Impact of digital learning capture on student study habits

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MacIver, D. 2018. Impact of digital learning capture on student study habits.
AuthorsMacIver, D.

Digital Learning Capture (DLC) is a relatively recent field of study, referring to the use of audio- and video-recorded material within the delivery of educational programmes of study. This is often referred to as "lecture capture", although this study intends to highlight that this is just one of many approaches that the technology can be applied to (see Terminology ).

In order to address the overall question of impact upon study habits, there are three key questions I am going to try to (begin to) answer within this work:

1. What are the models of recording used by academics?
2. What are the models of use of DLC that our students apply?
3. Has the introduction of DLC changed our students' study patterns (and if so, how)?

I have tried to separate my findings into two main areas. After discussing some of the existing literature surrounding DLC, and providing an overview of the methodology undertaken in the study, I focus on the first question, looking at teaching practices and the models of use we might define from them. After that I look at the student questions, considering the models of use the students are applying, and how their study habits may have changed.

Throughout, I will be considering where there may be further consideration and discussion to take place, and hope to suggest areas in which further study may be considered.

KeywordsStudents; Study habits; Digital learning capture; Learning and teaching enhancement; Technology enhanced learning; Higher education
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