Play, chaos and other concerns – reflection on my studio practice

Masters Thesis

Monan, K. 2019. Play, chaos and other concerns – reflection on my studio practice . Masters Thesis Canterbury Christ Church University School of Creative Arts and Industries
AuthorsMonan, K.
TypeMasters Thesis
Qualification nameMasters by Research

When deciding where to take my work this year, I had one significant goal; how can I produce work without meaning other than marks or medium. My concept began in one colour but managed to build into a broader range to explore ideas of line and form. The relevance of bringing colour into the work built towards the introduction of lines and how they work with one another. Relationships between colour and form led to experimentation into paper types, line size and layering ink. Working with these rules opened my production of work and allowed for my creative flow to take charge, giving me a sense of freedom. The ability to move forward from forms to line also allowed me to explore these ideas of development and how ideas can change; all without having a meaning.

Being able to have a more complex relationship with negative space has contributed to different aspects of developing my ideas. It has allowed for more emphasis to be placed onto the form and the spaces around them, creating abstraction and allowing the imagination to take hold. These ideas led me to artists like Bridget Riley, Josef Albers and Alan Charlton. Each holding a different relationship to colour and form, these artists have continued to help me develop my ideas of how to change my own boundaries in development and positions of colour with form. All of these ideas are reflected in my practice log.

KeywordsLine and form; Colour ; Paper types; Negative space
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Deposited17 Feb 2021
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