Generation Y and the Church of England: alternative spiritualities and ecumenical turns

Masters Thesis

Russell, J. 2018. Generation Y and the Church of England: alternative spiritualities and ecumenical turns. Masters Thesis Canterbury Christ Church University Faculty of Arts and Humanities
AuthorsRussell, J.
TypeMasters Thesis
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This research focuses on the deteriorating relationship between Generation Y and the Church of England. The first chapter considers how inaccessible the Church of England is to young people today and the reasons for this, however, it includes examples of churches who are more successful in attracting Gen Y.

As spiritual behaviours appear to be becoming more popular than religion, Chapter 2 explores why Gen Y are focusing primarily on spirituality, for example what spirituality has to offer that the Church of England does not. This highlights how the Church of England is failing to attract young people and indicates areas the church should be acting on in order to help Gen Y, such as engaging with mental health issues.

The final chapter investigates ecumenism as a possible answer to attracting Gen Y to the church. However, while ecumenism could in the future promote Christianity as a peaceful religion working as one, this is already somewhat unconsciously taking place in a number of circumstances for example Christian Unions. Moreover, an ecumenical attitude may help attract some young people to the Church of England.

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