Routledge international handbook of Froebel and early childhood practice


Powell, S., Bruce, T., Elfer, P. and Werth, L. (ed.) 2018. Routledge international handbook of Froebel and early childhood practice. London Routledge.
EditorsPowell, S., Bruce, T., Elfer, P. and Werth, L.

A major influence on the education of young children since the late nineteenth century, the philosophical and practical tenets of Frobelian early childhood education require urgent re-articulation in light of current debate and developments in research and policy.

This seminal Handbook responds to this need, drawing together a unique and valuable body of literature, research and case studies to make explicit the specific features of Froebelian education and provide key impulses for future research and practice in this area. Chapters present the sometimes divergent perspectives of leading educationalists, and so offer a uniquely comprehensive overview of Froebelian approaches and their interaction with contemporary policies and insights.

The Handbook explores five significant areas of scholarship and practice:

Part I examines the original Froebelian principles and practices in early childhood education in different parts of the world.

Part II presents case studies, development projects and practitioner publications exploring Froebelian approaches to early childhood education.

Part III details research studies which document, debate and evaluate Froebelian approaches.

Part IV considers how Froebelian approaches might be sustained and adapted for use in various cultural contexts across the world.

Part V offers a re-articulation of research and policy.
An essential resource for in-service and future practitioners, researchers and policy-makers involved in early childhood education, this key text will promote discussion, aid analysis and further the practical application of Frobelian principles.

KeywordsFroebel; early childhood education; kindergarten; play; children; families; communities
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Print01 Aug 2018
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SeriesRoutledge International Handbooks of Education
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