Caught between a rock and a hard place: the liminality of the sport coaching ‘pracademic’

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Franks, B., Phelan, Simon and Fiander, Matthew 2024. Caught between a rock and a hard place: the liminality of the sport coaching ‘pracademic’. Sports Coaching Review.
AuthorsFranks, B., Phelan, Simon and Fiander, Matthew

The emergence of “pracademics” in the field of sport coaching, individuals who blend practical coaching expertise with scientific enquiry, has garnered increasing attention. Positioned to bridge the gap between academia and practice, pracademics are expected to bring practical wisdom and contextual knowledge into scholarly activities. However, we pose the need to critically examine the concept of the pracademic, and their service to both industry and academia while sounding a note of caution in an increasingly commercialised sector. We do so by exploring the retrospective reflections of an early career researcher (the lead author) in navigating the role of pracademic in an increasingly neoliberal space. We contend that caution is needed in the blind pursual towards the role of the pracademic, calling on greater collaborative efforts to protect early career academics, challenge neoliberal structures and for the continued engagement with thoughtful and critical research and knowledge exchange in sport coaching.

KeywordsSport coaching; Pracademic; Neoliberalism; Research
JournalSports Coaching Review
PublisherTaylor & Francis
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Online15 May 2024
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Accepted20 Mar 2024
Deposited30 May 2024
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