A figurehead that leads by example: Leadership through the management of resources

Job sharing in librarianship

On interpretation: Sociology for interpreters of natural and cultural history

Perspectives on urban heritage tourism in New Zealand

A case-study of reading difficulty

The sports process: a comparative and developmental approach

Counting for something: effective user feedback in mental health services

Teacher-child partnership: the negotiating classroom

Policy perceptions of headteachers and governors in Catholic schooling

Drawing on a Balkan dream: The story behind Croatia's new national atlas

Structural change and manufacturing investment in the UK

Ulster unionist territorial and national identities 1886-1893: province, island, kingdom and empire

Economic diversification and group stability in an urban system: The Case of Canada, 1951–86

Paul's dispute with Philippi: Understanding the argument of Philippians 1-2 from Paul's Thanks in 4.1-20

Team tactics: a study of nurse collaboration in general practice

All change in the NHS? Implications of the NHS reforms for primary care prevention

The sexual abuse of adults with learning disabilities: results of two year incidence survey

Paradoxes and infinite numbers

Is walking sufficient exercise for health?

Impulsiveness, venture-some-ness and sexual risk-taking among heterosexual GUM clinic attenders

Heart rates during competitive orienteering

Inappropriate curricula, teaching methods and underfunctioning

Dimensions of children's conceptions of energy


Agriculture, land use and resource transformation in Malta

Anglican 'family resemblance'

Evaluating quality assurance: an empirical programme evaluation of the pilot implementation of the QUARTZ system

Anxieties of beginning physical education teachers

Families and child protection: The role of the early childhood educator

Theory in practice

Educational provision for our youngest children: European perspectives

Correspondence analysis of shell morphology in the African freshwater snail Biomphalaria pfeifferi (Kraus 1848) (Pulmonata: Gastropoda)

Pair work - a blessing or a curse? An analysis of pair work from pedagogical, cultural, social and psychological perspectives

Consultancy visit to Aden University

Business education and the role of pride

The results of recession: students and university degree performance

Achievement in in-service education

Management competences: the political dimension

Where do pre-degree psychology teachers go?

Micro-computer use at pre-degree levels

Dealing with racial incidents in schools

Pupils' knowledge and understanding of health-related fitness in secondary schools

TVEI and the appeal of the really useful curriculum

Maps, myths and the media: cartography and the 'New Europes'

The targeting of rural environmental schemes: an assessment of agri-environment schemes in the U.K.

Equity and welfare in the geography of public transport provision

In vitro establishment of Picea pungens f. glauca and P. sitchensis seeding rootstocks with an assessment of their suitabilities for micrografting with scions of various Picea species

Migration, the law and parochial policy in Southern England in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries

The universal and the national in preschool education

Overview: issues and implications

Educating children under 5 in the UK

Nursery education in Belgium

Young Europeans

Business ethics and the role of pride

The early years of Keynsham Abbey

A roll of knights summoned to campaign in 1213

The role of professional judgement in the local inspection of schools: a study of six local education authorities

Teachers and cross-cultural counselling

School work, homework and gender

The origins of the Chancellorship of the Exchequer

Detection of a genetic basis of morphological variation in the American Kestrel

Children's rights and exclusion from primary school

Reflective mentoring and the new partnership

Planning for tourism education and training in the 1990s: bridging the gap between industry and education

The Last of the Mohicans reconsidered

Managing and assessing student enterprise projects

The dyslexic child

Using maps from atlases at Key Stage 2

Class-based and home-based activities for older people

Generalisable game activities in modern language learning

Evaluation in TVEI schools and colleges: a practical resource

Discover the Dominican Republic

Houses in Canterbury: examples of five hundred years of local homes

Urban tourism in New Zealand: the National Museum of New Zealand project

Ethical issues in student research in occupational therapy: some guidelines for good practice

List of Identifications

Accreditation of prior learning: andragogy in action or a ‘cut price’ approach to education?

Extractive industries in the USA

Biology and conservation of small falcons

World watch: themes pack - copymasters

World watch: themes pack

Starting secondary school: the parents' perspective

Unitas Malacologica: a personal view

World religions in the primary school

The foundation of Westacre Priory

Dimensions of discipline: rethinking practice in secondary schools

Learning from an LEA's experience

The early years teacher's role in child protection: professional dilemmas

Changes in radiography education - the next five years

Students anxieties on their first teaching practice

Published guidance and the coordination of economic awareness

The third force in the late 1940s

How special, how important?

Travel Health Promotion: A Survey of the Work of District Health Promotion Units in the UK

Geography through fairy tales

Realms of fantasy

Psychology teachers and continuing professional development: ATP survey 1994

Learning to teach and models of mentoring

Ann's last lesson

Professionalism, confessionalism and religious education: an exploration from the British context

Professionalism, confessionalism and religious education: an exploration from the British context

The use of Christianity in the primary school curriculum

Living as a Christian in the world of Religious Education

Crippled cities: cartographic representations of environmental values and the politics of physical disability

Coventry access and mobility mapping project

Strings and gravitational collapse

Home care for intravenous treatment of HIV-related candidiasis

HIV/AIDS: a positive response (continuing education credit)

A strategy to enhance skills: developing intravenous therapy skills for community nursing