Sustainable tourism and cultural landscape management: the case of Idanre Hill, Ondo State, Nigeria

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Adebayo, A. 2017. Sustainable tourism and cultural landscape management: the case of Idanre Hill, Ondo State, Nigeria. Tourism Today. 16 (16/17), pp. 43-55.
AuthorsAdebayo, A.

Idanre rural community has increasingly attracted both domestic and international tourists be- cause of the natural and cultural landscape, and the historic heritage found in the area of Ondo state, Nigeria. This is in part due to the development projects in the form of building and maintaining tourists’ facilities at Idanre Hill supported by the Ondo state government. Managing tourism development in a sustainable way in Idanre becomes imperative in order to maintain the cultural and natural environment.

The paper aims to understand how issues of sustainability are being conceptualised by the tourism officials responsible for managing the attraction, and how they incorporate sustainability issues into their tourism development and management plans. Semi-structured qualitative interviews were used to gain insights into these issues.

The research suggests ways in which the Ministry of Tourism in the state can improve their strategic plans for the sustainable management of Idanre Hill.

KeywordsAncient town; cultural landscape; tourism development; sustainability
JournalTourism Today
Journal citation16 (16/17), pp. 43-55
PublisherThe College of Tourism and Hotel Management
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Publication dates
Online20 Sep 2017
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Deposited10 Jul 2019
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Tourism Today - 2016/2017 Issue - Full Paper
Adenike D. Adebayo
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Tourism Today - 2016/2017 Issue - Full Paper
Sustainable tourism in Idanre Hill, Nigeria
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