It’s just normal’: a mixed methods exploration of the effects of superdiversity and the way it is experienced

Masters Thesis

Hunt, M. 2018. It’s just normal’: a mixed methods exploration of the effects of superdiversity and the way it is experienced. Masters Thesis Canterbury Christ Church University Faculty of Social and Applied Sciences
AuthorsHunt, M.
TypeMasters Thesis
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Superdiversity is a relatively new term coined by Vertovec (2007) and remains under researched within social psychology. Encompassing the many aspects of increasing diversity, the UK could now be termed as superdiverse in nature (Ratcliffe, 2014).

The present concurrent mixed methods design study uses questionnaires and interviews to explore superdiversity from two angles. The quantitative part of this research compares superdiverse and less diverse environments in predicting several variables related to acculturation and intergroup attitudes.

Results replicated the findings of previous research across more and less diverse contexts but highlight some differences between groups in particular that within superdiverse settings the influences on own acculturation attitudes appear to be more varied. Meanwhile the qualitative part of this research explores how superdiversity is subjectively experienced. Lived experience was characterised by three themes: the banality of diversity, navigating culture and identity and why we support diversity. When integrated the results provide support, clarification and explanation of one another; providing a more nuanced understanding of superdiversity and a greater knowledge of the effects of superdiversity across a range of issues.

KeywordsSuperdiversity; acculturation; individual experiences; UK; multiculturalism; mixed methods
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