An exploration of refugees, post traumatic stress disorder and quality of life

PhD Thesis

Scott, C. 2012. An exploration of refugees, post traumatic stress disorder and quality of life. PhD Thesis Canterbury Christ Church University Department of Applied Psychology
AuthorsScott, C.
TypePhD Thesis
Qualification nameDClinPsychol

Section A presents a literature review which aims to consolidate the theoretical and empirical psychological research regarding refugees’ post-migration, to clarify and further understand their psychological experiences and needs. The literature search yielded papers which are divided into four sections: refugees and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); refugees, complicated grief and cultural bereavement; refugees, resettlement and acculturation; and refugees and Quality of Life (QoL). The review highlights key findings and areas requiring further exploration.
Section B reports an exploratory narrative study which aims to explore the role of QoL in the narratives of refugees with a diagnosis of PTSD. Episodic semi-structured interviews were conducted with seven refugees (5 males, 2 females), and analysed using narrative thematic, structural and performance analysis. The results illustrated containing and consistent support was important in progressing the transition from suffering during asylum-seeking to a refugee with hope, and improved QoL and psychological health. The results are applied to theory and research, and limitations of the study are discussed.

KeywordsRefugees, post traumatic stress disorder, quality of life, narrative analysis
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Deposited10 Dec 2012
SubmittedNov 2012
Output statusUnpublished
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