A qualitative investigation into participant experiences of group person based cognitive therapy for chronic depression

PhD Thesis

Luke, G. 2011. A qualitative investigation into participant experiences of group person based cognitive therapy for chronic depression. PhD Thesis Canterbury Christ Church University Department of Applied Psychology
AuthorsLuke, G.
TypePhD Thesis
Qualification nameDClinPsychol

Section A: The effectiveness of acute phase psychological therapies for chronic major depression: A literature review.
This review critically evaluates the literature pertaining to the use of psychotherapy for people experiencing moderate to severe chronic depression. It concludes that people with chronic major depression (CMD) experience a greater reduction in depressive symptoms from extended periods of treatments and from combined therapy, both in the form of psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy, but also integrative therapies which combine different therapeutic models and modalities.
Section B: This study explored participants’ experiences of ways in which group person based cognitive therapy (PBCT) for people with chronic major depression facilitated or hindered therapeutic change. Qualitative methodology was used to explore the experiences of six participants who had completed the 12-week group. Transcripts of the semi-structured interviews were analysed using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis. Five super-ordinate themes emerged: experiences of depression before the group; the group experience; perceived changes; role of external factors; desire for more. Participants reported a changing experience of depression with regard to the way in which they related to and managed their symptoms, viewed themselves, and managed challenging situations. This study indicates that PBCT may be a suitable intervention for adults with CMD, and enhances previous findings which suggest that briefer mindfulness practices may be more acceptable to people experiencing current symptoms of depression.
Section C: In a critical appraisal of the study described in section B, this section discusses the author's learning and reflections pertaining to research skills developed, applying the findings to clinical practice, and gives consideration to further research.

KeywordsChronic depression; Psychotherapy; Cognitive therapy; Group therapy; Interpretative phenomenological analysis
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Deposited30 Nov 2011
SubmittedJul 2011
Output statusUnpublished
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