 1945

The nature and implications of recent population growth in California

Room to grow? Farmland conservation in California

Surfacing and water leaving behaviour of the freshwater Pulmonate snails Lymnaea peregra (Muller), Biomphalaria glabrata (Say) and Bulinus jousseaumei (Dautzenberg)

Towards a theology of the diaconate

AIDS: the secondary scene - a guide to issues, approaches and resources

Child protection and early years teachers

Diversification and training for the caring professions at Canterbury Christ Church College

The use of non-human animals in psychological research: the current state of the debate

Interethnic relationships in secondary schools

Moving towards excellence in the teaching of P.E. in the secondary school

Pro-school pupils: a case study on ''boffin'' girls and boys inside and outside school

Good physics teaching

Key issues in early childhood education

Do we have to do this? The Children Act 1989 and obtaining children's views in early childhood settings

Simon de Montfort's first quarrel with King Henry III

Apprentissage de concepts médiatiques à travers des activités

The experience of three low motor ability pupils in infant physical education

Educational homogeneity in French primary education: a double case-study

Knowledge acquisition and system architecture

Primary pupils' concepts of energy

A response to Martin Turner: A call for less heat and more light in the reading debate

Stress and burnout in teachers

The production of training packs in in-service teacher training

Rhetorical approaches to the study and composition of academic essays

Perspectives on the environmental impact of the Channel Tunnel on tourism in the 1990s

Starting from the child: a partnership approach to delivering the National Curriculum

Between Athens and Jerusalem: prolegoma to anthropology in Augustine's Detrinitate

Imagining Jesus: an introduction to the incarnation

Attributions and relapse in opiate addicts

Effective teaching in the early years: fostering children's learning in nurseries and infant classes

The 'Thatcherite' generation and university degree results

Philosophical and public controversy: a response to Paul Ernest

Miriam's mirror: reflections on the labelling of Miriam Leivers

Geography through nursery rhymes

From a local angle

Geography Key Stage 2. Teacher's Resource Book

Geography Key Stage 1: Teacher's Resource Book

Let's do it to ourselves before they do it to us: (with apologies and acknowledgements to 'Hill Street Blues')

Service analysis - a consumerist gap taxonomy

Computing networks architecture: the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model

An experiment to improve metered-dose inhaler technique using a prototype spirometric training device

Platinum containing compound, process for its preparation, and application of such compounds

The dinuclear complex [{trans PtCl(NH3)2}2{m H2N(CH2)6NH2}]Cl2 forms an unique macrochelate intrastrand crosslink with d(GpG)

Reactions of unsymmetrically substituted derivatives of cisplatin with short oligodeoxynucleotides containing a -GpG- sequence: H-bonding interactions in pGpG moieties cross-linked by an asymmetric platinum complex enhancing the formation of one geometrical isomer