Improving wellbeing at work

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Brownett, T. 2015. Improving wellbeing at work. Occupational Health: A Journal for Occupational Health Nurses. 67 (4), pp. 24-26.
AuthorsBrownett, T.

The article discusses the importance of workplace wellbeing strategies in order to improve workplace performance. Also cited are the adverse effects of a weak psychosocial environment like eliciting negative coping strategies, the meaning of wellbeing at work, and the employee wellbeing programme introduced by a food manufacturer in Kent, England, to achieve good workplace wellbeing.

JournalOccupational Health: A Journal for Occupational Health Nurses
Journal citation67 (4), pp. 24-26
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PrintApr 2015
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Deposited20 May 2015
AcceptedJan 2015
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