How New is New media? does new media have the tendency to fall into the same traps of old media? case study of how we watch television

Masters Thesis

Oladehin, T. 2019. How New is New media? does new media have the tendency to fall into the same traps of old media? case study of how we watch television. Masters Thesis Canterbury Christ Church University School of Creative Arts and Industries
AuthorsOladehin, T.
TypeMasters Thesis
Qualification nameMasters by Research

Media plays an important role in the evolution of society, and social pressures likewise influence the evolution of the media. The purpose of the study is to gain an understanding of today’s multiplatform television environment through an examination of new media as a television platform. When new media television emerges in the marketplace, one of the prevailing goals of related research is to identify the factors that predict viewers’ decisions to adopt the new medium. However, most of these types of studies tend to focus on new media television alone. In reality, though, the new medium coexists with traditional television; consumers’ use of, or attitude toward, traditional television may influence their decision to adopt new media television.

In addition, the introduction of new media television may also influence consumers’ use of traditional television. Recognizing the fact that that new media television and traditional television coexist in the market, the overarching aim of this study is to examine how new media affected the way that viewers watch television and how new media changed the way that they consume television content.

To gain access to information about new media and media habits, qualitative research was conducted. Study participants were invited to participate in a focus group and were asked to share information about their media use habits and styles. By defining these habits with respect to demographic, as well as additional internal and external variables, it is possible to understand the reasons that are associated with the use of new media.

Overall, new media was found to be easier to use and more entertaining. To that end, this study employed focus interviews with new media television users throughout the community. The findings indicated that both actual users of new media television and people who are likely to adopt traditional television expect different things from online television platforms than from traditional television. The perceived substitutability between new media television and traditional television affects the intention to watch television content. It would be beneficial for members of the media to use this knowledge to ensure that their content is attractive to a larger portion of the target demographic.

KeywordsNew media ; Multiplatform television environment
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