Supporting staff in healthcare professions to reflect on the emotional aspects of their work

PhD Thesis

Shedden, F. 2018. Supporting staff in healthcare professions to reflect on the emotional aspects of their work. PhD Thesis Canterbury Christ Church University Salomons Centre for Applied Psychology
AuthorsShedden, F.
TypePhD Thesis
Qualification nameDClinPsychol

There is a continued interest around the use of Schwartz Center Rounds© (Rounds) to address the emotional impact of caring for clients. Studies indicate positive outcomes for staff and clients, yet there is a paucity of research exploring how these outcomes occur. This study aimed to understand whether attending Rounds had an impact on how staff perceived themselves and their work. Primarily, it sought to understand what psychological processes may facilitate such an effect and at what point these might occur.

Eleven staff members were interviewed about their experience of attending a Round. Grounded theory methodology was used to analyse the interview data.

Five key psychological processes of occupying a different space, reciprocity, containment, connection and gaining perspective were identified as facilitating an effect on staffs’ perception of self and work. Processes were fostered during Rounds and seemed to continue afterwards.

This study is the first to explore psychological processes and build a theoretical model of how Rounds work. Findings can be used to inform the continued implementation of Rounds and facilitator training programmes. Directions for future research are suggested.

KeywordsSchwartz rounds; staff wellbeing; reflective practice; psychological processes
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