Research of the painting in the silicon-based age(incomplete PhD thesis version 25th April 2024)


LI, J. 2024. Research of the painting in the silicon-based age(incomplete PhD thesis version 25th April 2024).
AuthorsLI, J.

Contemporary society resides within an epoch of silicone-based science and technology. The advancements in silicone-based science and technology have exhibited unparalleled dynamism and marvels, portraying a reflection of humanity, an extension of human capabilities, and even an integral component of human existence.

This profound influence extends across various domains such as philosophy, art, culture, and daily life in our era. The integration of digitization and technology into the realm of painting has bestowed upon it an infinite realm of meaning. The dynamics of the relationship between painters, their tools, and the resultant artworks have undergone significant transformations, thereby altering artistic concepts and methodologies. The incorporation of silicon technology in painting creation has emerged as a distinctive hallmark of contemporary artistic evolution.

This study adopts a media evolution perspective, focusing on "silicon-based painting" as its core subject of inquiry. By leveraging media technology as a lens for understanding the evolution of painting forms, this paper traces the historical trajectory of painting phenomena intertwined with silicon-based technology. It delves into the interaction between media technology and traditional painting concepts within this evolutionary path, categorizing and evaluating existing silicon-based painting creation methods and technologies. Drawing insights from personal practice, this study explores the epochal significance and diverse possibilities inherent in silicon-based painting creation. The research methodology employed follows a linear historical logic while horizontally expanding into the classification of media and technology. It synthesizes and articulates the transformative impact on concepts, visual language, and creative forms in the evolution of silicon-based painting towards the future, forecasting the potential forms of silicon-based painting and actively engaging with the future development of media.

This research methodology integrates practical application with theoretical analysis. Initially, it elucidates the core concept and research boundaries of silicon-based painting through a comparative analysis with emerging art forms like digital painting, virtual art, and AI painting. This analysis elucidates the historical trajectory of technology and art, paving the way for a nuanced understanding of painting's evolution within the silicon-based technology milieu.

Technical analyses and functional simulations of specific art cases are conducted, enabling the refinement and expansion of silicon-based painting possibilities. Noteworthy advancements include the Torchand1.0 machine with automatic hard pen drawing functionality, the Torchand2.0 machine with a rich line language material library and adaptive image analysis capabilities, and the Torchand3.0 machine with network connectivity, environmental sensing, and intelligent data processing abilities. Moreover, this study explores novel display methodologies aligning with the procedural, performative, and automated attributes of silicon-based painting, culminating in an exhibition and exchange event.

Ultimately, this comprehensive approach aims to distill empirical findings and theoretical insights, delineating the trajectory of painting in the silicon-based era and contemplating the potential of silicon-based technology within the future painting ecosystem and media integration in the post-human era, thus offering valuable insights for art practitioners and critics alike.

KeywordsPainting creation; Silicon-based era; Technological change
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Deposited25 Apr 2024
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This research is in progress, and this document is the phased result of the whole paper, which will be continuously researched and written in the future.

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